How to Make a Libra Man Chase You

Updated February 22, 2023

If you want to know how to make a Libra man chase you, you’ve got to be patient.

There is no way to rush a Libra man or pressure him to pursue you. You have to appeal to his natural desires.

Unless you see signs that a Libra man is not interested in you, assume he just needs time. Libra men fall in love quickly, but they try not to show it.

You need to know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you and the steps may seem counterproductive. Don’t chase a Libra man, no matter how tempting.

When a Libra man is interested in you, he’ll still keep a low profile at first. You’ve got to keep him guessing and be slightly elusive. This will make him chase you.

Encourage His Dreams

If you know how to make a Libra man miss you, you’re halfway to getting him to become obsessed. He’ll chase you when you show him that you understand his dreams like no one else. Encourage his ambitions.

He isn’t likely to strive for the corner office or an executive position. Instead, a Libra man dreams of taking his musical talent on the road and gaining fame and glory. He may dream of making it in theater or on film.

Your practical nature may kick in and try to discourage him because you want to spare his feelings. Don’t do this. A Libra man will be more enthusiastic about your relationship if you encourage his dreams.

Don’t squash his aspirations, no matter how impractical they seem. Instead, make it clear you believe in his dreams. Encourage him to keep auditioning. Tell him you know he’ll succeed.

This will encourage him to chase you because you may be one of only a few people who shares his enthusiasm and doesn’t try to talk him out of pursuing his dreams. This automatically gives you special status in his life.

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Don’t Chase When He’s Quiet

If you’re wondering how to get a Libra man to stop ignoring you, whatever you do, don’t pursue him. When he goes quiet, it can be tempting to text him again and again.

You may tell yourself that you’ve found just the right message to get him to respond. Yet the more you contact him, the less interested he’ll be in pursuing you. You’re doing all the work for him.

When he’s slow to respond or goes silent for a few days, keep yourself busy. Turn the tables on him. Keep yourself occupied with fun and interesting things. Give him a chance to get curious about you.

He’ll wonder what you’ve been up to after a few days have gone by. You’ve got to be patient with a Libra man. If you can sit with the frustration of not hearing from him right away, all the better.

You need to wait him out and give him a chance to notice what it’s like to not have you in his life. When you do this, you’ll encourage him to chase you. Make it clear you won’t be the only one reaching out.

Be Patient While He Decides

You may be wondering how to make a Libra man jealous, but this is not a game you want to play. Sometimes a Libra man just hasn’t decided if he’s serious about a relationship.

He needs time to weigh the pros and cons and decide if he is really attracted to you. It takes time for a Libra man to process his feelings and to make a decision. He’s notorious for changing his mind.

The best you can do sometimes is to do nothing. Be patient and let a Libra man decide what the next move will be and when he’s ready to make it. This can be unnerving, but it is a critical part of the process.

If you try using mind games to manipulate him it will backfire. You are better off letting his own curiosity get the best of him. This way he will eventually come around when he’s ready.

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Leave Him Guessing

Wondering how to make a Libra man jealous is not worth your time. If you really want him to chase you, playing on his jealousy is too risky. It’s just as likely to send him running away.

Instead, focus on ways you can keep your Libra man guessing. When you do interact, be the first to leave. Always have some place interesting to go or some task to complete elsewhere.

Think of yourself like Cinderella, suddenly needing to run from the ball just before the Prince gets to know too much. Just like in the story, this will leave a Libra man wondering who you really are. Also like in the story, he’ll come searching for you.

Leave enough of a trail for him to follow but don’t give everything away. This includes personal information about yourself, your feelings and even your plans for the future.

Divulging everything up front is admirable, but it will bore a Libra man. Give him pieces of the puzzle leave enough out so that he will need to pursue you to find out the rest of the details.

Don’t Show Your Devotion Too Soon

If you see signs a Libra man has lost interest, you may have shown him too much emotion or commitment right from the start. This can flatter him, but it will also make him want to keep his distance.

Women sometimes pour their heart out to a Libra man when this happens in an attempt to get him to commit. This is counter-productive.

Don’t show how you really feel at first. If you start proclaiming your love and devotion for a Libra man, he’ll feel pressured to make a decision. This means he’ll feel pressured to settle down.

Even if that is not what you’re looking for just yet, it’s what he will assume. This is one of the reasons he acts so hot and cold at first. It’s best to underplay your interest. This will encourage him.

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Act Indifferent

If you see signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings, tone down your approach. If you act indifferent, he’ll feel reassured. Rather than feeling pressured, he’ll feel like he has breathing room.

This will encourage him to pursue you on his own terms. He may be slow and waver, showing more attention some days and less on others. But he’ll follow through more if he feels he has to work to get your attention.

If you are too focused on him, he won’t feel the need to put as much effort into the relationship. Let him work for your attention and he’ll value it more. Act indifferent even when you’re madly in love.

If you pretend to be cold without being cruel, he’ll take the extra effort required to try to gain your affection. Act slightly detached when he does. This will ensure that you’re both showing the same level of energy in the relationship.

Flaunt Your Beauty

While you’re cooling off and acting less in love than you feel, take some time to refresh your wardrobe and makeup routines. Spend time enhancing your own natural beauty. Flaunt your style with confidence.

A Libra man will take notice. Nothing triggers his chase instinct more than a beautiful woman. When a Libra man sees that you’re putting effort into your appearance, he doesn’t need to know you’re trying to entice him.

Your beauty will speak for itself. He’ll be enthusiastic as he pursues you. He’ll also want others to know that you’re with him. He may even hurry to make a commitment because he won’t want to lose you.

Don’t change yourself for a Libra man, he won’t find that attractive. He’s interested in you for a reason. Just freshen up your style and pay more attention to looking your best.

It’s your natural beauty he’s drawn to, not your makeup or jewelry. Anything you do should just be an extension of your own beauty. Remind him that there is no one like you.

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Appeal to His Ideals

Your Libra man is idealistic and will pursue a woman who matches his vision of perfection. No one is truly perfect, so don’t change yourself to fit his desires.

Yet if you strive to be the best version of yourself, you’ll appeal to his idealism. You’ll be able to connect with him on an intellectual level. He’ll want to pursue you because you’ll stand out as special.

This encourages a Libra man to chase you. Don’t give him too much reassurance. Let him work for your love. At the same time, show him that you appreciate and respect his ideals.

Libra men love it when women challenge them by sharing different perspectives and new ideas. Although you want to bring polarity to the relationship, don’t go too far. At the very least you want to match his ideals.

Show your Libra love interest that you value the same things he values in general. Add some special nuances to give your own personal flair to the picture.

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