10 Tips on How to Make a Leo Man Miss You

Updated January 9, 2023
10 Tips on How to Make a Leo Man Miss You

If you want to make a Leo man miss you after a breakup, you really have to stand apart from the crowd. As individualists themselves, Leo men are drawn to women who are unique.

If you aren’t exceptional in some way, he’ll hardly notice when you’re not around.

If you want to know how to make a Leo man miss you after a breakup, the key is to make an impression on him in the first place. Make him feel like he can’t afford to lose you.

Leo men are drawn to women who boost their image or status in some way. If you show him that you can elevate his social standing, he’ll regret losing you.

Another way to make sure a Leo man misses you is to not be too available. If he has to work for your attention, he’ll appreciate you more.

1. Make a Strong Impression

Will a Leo man miss you after a breakup? This is not guaranteed. No matter how much you love him, unless you make a dramatic impact on him, a Leo man may just move on. They are guilty of becoming obsessed with the latest bright shiny object to catch their attention.

If you don’t make a strong enough impression, a Leo man may find it too easy to move on and not give the relationship a second thought. If you really want a Leo man to miss you, you have to first show him that you are truly one of a kind.

Only when a Leo man sees you as a treasure that can’t be replaced will he miss you. A Leo man can take a woman for granted if he assumes you are just like every other woman he’s met. He has to see you as unique in some important way.

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2. Treat Him Like a King

If you know how to make a Leo man chase you, you’ll have no problem keeping his attention. Leo men can be elitists and they love to be treated like royalty. If you pamper him and treat him like a King, he’ll miss you when you’re not around.

It’s an unusual aspect of a Leo man’s personality that he will be more attracted to you based on how you make him feel about himself. Yet you can leverage his egocentric nature to your own advantage.

When you treat a Leo man like a King, he will recognize that you value him and treat him better than any other woman. He will reward your attention generously and will miss you when you’re apart for any amount of time.

He may come to see you as his ideal match as you will be one of the few women who really appreciates him. This takes a lot of effort at first, but it will be worthwhile. Your Leo man will reward your efforts with loyalty and devotion.

3. Give Him Space

If you want to know how to make a Leo man regret losing you, you’ve got to make it clear that he is missing out when you’re not around. It’s a paradox, but you’ve got to keep some distance from a Leo man if you really want to make him miss you.

If you want to know how to make a Leo man feel guilty for hurting you, giving him the silent treatment can do the trick. You’ve got to be prepared to stand your ground and keep your distance at first.

If a Leo man thinks you’ll always be wrapped around his finger, he’ll only take you for granted. If you want to make him miss you, you’ve got to give him some space so he will know what life is like without you. Leo men need to understand how lucky they are and the only way to remind him is to occasionally go silent.

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4. Don’t Initiate Contact

Following on that same train of thought, if you want to know how to make a Leo man miss you, hold off on contacting him. If you are always the one to initiate contact, a Leo man won’t take you seriously. He’ll see you as too needy and desperate.

Yet if you give him space to contact you first, you’ll see first hand all the evidence you need that your Leo love interest does in fact miss you. He will initiate contact if he hasn’t heard from you in a few days.

If he doesn’t, give him more time. Resist the urge to be the first one to always break the silence. If you can hold off and let him come to you, a Leo man will see you as confident. He’ll assume you respect yourself. This will make him more inclined to chase you.

5. Spend Time with Friends

If you’re wondering how to make a Leo man want you back, you’ve got to make him realize that you are popular, successful and independent. Sometimes, the less time you spend chasing him the better. Instead, invest your time with friends.

When you have an active social life, a Leo man will see you as more desirable. He’ll associate you with status and popularity. He’ll want to spend more time with you because he’ll assume that you’ll boost his social status as well.

When you take the time to prioritize friendships and other relationships, it can be the perfect trigger to make a Leo man miss you. He’ll notice you are frequently busy and he’ll make you a higher priority since your time is clearly at a premium.

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6. Text Brief Clues

If you’re wondering what to do when a Leo man ignores you, one of the best things you can do is tempt him through leaving minimal clues. Text him briefly or leave “breadcrumbs” on social media. The more you hint about what is going on in your life, the more you’ll spark his curiosity.

A Leo man who feels you are giving him pieces to a bigger puzzle will become intrigued. He’ll be more motivated to reach out to you to find out what he’s been missing. When you drop a few hints here and there, a Leo man will be inclined to chase you.

He’ll start to miss you and he’ll naturally miss being around you. It’s not a good idea to frequently evade him. If you are too distant or obscure, a Leo man will come to assume you are leading him on. You need to be transparent more often than not.

Yet if you step back and tempt him with clues to keep his interest in you, this tactic can lead a Leo man to miss you and pursue you more ardently. You’ll need to be patient at first but it will pay off.

7. Show Your Creative Side

If you really want to know how to make a Leo man miss you like crazy, let him see how artistic and creative you are. A Leo man will see you as his ideal woman if you show him your entertaining and artistic streak.

Leo men love to be around creative and talented people. When you leave your unique mark on the world through the expressive arts, a Leo man will miss you when you aren’t around. He’ll miss your unique vision and even your fashion or decorating style.

Don’t be afraid to show off a little. A Leo man will appreciate your artistic side and your unique strengths will make you stand out to him. A Leo man who sees you as talented, creative and unique will want to spend all of his time with you.

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8. Excel in Your Talents

Will a Leo man miss you after some time away? Not always. If you want to be sure a Leo man misses you, you’ve got to be a remarkable presence in his life to begin with. If you excel in your artistic or other creative talents, you’ll make a definite mark.

A Leo man will miss you if you stand out to him as being a celebrity of sorts. Leo men are often star struck. If you are the top of your class, the most prestigious name in your industry or exceptional in a given field, your Leo man will be more likely to miss you.

He is as attached to the idea of star power and celebrity as he is to you as a person. He may be drawn to what he believes he can gain from being associated with you. Your reputation is as big a part of the attraction as your personality.

9. Be Successful

If you want to know how to get a Leo man back after a breakup, the best thing you can do to get his attention is to be successful. Success is not only the best revenge when it comes to a Leo man, it is also the best way to get him back.

If you climb the professional ladder, win awards or gain recognition for your talents, you’ll have a Leo man chasing after you in no time at all. It is essential to reach for the stars if you want a Leo man to notice you, let alone miss you.

When things don’t work out, a Leo man will regret losing you if he is left dreaming about all the amazing things you could have accomplished together. One way to inspire these fantasies is to show him that you are accomplishing incredible things on your own.

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10. Have Confidence

It should go without saying but one of the best ways to appeal to a Leo man is to be confident. A Leo man is naturally drawn to powerful and independent women. If you want him to miss you, you’ve got to understand your worth.

Knowing when to walk away and that you may have to stay away from him for a while is important. It may go against your instincts, but it is the best way to get a Leo man to chase you.

When you are sure of yourself and confident in your value as a woman, a Leo man will be drawn to you. You’ll have no problem getting him to miss you. He’ll dream of having you by his side and forming the power couple he longs to be a part of.

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