How To Make a Libra Man Feel Guilty

Published April 9, 2023

Knowing how to make a Libra man feel guilty can keep him accountable. Libra men don’t want to hurt anyone.

When he does something wrong, let him know. He feels guilty when he has been unfair.

To make a Libra man feel guilty, you must understand how to play on his heartstrings. Libra men can be intellectual and unemotional. Play to his compassion.

Your Libra man isn’t as empathetic as a Pisces or Cancer. He doesn’t know when he’s hurt you unless you show him. Act hurt, go quiet, and pull away. Your silence speaks volumes.

Show him how upset you are. He shows remorse and tries to make it up to you. He wants to resolve issues before they escalate.

Go Quiet

The best way to resolve a problem with a Libra man is to address it directly. But if a Libra man tries to rationalize and justify his actions, he doesn’t realize how much his behavior hurt you.

You can make an impact on a Libra man if you go quiet. He realizes he crossed a line when you become silent. As an air sign, Libras are talkative. They love chatting with the women they love.

Libras hate silence. They become anxious when people around them are quiet. If your Libra man hurts your feelings and you stop talking to him amid a conversation, he gets the hint.

He asks what is wrong and genuinely fears he hurt you. You can make a Libra man feel guilty by not saying anything to him. A Libra knows it’s a red flag when you stop talking to him.

If you’re wondering how to make a Libra man feel guilty, you can make him regret hurting you if you make him sit in silence. He wonders why you shut down and questions if he did something wrong.

Follow a no-contact rule with a Libra man if you want him to feel sorry for you. Put him on a guilt trip by leaving him alone. When he comes around, be open about why you are hurt.

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Act Dejected

Libra men miss subtle clues, but they aren’t heartless. When you act dejected, a Libra man feels guilty. You can make him regret hurting you if he sees how upset you become.

Don’t hide your pain from a Libra man. You don’t have to put a positive spin on things to impress him when he’s done something wrong. He must know when he’s crossed a line.

Libra men never want to offend anyone. Yet if a man born under this sign doesn’t understand he did something wrong, you can show him by acting dejected.

Does a Libra man feel guilty if he hurts you? He may not realize how his actions impact you. But if you act dejected, you can make a Libra man feel heartbroken and remorseful.

When a Libra man feels guilty, you can leverage your hurt feelings to get a response from him. Acting dejected and making him sympathize with you can get his attention when your relationship falters.


A Libra man may feel guilty when you are sad. If a Libra man sees you cry, he thinks he did something wrong. Your tears may be unrelated to him, but if a Libra man sees you in distress, he assumes he did something wrong.

You can make a Libra man feel guilty if he sees your eyes tear. If you want to get a response from a Libra man and see him become more attentive and affectionate, you can trigger his instincts by becoming weepy.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man regret hurting you, the fastest way to get him to empathize with you is to cry. Libra men are intimidated by overwhelming feelings.

Yet if you cry in front of him, you can melt his defenses. Your Libra man can’t resist comforting you when you’re sad. He feels guilty for hurting you even if he doesn’t know what he did wrong.

When you cry in front of a Libra man, you trigger his guilt. He will do anything to make you feel better. He takes responsibility for hurting you and tries to uplift you.

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Act Helpless

Libra men can’t resist a damsel in distress. When a Libra man sees you acting helpless, he rushes to your aid. He feels guilty when you are disadvantaged.

Libra men love independent, confident women. But if you suddenly act helpless, he feels guilty. You can make a Libra man feel bad if he thinks you are powerless.

He feels guilty for hurting you if you lose confidence and seem defeated. Libra men want to inspire others. He tries to uplift you and can be caring and concerned if you become listless and helpless.

Do Libras feel guilty when they do something wrong? A Libra man feels responsible for your sadness and problems but doesn’t always take responsibility when he hurts you. Act helpless to get his attention.

You can make your Libra man feel guilty for your plight if you seem despondent. Act like you’ve lost interest in chores and work. Let your daily tasks slide and he feels guilty for abandoning you after a breakup.

Don’t Blame Him Directly

You can make a Libra man feel guilty if you play on his emotions. If he isn’t responsive when you try being assertive with him, avoid blaming him for your feelings.

A Libra man may not be ready to take responsibility for his actions. You can make a Libra man feel guilty if you use indirect methods to play on his heartstrings.

Make him empathize with you while keeping him on your side. Once a Libra man sees you are upset, he feels guilty even if he is not at fault. If you point the finger at him, he may shut down.

You will get farther with a Libra man if you give him a chance to redeem himself. Don’t blame him for your unhappiness, but stir his empathy. He can relate to your feelings if he doesn’t feel defensive.

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Be Passive-Aggressive

You may make a Libra man feel guilty by being passive-aggressive. Don’t be confrontational when you are upset with a Libra man. If he does something wrong, appeal to his sensitive nature.

Work around his defensive side. Make your Libra man regret hurting you by showing him how devastated you are. He instantly wants to cheer you and help you resolve your problems.

Your Libra man rushes to your side if you act hurt but don’t open up about what is wrong. He assumes he made a mistake and tries to get you to open up and talk to him.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, balance criticism with admiration. Avoid making him feel guilty too often or he becomes turned off.

What scares a Libra man is the idea that he may lose his independence. He fears losing his autonomy in relationships. Avoid manipulating him when you want to make him feel guilty.

Don’t Text Him

Avoid texting a Libra man when you want him to feel guilty. He panics when he texts you repeatedly and you don’t reply. You can make a Libra man feel anxious and question himself if you stop texting him.

Your Libra man can be afraid to hurt your feelings. He walks on eggshells and does his best to avoid upsetting you. But when his texts go unanswered, he panics.

You must know how to get a Libra man interested again after you’ve had a falling out. Don’t text him initially. Let him come back to you and open up again slowly.

He wonders what he did wrong. You can make a Libra man feel guilty if you keep him guessing about why you aren’t talking to him. Once you see he gets the picture, don’t remain distant for long.

If you are quiet for too long, your Libra man assumes you are angry with him. Don’t let him assume the victim role. Respond when the timing is right so he has a chance to make amends after you leave a Libra man alone.

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Avoid Drama

Libra men want balance and harmony in their lives. Avoid drama and controversy when you want to make a Libra man feel guilty. You can make him feel bad for hurting you if you address your issue without making a scene.

It’s better to show him how sad you are than to retaliate or act angry. Never post your business with a Libra man on social media if you want him to feel sympathy.

Appeal to his conscientious nature and help him understand the mistake he made. A Libra man gives up on trying to fix a problem if you react with drama and act loud or theatrical.

If you want to know how to turn the tables on a Libra man, stay in control. You can make a Libra man respond to you if you are gentle and compassionate. Avoid expressing rage and anger, bring out his sympathy.

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