How To Make a Leo Man Feel Guilty

Updated May 16, 2023

You can make a Leo man feel guilty if he hurts you if you know how to appeal to his deeper feelings. Leo men stifle their emotions.

They don’t easily express remorse. Leo men feel guilty when they see specific behavior.

If you want to make a Leo man feel guilty, never confront him. You can push him away if you blame him directly. Show him your hurt feelings through your behavior.

You can make a Leo man feel guilty if you display your wounds and exaggerate your hurt feelings. Leo men are empathetic but don’t like being on the spot.

You can make a Leo man admit he’s wrong if you avoid hurting his ego. Give him a chance to save face. Don’t be adversarial if you want him to feel guilty.

Publicize Your Wounds

Does a Leo man feel guilty when he does something wrong? Leo men avoid responsibility if they can. Your Leo love interest responds when you get his attention and trigger his guilt. He doesn’t naturally feel guilty for hurting you.

Leo men are self-conscious. They preserve their reputations and care about what others think of them. When a Leo man hurts you, show your wounds and grievances publicly.

Avoid blaming him for your hurt feelings. Don’t share his secrets or make him look bad. Instead, make it clear that you are upset. Display your wounds and show your hurt feelings.

When others ask you what is wrong, downplay the role your Leo love played in hurting your feelings. Be vague but make it clear you are hurt and emotionally distraught.

Your Leo man feels guilty when he sees that you are hurt. If you hide your feelings, he finds it easier to ignore the role he played in your distress. He wants to save face publicly and will apologize.

You can make a Leo man take your feelings seriously if his friends and acquaintances see you in distress.

Leo men see their partners as an extension of themselves. They want you to maintain appearances, and your appearance impacts a Leo man.

Your Leo man responds to your hurt feelings by quickly apologizing. He cheers you up and wants to make you feel your best again. Leo men can be passionate and affectionate to ensure others know he’s caring for you.

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Leo men assume the best until they see dramatic evidence otherwise. He won’t feel guilty for hurting you unless you exaggerate your pain. If you play up your wounds, your Leo man responds.

He understands he’s done something wrong if you make it evident. If you gloss over your hurt feelings, your Leo man misses these subtle cues. Be theatrical and show him you are upset but don’t confront him.

Demanding an apology from a Leo man doesn’t work. You can make a Leo man feel guilty for hurting you if you are dramatic and express your feelings. Cry and show your distress. Make it clear you are upset but don’t overtly blame him.

You can make a Leo man feel guilty if he can’t run away from the impact his actions have on you. Exaggerate your hurt feelings and your Leo man can be touched by your vulnerability.

If you’re wondering how to manipulate a Leo man, this should be done carefully. Leo men disappear when they realize you’re playing mind games with them. You can make him feel guilty by exaggerating how much he upset you.

Sigh and cross your arms when you are upset with a Leo man. Avoid eye contact with him but never roll your eyes at a Leo man. You want him to understand that he hurt your feelings but avoid making him think you are angry with him.

Cast your eyes down and look at the floor and your Leo man gets the message that he’s done something wrong. Sniffle and tear up and he won’t be able to stand watching you on the verge of tears.

Give The Silent Treatment

Leo men don’t understand polite and subtle signs. They understand dramatic behavior and silence. Your Leo man should respond to your expressive displays of pain and sorry, but if he doesn’t, give him the silent treatment.

Backing away from a Leo man when you are upset can be effective. You can also make him feel guilty if you shut down and remain silent when in the room with him.

Let your Leo man stumble as he tries to figure out why you are suddenly not speaking to him. Your Leo man doesn’t want to admit when he’s done something wrong. Yet if you go quiet, he must contend with his mistakes.

You can make a Leo man feel guilty for hurting you if you stop talking to him rather than explaining yourself. The more you try to appeal to his logic, the more you alienate a Leo man.

How long can a Leo man go without talking to you? Men born under this sign are social. They crave interactions.

If you give a Leo man the silent treatment for long, he loses control. He will do anything to make you talk to him again.

If you’re wondering how to make a Leo man want you more, you must be willing to give him the silent treatment when he hurts your feelings. Don’t be afraid to make him feel guilty and make amends when he’s done something wrong.

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Show Him Consequences

Your Leo man is more likely to feel guilty for hurting you when he sees the consequences of his actions. If you display how his behavior affected you, he feels remorse.

If a Leo man makes a joke at your expense and you become more self-conscious or insecure, he quickly regrets his behavior. You can make a Leo man feel guilty for something by demonstrating how his actions hurt you.

Show him the impact of losing a night of sleep or missing a day at work because you were too upset to concentrate. Let him put the pieces of the puzzle together and assume responsibility.

You can make a Leo man feel guilty if you let him conclude without pointing the finger at him. If you show him how his words and actions hurt you, a Leo man makes amends.

When a Leo man hurts a woman he may not realize it initially. He needs visible evidence that you are upset before he responds. He feels guilty when he can’t escape seeing how upset you are.


Though it seems immature, Leo men respond to a woman who pouts when upset. If your Leo man hasn’t gotten the hint that he hurt your feelings, put on your most pathetic pout and he gets the clue.

Making an exaggerated sad face in front of a Leo man instantly makes him want to cheer you. He can’t stand seeing you look upset. Leo men can find pouting charming and disconcerting.

Although you look sad when you pout, it is not an overwhelming emotional display. Pouting at a Leo man charms him and makes him want to lift your mood. He is eager to make you feel better when you pout at him.

Does a Leo man regret losing you? Making him feel guilty after a breakup is harder than when he is still with you. Pouting and looking upset work on his heartstrings.

Leo men are theatrical. They have an instinctive ability to read facial expressions. A simple pout conveys a lot to a Leo man. Men born under this sign feel heartbroken when they see this look on your face.

You can make a Leo man feel guilty when you pout at him. He will do anything to make you happy and seek your forgiveness. Use a flirty pout if his discretion was minimal but warrants correcting.

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Shut Down

You can make a Leo man feel guilty if you shut down, but use this tactic occasionally. Men born under this sign can become discouraged from being with a woman who is too detached.

He is attracted to passionate women and needs excitement to maintain his interest in you. If you shut down all the time, your Leo man loses interest. He sees shutting down as passive-aggressive.

Only use this tactic if you are desperate for your Leo man to feel guilty and nothing else is working. You can make a Leo man feel remorse for hurting you if you go cold and pull away.

Leo men can’t stand when the woman they love becomes detached. They can be eager to bring you out of your shell. He responds to your sudden shutting down by taking responsibility for wrongdoing.

When you see signs a Leo man misses you, show him you still care about him. You don’t want your Leo man to feel dejected. He realizes his mistakes and knows he did something wrong when you shut down.

Wondering how to let a Leo man know he hurt you? The best method to get across to him when all else fails is to pull away. Leo men can’t tolerate being ignored.

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