March 1 Zodiac (Pisces) Horoscope & Info

Updated December 17, 2022
March 1 Zodiac (Pisces) Horoscope & Info

What sign is March 1? This day is in Pisces season. Pisceans born on this day are in the second decan of Pisces.

Pisces can be an eccentric sign. People born on this day tend to be a bit more realistic than other Pisceans, though.

Neptune rules Pisces in modern rulership, and the Moon is the subruler of the second decan. Pisceans born in this decan tend to be even more sensitive than usual.

People born on March 1 are often optimistic, though they aren’t as prone to fantasy or escapism as other Pisceans are. They can be a bit more realistic, though going too far toward realism can make them anxious and restless.

These Pisceans can learn how to guide others and teach them once they have mastered that balance between optimism and realism.

March 1 Info
DateMarch 1
SignPisces ♓︎
StrengthsOptimism, Compassion, Guiding others
WeaknessesRestless, Anxious, Holding grudges
Opposite signVirgo ♍︎
Best matchCancer, Scorpio, Virgo
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
BirthstoneAquamarine, Bloodstone
Tarot birth cardsThe Emperor, Death, The Fool
Angel number4
Spirit animalsSwan, Antelope, Cockatoo


The March 1 horoscope is unique compared to other Pisceans. While optimistic and compassionate, these Pisceans also have a sense of realism that others don’t.

Truth is vital to people born on this day. These Pisceans don’t want to get lost in a fantasy world. They try to remain realistic, even if this can sometimes be at odds with their optimistic nature.

These Pisceans are often great at guiding other people. They make kind, caring leaders. Pisces isn’t interested in pushing others to do what they want. They want to show others how to do what is best for themselves.

Pisceans born on this day are sometimes prone to anxiety. This is because of the conflict between remaining optimistic and being realistic about the world. They can overcome this by leaning on those around them.


The purpose of a March 1 Pisces is to find the truth and share it with others. These Pisceans often have specific questions about the world, and their goal is to answer those questions.

These Pisceans also need to gain control of their emotions. They will better be able to guide others and serve them if they can manage their anxieties first.

Finding inner peace is often essential for Pisceans born on this day. They might not find the answer to all their questions right away.

Instead of letting this cause anxiety, they should learn how to be at peace with not knowing everything immediately.

Once these Pisceans find the answers they seek, they need to spread those answers. They should not just keep them to themselves.

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Positive Traits

The March 1 personality can be a highly compassionate one. These Pisceans genuinely care about the people around them and want to do what is best for them.

Pisceans born on this day are very loving people. They want to make the people in their lives feel cared for, and they will do anything possible to show how much they love them.

These Pisceans are also good at leading the people in their lives. If their friends need advice, they can guide them in the right direction. They just have to believe in their intuition.

Other Pisces traits these Pisceans have are sensitivity and emotional depth. They are in touch with their emotions and can use emotional intelligence to develop bonds with people around them.

Negative Traits

The Pisces personality is prone to restlessness. This can be true for Pisceans born on this day, because they sometimes feel at odds with themselves.

These Pisceans can easily make themselves anxious. They are typically optimistic, but when things don’t go well in their lives, they may become depressed or wonder if their optimism is unfounded.

These Pisceans also tend to hold grudges. When someone they care about wrongs them, they will have difficulty getting over it. No matter how much they try to be compassionate and understanding, it’s not easy for them to get over a betrayal.


The best match for a Pisces born on this day is Virgo. Virgo and Pisces may seem very different, but they balance each other well!

Virgo is a practical and rational sign. Virgo’s practical nature works out well for Pisces, who can often use a little more practicality in their life.

Virgo will likely be drawn to the realistic yet optimistic nature of a Pisces born on March 1. They will appreciate Pisces’ optimism and will be able to encourage them to think realistically without letting that make them too anxious.

Scorpio and Cancer are also suitable matches for Pisces. Pisces connects with the other water signs because of their emotional nature. Nobody understands the emotional depth of a Pisces like another water sign does.

The worst matches for Pisces are Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Aries. These signs cannot offer Pisces the emotional support they sometimes need, and they will likely increase the restlessness and anxiety that Pisces feels.


The Pisces communication style is all about listening to others. Pisceans care about the people around them and want to ensure their voices are heard.

Pisceans don’t always have an easy time communicating their own needs to others. They sometimes get so caught up in listening to others that they don’t ensure they’re also being heard.

Pisceans born on this day are good at communicating how they feel. They must be comfortable with someone before they will reveal all their emotions.

These Pisceans have no problem finding the words to describe how they feel. They do have trouble trusting people enough to tell them.


Pisces is often attracted to people who are more intense and assertive than they are. Pisceans born on this day are often attracted to the confident, intellectual nature of Virgo or the passionate, powerful nature of Scorpio.

Pisceans are also attracted to people who can support them how they need to be supported. They love being around compassionate and caring people because they can’t be the only ones offering support in a relationship.

Pisceans born on this day are better about not romanticizing the people they are attracted to than others. They can acknowledge the flaws in the people they are attracted to, which allows them to be more realistic in relationships.


When Pisces takes someone on a date, they tend to focus on what that person wants to do rather than what they want to do.

Pisceans will see a movie they aren’t that interested in just because their date wants to see it, or they’ll go to a restaurant that serves food they aren’t that fond of because it’s their date’s favorite.

When dating Pisces, you must consider their needs. Pisceans will always ensure that the people in their lives are taken care of, so it’s nice when the focus is on them for a change!


Pisces’ love language is often quality time. Pisceans born on this day show love through acts of service as well.

If someone they love needs them, Pisces will be there to support them and give them whatever they need. They will spend time with them if that’s all they can do.

Pisceans born on this day will also try to offer advice and guidance so that they can help their loved ones through a hard time.

Their giving nature means that some Pisceans give more love than they receive. It’s important never to take advantage of Pisces and to try and show them love in return.


Pisceans born on this day are often more realistic about relationships than other Pisceans. They don’t get trapped in fantasy worlds or idealize the people they date as much.

There is often a war between their realism and their optimism regarding relationships, though. They want to have realistic expectations, but they also want to see the best in people.

These Pisceans are compassionate partners. They want to take care of the people they love and share all their burdens in life. They can do this, but only if they have a partner who will also share their burdens with them.


Pisceans born on this day will have successful marriages when they find someone who will support them when they need it.

Pisces needs a marriage of equals. They need someone who will spend time with them and who will make them a priority.

Pisceans take marriage seriously. They can be loving, loyal partners. They need a spouse who will take care of their emotional needs.

Pisceans born on this day can set realistic expectations for marriage. They will be happy with someone who gives as much as they receive and won’t expect too much.


Emotional intimacy is vital for Pisces in the bedroom. Many Pisceans cannot have satisfying sex if they don’t feel a connection with their partner.

Pisceans born on this day are very caring lovers. They want to please their partners in the bedroom and often focus on doing that before focusing on their own pleasure.

Pisceans tend to be creative when it comes to sex, but they can also take a while to open up. They need to trust their partner fully before they will reveal all their sexual desires to them.

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