How to Make a Cancer Man Chase You

How to Make a Cancer Man Chase You

To make a Cancer man chase you, you only have to catch his interest initially. If you’re patient for a brief time early on, it will pay off.

A Cancer man likes to chase but he needs to feel secure first.

Once you know how to tell a cancer man is interested in you, it will be easy to encourage him to pursue you. You just have to be sure he’s noticed your empathy and charm.

A Cancer man slow to make a move simply indicates he’s unsure of himself. Make your interest in him clear and then let him do the rest. Reassure him of your attraction first.

When you understand a Cancer man’s likes and dislikes in a woman, you’ll easily be able to signal that you are the one for him. His emotions are easily swayed.

Appreciate His Family

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man want you, the key is to show him you are family oriented. One way to do this is to make a good impression on his family. Showing gratitude and love for his family will melt his heart.

When you meet them for the first time, bring gifts. Thank them for their hospitality. Show admiration and praise for his family members, especially his mother or mother figure.

Never criticize a Cancer man’s family, especially if the goal is to get him to chase you. Instead, show you are forming a connection with them. A Cancer man who is second guessing a relationship will hold on if he thinks his family approves of the match.

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Make Him Feel at Home

To a Cancer man, home and security are a really big deal. Wherever he is, try to make him feel at home. Even if he traveled someplace new and unfamiliar to visit you at your place, try to make him comfortable.

When you go out of your way to make a Cancer man feel secure and at home, he will take note of this. He will feel at ease with you and the connection he feels for you will be strengthened.

He will also be more likely to chase you because he’s actually chasing the feeling of comfort and security that he now associates with you. You’ll become like a drug to a Cancer man.

He’ll see you as his biggest support and source of comfort. Even better, if you can get him to feel like his home is not complete without you, a Cancer man will want to make you a fixture in his life.

Keep Him Slightly Unsatisfied

If you think you’re seeing signs a Cancer man is playing you, he’s probably just insecure and unsure about himself still. Be patient but don’t be too revealing. Cancer men need to know they have a chance with you.

Yet if you leave him wanting more after every text, phone call and date, you are putting the ball in his court. By refusing to be too transparent and open, you’re compelling a Cancer man to take initiative.

This will lead him to put more effort into chasing you. Be careful with this tactic. If you act too disinterested, a Cancer man will feel rejected and he won’t bother trying. He needs to feel there is potential and then given the chance to pursue you.

If you chase him, give too much or do all the work in the relationship for him, he may get comfortable with you. But he’ll be comfortable not having to show as much initiative, instead of chasing you.

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Show Motherhood Potential

Even on the first date, a Cancer man is evaluating the potential for marriage, a shared home, and family. If he sees that you are interested in children and motherhood, it is going to get his attention.

When you see signs a Cancer man is serious about you, it helps if you then remind him that someday you want a family. This will further encourage him to chase you because you’re meeting all his criteria.

A Cancer man will want to settle down with a woman he loves who also would be the best mother to his hypothetical future children. Show him how patient and loving you are when you interact with young people.

Invite him out with you when you’re watching your young nieces and nephews. Let him see firsthand how great you are with kids and how important kids are to you. He’ll know you’re the right woman for him and he won’t want to let you get away.

Nurture Him

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man miss you, the key is to be his source of emotional comfort. When he associates you with security, he’ll feel like he’s losing a piece of himself when you’re not around.

The more you nurture a Cancer man, the more he will come to see you in this way. Support him emotionally. Stand by him when he’s going through rough times. Nurture and support his dreams.

The more you can emotionally validate and console a Cancer man when he’s upset, the more he’ll seek your company. He’ll become convinced he can’t live without you.

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Be Successful in Business

Once in a while, a Cancer man’s moods will take over and he’ll go quiet. If you’re wondering what to do when a Cancer man ignores you, your best bet is to focus on nurturing yourself. Also, take care of business.

If you own a business or have been thinking of starting a business, the best thing you can do to attract the attention of your Cancer man when he goes quiet is to start becoming more successful with your business.

Start to take off in new directions and when word gets around that your business is thriving and the talk of the town, your Cancer man will want to see you again. He’ll want to show his pride and support for your success.

He’ll also want to celebrate the security and advancement of your dreams. Cancer men are attracted to entrepreneurs and those willing to take risks in business. He’ll love that you are creating something new or expanding on your dreams.

Be Confident

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man want you back when your relationship is on the rocks, the best thing you can do is to be confident in yourself. A Cancer man will come running back to you when he sees that you are stable and grounded.

He wants to feel grounded himself, but he struggles with so many emotional highs and lows. When he sees that you are comfortable and seem to have your act together, he’ll want the stability you’ve built to rub off on him.

He’ll want to have a break from the emotional intensity and drama he feels every day in his life. He’ll chase you and want to come back to enjoy the good life you are living.

This simple secret about Cancer men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

Be Honest

Always be honest with a Cancer man. You may have to sugar coat the truth sometimes, but never lie to him. When a Cancer man sees that you are always honest with him, he’ll chase you.

He’ll want to be part of your life because you are authentic. He’ll appreciate that you are genuine, and he always knows where he stands with you. He’ll come running back to be with you.

A Cancer man also appreciates the fact that you don’t play mind games with him. He has trust issues and it is a big deal for him to open up in a relationship. He’ll only chase you if he’s sure you are serious and honest.

Win Over His Family

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man feel guilty, the best thing you can do is have a close relationship with his family. Then, when you have an argument or he thinks about leaving you, his family members will remind him they love you.

He’ll feel bad for thinking about ending the relationship when you are so close to him and his family. In fact, you may not even have to say a word. His mother or sister may put him on a guilt trip for you.

He respects his family’s opinions and wishes so if they love you, they’ll encourage him to work through whatever issues come about. He will make the relationship work to make his family happy.

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Remind Him of His Mother

Weird Freudian references aside, Cancer men really do fall in love with women who remind them of their mother. It’s important to not only be accepted by his mom, but in some way, be like her.

Even if the resemblance is the way you treat him or the food you cook for him. Remind him that you are a source of comfort just like his mother. You don’t have to go all out and try to look like her.

Find some small way that you can foster a connection with her. Create a visual or verbal cue or association so that your Cancer man will think of his mother and feel nurtured and secure with you.

Keep His Secrets

If you want a Cancer man to chase you, be the best confidant he’s ever had. Keep all of his secrets and don’t expose his vulnerability. Let your Cancer man know you have good boundaries.

When you are discreet with his most private information and stories, he will feel secure and at ease with you. Always show a Cancer man that you can be trusted. Don’t gossip about others around him.

If you do, he’ll assume it is only a matter of time until you start gossiping about him. Also, don’t badmouth your exes. He will again make the assumption that someday if he is your ex, you’ll tell all his stories to someone else.

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