How To Make a Capricorn Man Feel Guilty

Published January 15, 2023
How To Make a Capricorn Man Feel Guilty

Making a Capricorn man feel guilty can be difficult if he genuinely doesn’t feel remorse for something he’s done to you.

If a Capricorn man cares about you and hurts you, he will feel guilty. It just might not always be obvious he does!

Usually, if a Capricorn man makes a mistake or does something to hurt a loved one, he’ll give them a quick apology. Don’t accept that apology immediately if you want him to feel guilty.

If your Capricorn man doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong, you might need to tell him he has. Rationally explain how he’s hurt you if you can.

If that doesn’t work, distance yourself. Be less affectionate, focus on others, and do things without him until he realizes how badly he messed up.

Call Him Out

When a Capricorn man upsets you and doesn’t seem to care, call him out! Make sure he knows how insensitive he’s being.

A Capricorn man might ignore his bad behavior if he can get away with it. If he constantly makes insensitive comments, but you never say anything about it, he’ll think his behavior is okay.

When your Capricorn man does something that upsets you, call him out, especially if he repeatedly does the same thing.

If you have already talked to your Capricorn man about certain things, call him out! You should call out his poor behavior in front of others if he doesn’t listen when you talk in private.

Your Capricorn man will feel guilty when he has to face the things he’s done. He won’t be able to ignore how he’s been acting when you directly confront him about it.

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Remain Rational

Try to remain rational even when a Capricorn man hurts you. A Capricorn man might not always react to emotional outbursts, but he will react if you calmly explain to him what he did wrong.

Arguing with a Capricorn man can be frustrating because he often remains calm and aloof while arguing. Turn this behavior around on him! While you’re detailing everything he did wrong, remain detached.

Being rational can make a Capricorn man feel guilty in ways being overly emotional can’t. He might be able to brush off an emotional display if he considers it overdramatic. He can’t argue with facts.

Explain to your Capricorn man what he did and why it was wrong. If you stick to just the facts, that will make him feel more guilty than if you let your emotions get in the way too much.

If you usually are highly emotional, your Capricorn man may also feel guilty for bringing out this aloof side in you. He’ll notice that you’re not acting the way you usually do.

Tell Him He’s Hurt You

Will a Capricorn man apologize after upsetting you? He might, but he needs to know what he did to hurt you in the first place.

Sometimes, Capricorn men don’t feel guilty because they don’t know they’ve done anything wrong. If you tell your Capricorn man that he’s hurt you, he’ll feel bad about it.

You cannot expect a Capricorn man to magically know that he’s done something wrong if you won’t tell him. He might not feel guilty just because he has no idea he did anything to hurt you.

Be honest with your Capricorn man and tell him he hurt you. Let him know exactly how he made you feel. Try to remain rational, but let him know the consequences of his words or actions.

If your Capricorn man cares about you, he will feel guilty for hurting you. Sometimes, all you need to do to make him feel guilty is tell him you’re upset with him.

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Distance Yourself

When you want to make a Capricorn man miss you and feel guilty for hurting you, distance yourself. Your Capricorn man will realize he messed up if you’re suddenly emotionally distant.

When being direct doesn’t work, you’ll have to start distancing yourself from your Capricorn man if you want to make him feel guilty.

Your Capricorn man might not realize just how much he’s hurt you. He may not think that you’re owed an apology, or he may even believe that you’re just being overdramatic and that you’ll get over it on your own.

If you close yourself off from your Capricorn man, he may start to feel guilty. Show him that you no longer trust him with your feelings and don’t want to go to him for support.

Be honest about why you’re distancing yourself if your Capricorn man asks. Don’t just ignore him. Tell him that he’s hurt you and that you don’t trust him.

Be Less Affectionate

Ignoring a Capricorn man isn’t always the best call if you want to make him feel guilty. However, being less affectionate in an obvious way might make him rethink his actions.

A Capricorn man might assume you’ve forgiven him if you act just as loving and affectionate as you usually do. He’ll have no reason to feel guilty because he may assume things are back to normal.

If you stop being affectionate, your Capricorn man will know something is wrong. He’ll feel guilty if he already knows you were upset about something he did. He’ll also miss the affection!

Again, be honest about why you don’t want to be affectionate. Tell your Capricorn man why you’re turning him away when he tries to hug or kiss you.

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Focus On Others

How do you make a Capricorn man regret losing you? One way you can do this is by focusing on others. He might start to feel guilty about whatever he did to end your relationship if he sees you out having a good time with other people.

If your Capricorn man has hurt you and you’ve talked to him about it, but his behavior isn’t changing, there’s no sense in focusing on him right now. Be with people who make you feel good!

When your Capricorn man knows that you’re avoiding him because he makes you feel bad, he’ll feel guilty.

Tell him you’re spending time with others because they make you happy, while he doesn’t. He’ll definitely feel guilty about that.

Once your Capricorn man realizes you don’t want to be around him, he’ll feel guilty. If you’re waiting for an apology, that might be the way to get it.

Do Things Without Him

If a Capricorn man is ignoring you, don’t let it bother you. Do things without him instead. He might start to feel guilty for the way he’s treating you when he sees that you don’t want to do something with him.

You might not be able to go hang out with other people for one reason or another, so go hang out by yourself instead of with your Capricorn man. Show him that you’d rather be alone than with him.

A Capricorn man who has hurt you won’t feel guilty or change his behavior if you never give him any consequences.

If he’s not acting guilty for hurting your feelings, start going to your favorite restaurants, museums, etc., without him.

If your Capricorn man asks to join you, tell him you’d rather go alone. Make it clear that you are avoiding him, and he’ll feel guilty for whatever he did.

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Don’t Forgive Too Easily

Will a Capricorn man apologize to you? He might. Most of the time, Capricorn men issue short and direct apologies. Don’t forgive him if you want to make him feel guilty or get a better apology.

If you want to make a Capricorn man apologize to you in a specific way, you might need to detail what you want from him. Tell him you won’t forgive him until he does certain things to earn that forgiveness.

Your Capricorn man might not feel guilty for doing something wrong because he knows you’ll always forgive him. Show him that you won’t this time, and he will feel guilty.

Your Capricorn man may feel guilty when he realizes he messed up so much that a simple apology isn’t enough. If he cares about you, he’ll want to make amends.

Take A Break From Him

If nothing else is working and your Capricorn man doesn’t feel guilty for hurting you, you might want to take an extended break from him.

Sometimes, Capricorn men are too stubborn or emotionally detached to realize they’ve done something wrong. If a Capricorn man is too focused on himself, he might not notice that he’s hurting the people around him.

You can make your Capricorn man realize the error of his ways and feel guilty by letting him know that you’d like to take a break from your relationship. Even if you don’t want to break up, tell him you want to spend some time apart.

If emotionally distancing yourself or going out alone once or twice isn’t working, you might want to take a longer vacation without your Capricorn man or visit family in another city for a while.

This might seem drastic, but it will show your Capricorn man that he messed up. He’ll feel guilty that he’s the reason you want to take a break.

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