How To Make a Libra Man Addicted To You

Updated May 20, 2023

Once you know how to make a Libra man addicted to you, you’ll never worry about his faithfulness again.

He sends mixed signals until he is committed to you. Libra men can be inconsistent until obsessed with a woman.

Although the sign of the Scales loves balance and harmony, you can make a Libra man addicted to you if you know how to appeal to his desires. He can’t resist beautiful, romantic women.

If you fit his ideal image of the perfect partner, a Libra man forgets about everyone else. He devotes himself to you. Get him hooked on you, and he’ll be a loyal partner.

Libra men make exciting, inspiring partners. They lift you and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

Compliment His Looks

Libra is ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Venus. Libra men are attractive and love being admired for their good looks. You can make a Libra man addicted to you by acknowledging his handsome traits.

Compliment your Libra love interest and tell him how mesmerizing his eyes are. Let him know you can’t get enough of his smile or that you love his hair. Give him credit for his unique fashion sense.

Your Libra man loves it when you compliment his style and admire his appearance. Encourage him to send you selfies. Libra men love showing off their beauty.

Show a Libra man how handsome you think he is, and he will be wrapped around your finger. If you flatter his appearance, you can get a Libra man to fall in love with you.

If you want to know how to get a Libra man addicted to you, appeal to his vain side. Libra men can be intellectual and thoughtful. But deep inside, they want to be admired and can be insecure about their appearances.

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Flirt With Him

How do you make a Libra man addicted to you in one conversation? Flirt with a Libra man, and you can make him obsessed with you. Making him addicted to you by flirting may sound too easy, but Libra men live for romance.

Don’t chase them too intensely. Libras get overwhelmed if you seem too eager. But if you are casual and flirty, you can make a Libra man go wild for you. He becomes obsessed with you if you give him the romantic attention he desires.

Libra men respond to affection and romantic gestures. They are swayed by kindness. Go the extra mile and make your Libra love interest smile. Flirt with him and show him you are playful and fun.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man want you more when he’s already attracted to you, step up your flirting game. You can make him obsessed with you if you shower him with romantic attention.

Don’t Chase Him

Knowing how to make a Libra man chase you is a necessary skill. You may think the way to make him obsessed with you is to act obsessed with him, but this backfires. As a sign of balance, Libra men want to complement you.

If a Libra man chases you, back off. If he ignores you, show him you are interested in him. But if you are always chasing a Libra man, he runs away. He doesn’t know how to respond other than to hide.

If he goes quiet, entice him to come out of his shell. A Libra man can be bored if you are too available. Be open and flirty but make him intrigued with you. Remain a mystery for him to figure out.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man cry, the worst thing you can do is betray him. Yet if you make him wait for you and give him breathing room, your Libra man realizes he wants to be with you more than anyone else.

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Run Hot & Cold

Libra men get bored if a relationship is too predictable. If you want him to become addicted to you, you’ve got to keep the relationship full of surprises. Make him fascinated with you by keeping him on his toes.

A Libra man becomes addicted to you when he must work for your attention. If you answer the phone on the first ring whenever he calls, your Libra man has less respect for you.

If you are too predictable, the relationship isn’t as much fun anymore. He needs to see that you have a busy social life and hobbies that make you well-rounded.

A Libra man who must question your interest works harder to pursue you. When you go hot and cold on a Libra man, he rises to the challenge. Your occasional absence makes your Libra man crave you even more.

You have the upper hand when you know how to make a Libra man want you. Don’t lower your standards. Make a Libra man lose sleep wondering where he stands. Play hot and cold to keep him pursuing your attention.

You may become complacent when you see signs a Libra man is obsessed with you. But being too available is a mistake. If you want a Libra man addicted to you, balance his moods by going hot and cold.

Show Your Beauty

Libra men are attracted to beautiful women. He loves a woman with a romantic and feminine style. You can make a Libra man addicted to you if you show off your looks and accentuate your best features.

Always look your best around your Libra love interest. He is image-conscious, and although compassionate, a Libra man will judge you based on your looks.

He becomes obsessed with you when he can’t keep his eyes off you. Your Libra man will want to be around you when you impress him with a new hairstyle or flattering outfit.

If you’re wondering how to make a Libra man regret losing you, upgrade your appearance. Libra men fall in love again when they see how attractive you are. Exploring new styles boosts your confidence and makes a Libra man fall even more in love with you.

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Be An Advocate

Libra men are motivated to create justice and fairness. You can make a Libra man obsessed with you if you are an advocate for others. If you care about disadvantaged people, a Libra man becomes obsessed with you.

Libra men are sensitive to the needs of underdogs. You can win points in a Libra man’s book if you support people in need. Volunteer to assist with different causes.

Stand up for people who are being mistreated. Use your skills to help others overcome challenges. You can impress a Libra man when you use your platform to uplift other peoples’ stories and issues.

If you’re wondering how to make a Libra man fall in love with you, show him you are socially conscious. Get involved with community groups and dedicate your time to helping others. Speak up about issues and help others assert their needs.

Be Fair

You can make a Libra man addicted to you if you share his concern for fairness. He wants to make things equal and pays attention to any slight injustice.

You can make a Libra man addicted to you when you show him you are conscientious. If you are careful to ensure everyone gets fair treatment and show you share his values, a Libra man can’t resist you.

Avoid acting selfishly if you want a Libra man to chase you. He’s turned off by superficial women. Don’t be an elitist if you want a Libra man to fall in love with you.

The best way to get a Libra man’s attention is to show him you are objective. Treat people fairly and a Libra man will want to be around you. You can make him fall head over heels in love with you when you follow your ethical nature.

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Show Compassion

A Libra man becomes obsessed with compassionate women. If you are gentle and kind to people and animals, your Libra man will put you on a pedestal.

He has a soft spot in his heart for women who share his unconditionally loving nature. You can melt his heart if you are affectionate and giving. Your Libra man can’t resist you when you are understanding.

Your Libra love interest wants a peaceful, relaxing relationship. He avoids drama at all costs. A Libra man will become obsessed with you if you are a peaceful, caring woman.

Be flexible and patient with people who push your buttons. If you show your Libra man how forgiving and merciful you are, he becomes addicted to you. He can be turned off by loud, aggressive people.

Your Libra man needs emotional connection and understanding. If you show him your tender, sensitive side, he falls in love with you. Don’t be judgmental or criticize others if you want to make Libra men addicted to you.

Be Empathetic

You can’t make a good impression on a Libra man unless you are empathetic. He doesn’t like overtly emotional women, but he needs a partner who relates to his feelings.

Libra men can become addicted to empathic women who sense their subconscious desires. Your sensitivity and instincts get his attention. Libra men seek understanding and harmony.

He wants to fall in love with a woman who senses others’ subconscious needs. If you can anticipate his desires and understand how to soothe his nerves, your Libra man becomes addicted to you.

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