How To Make a Cancer Man Regret Losing You

Published December 12, 2022
How To Make a Cancer Man Regret Losing You

You can make a Cancer man regret losing you by making it clear that things really are over.

Cutting your Cancer man off and moving on is the best way to make him regret ending your relationship. He’ll miss you once he knows you’re gone for good.

If you want your Cancer man to regret losing you, he must really lose you. Don’t stay his friend or keep hanging out with him. You need to cut him off.

If your Cancer man ended things hastily, he’ll know he messed up once you are no longer around. Don’t reply to his messages. Block him on social media. Stop going to the same coffee shop you two always go to.

Your Cancer man will regret losing you if he has any second thoughts about your breakup, especially if you quickly move on from him.

Make Him Nostalgic

Will a Cancer man leave and come back? If he starts to feel nostalgic, he might regret losing you.

Cancer men are naturally nostalgic people, so it doesn’t take much to make a Cancer man feel nostalgic. Washing his clothes with your detergent before returning them is one way to trigger his nostalgia.

If you haven’t blocked your Cancer man on social media, you can post photos of trips the two of you have been on. Posts ones that he isn’t in, but that are obviously photos you took when you were with him.

He may also feel nostalgic if he hangs out with a group of mutual friends and you aren’t there. He will start to miss the times when you were with the group! He’ll feel nostalgic for all the fun times you all had together.

Your Cancer man might start to regret losing you once he realizes he’ll never have those fun times with you again.

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Ignore Him

Will a Cancer man come back if you ignore him? He might! As soon as he has to live without you, he might regret losing you.

Cancer men get comfortable sometimes. Your Cancer man might break up with you, but he’ll never genuinely regret losing you if you’re still around him all the time.

Don’t reply to his messages. If he comments on your photos on social media, ignore him. If he tries to call you, do not pick up the phone.

You need to show your Cancer man that he does not have the same access to you that he always did. Once he realizes that your late-night phone calls are a thing of the past, he might miss you and regret losing you.

If you see your Cancer man in public, do not acknowledge him. Turn the other way and act like he isn’t there. That will make him think twice about ending things.

Don’t Offer Emotional Support

Emotionally distancing yourself from a Cancer man might make him regret losing you.

Cancer men get a lot of emotional support from their partners. Do not offer your Cancer man any emotional support once things are over between you two, and he’ll start to miss the relationship you once had.

If your Cancer man disappears and reappears all the time, it might be because he knows you can always rely on you to be there when he returns. Don’t be there for him. Don’t offer support even when he reaches out.

Your Cancer man might not have realized how much support you gave him. Once that support is gone, that might be enough to make him regret whatever he did to lose you.

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Refuse To Stay Friends

Leaving a Cancer man alone entirely after a breakup is the best way to make him regret losing you. Do not stay friends with him if you want him to regret breaking up with you.

Your Cancer man may always feel like he has you “on the hook” if you two stay friends. He might not regret losing you if he can still talk to you and receive emotional support like he always did.

Make it clear to your Cancer man that you have no desire to remain friends with him. Make a clean break. He will regret cutting you loose, especially if he didn’t want to remove you from his life completely!

If you want to make a Cancer man feel guilty for breaking your heart, do not stay friends with him. If you’re still his friend, then he didn’t entirely lose you anyway.

Give All His Stuff Back

If you have a bunch of your Cancer man’s things lying around your place, gather it all up and give it back!

Your Cancer man might leave things behind your place on purpose after a breakup. This gives him an excuse to contact or see you again whenever he wants.

Don’t allow your Cancer man to have that excuse. If he’s left a jacket or a toothbrush behind at your place, don’t just leave them there. Go give them back to him.

Sometimes, seeing all his stuff in a box will be the wake-up call your Cancer man needs. He will regret losing you once he realizes you no longer want anything to do with him.

This can also help you to move on. If you don’t have anything belonging to your Cancer man lying around your place, it can’t remind you of him.

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Remove Him On Social Media

Blocking a Cancer man on social media will let him know he messed up. If he still misses you after a breakup, he might check up on you on social media. Block him so he can’t do that.

Your Cancer man will regret losing you once he realizes he has no access to you. If you won’t talk to him, and he can’t even check up on you, he’ll know he messed up.

Your Cancer man might not realize how important you were to him until you’re gone. He’ll miss you even more when he can’t read your updates about how you’re doing or see photos when you go on trips.

Removing him from social media might make your Cancer man realize how badly he messed up. He will notice your absence, and he’ll start to regret that he’s the reason you’re gone.

Post Photos With Other Men

When a Cancer man is done with you, he won’t care about you moving on. If he still has feelings for you, he’ll regret losing you as soon as he sees you with other men.

Even if you’re not ready to move on, make sure he sees you with other men. If you don’t block him on social media, post the photos there. If you do block him, you can have mutual friends subtly send him pictures of you with other people.

If you see your Cancer man in public while you are with another male friend, you can make him a bit jealous by being affectionate with the friend. Your Cancer man might regret losing you if he thinks you’ve moved on, even if you haven’t.

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Take Your Things Back

After a breakup, your Cancer man might keep a few of your things around. Make sure you take all your things back if you want him to regret losing you!

Cancer men sometimes end relationships and then regret it. If your Cancer man has some of your things at his place, he will use them as an excuse to see you if he wants you back.

Just like you shouldn’t give him the excuse of reaching out to get his jacket back, don’t give him the excuse of reaching out to give you your things back.

Gather up all your things from his place as quickly as possible. Seeing you taking all your things back might make him realize that he already regrets losing you.

Pictures of you might make him feel nostalgic, but looking around and seeing the absence of you will make your Cancer man miss you more than anything.

Avoid Your Favorite Places

No contact with a Cancer man after a breakup sometimes isn’t enough. If you want to make him regret losing you, you must avoid all the places you used to go.

When a Cancer man wants you back, he might go by your favorite coffee shop or the gym you both go to. He’ll be hoping to see you. He’ll definitely regret losing you when he realizes you no longer go to those places.

Your Cancer man will quickly realize that you’re avoiding him if you switch gyms or change your routine so that you no longer go to the same deli on your lunch break.

Find new places to go to. Don’t give your Cancer man a chance to see you accidentally. If he genuinely has no access to you, even accidentally, he’ll miss you terribly!

This is also a great way to get over your Cancer man. You might someday want to return to your favorite restaurant, but avoiding it right after a breakup is a good idea. You don’t want to give in to the same nostalgia that Cancer men do!

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