5 Ways to Make an Aquarius Man Want You

Updated February 23, 2023

Given their unconventional ways, it is quite a task to make an Aquarius man want you. They refuse to be governed by standard norms, and it takes great skill to attract them.

But it isn’t an impossible task, is it?

When dating this water-bearer, one thing you should know is that they take their sweet time to get attracted to a woman. They are quite different in this regard compared to men belonging to other zodiac signs.

What attracts Aquarius men isn’t the traditional tricks and tips in the dating book, but they like being surprised and are super attracted to mysterious, unpredictable women.

If you want to know how to get an Aquarius man to chase you, you have to think out of the box and catch him off-guard.

1. Appearance Matters Here, So Groom Yourself

One of the most important things to know about attracting Aquarius men is that appearance matters a lot to them. They like women that stand out from the crowd, and one way you could achieve that is through your appearance.

Knowing how to dress for an Aquarius man is a plus here because they really dig stylish, fashionable, and attractive women. Perhaps, you could grab his attention with an unusual, unique kind of dress or a different hairstyle.

Always keep yourself well-groomed and make it known to him that you like spending time on yourself. However, grooming yourself isn’t just limited to how you look or what you wear on a daily basis.

Aquarius men love women with a little sass, confidence, and those who seem to emanate a kind of feisty-ness from within. If you manage to check all the boxes, you’ll have your man falling for you in no time!

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2. Wear Your Uniqueness like a Badge

Aquarius men are easily turned on by any woman who is unconventional, unusual, and unique. What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is undefined uniqueness that is unlike any other. They love women with different ideas, opinions, and thoughts.

Accentuate your eccentricities if you wish to make an Aquarius man want you and chase you. You don’t have to go thousands of extra miles to do that, and neither does he expect you to do that.

You just need to be proud of who you are, wear your uniqueness like a badge, and emit a special spark like someone who is a ray of light

Your individuality matters a lot to an Aquarius man, and he absolutely hates anyone who tries to fit the existing norm or standard. Since he himself doesn’t follow the crowd or the fixed rules, he expects the same from you.

Learning how to make an Aquarius man addicted to you is an art, and while it may require a lot of patience, effort, and waiting from your end, know that it’s worth all your while!

Dating Aquarius men can be hard, but know that once you crack the code, it’s an absolutely beautiful ride.

Being unique doesn’t mean you have to do something crazy to get his attention or impress him so that he would notice you. It simply means focusing on your exclusive qualities and allowing them to shine under the spotlight.

For instance, assume that you are very opinionated and have really bizarre political opinions. You might want to tone them down in front of your Aquarius man in fear of what he might think.

However, that’s exactly what he wouldn’t want you to do. Aquarius men really appreciate people when they are true to themselves and don’t put up a fake front for the sake of society.

He will actually want you to voice your political opinions and engage in exciting discussions with him. One of the many signs of an Aquarius man in love is that he will get extremely curious and fascinated by your eccentricities.

3. Be Confident – It’s Sexy and Intriguing

There are some men who don’t like women that are too confident or poised. However, Aquarius men are those who absolutely go after such women!

They find women with self-poise and confidence far too sexy and intriguing, and that’s the type that really attracts them.

Confidence is more like a subjective notion here, and it doesn’t only mean being sure of yourself or having an air of low-key superiority around you.

It can mean anything from being assertive in the way that you talk or just the way you walk, carry yourself, and portray yourself.

Being confident could also include engaging him in an intellectual conversation and give your views and opinions. An Aquarius man loves a woman who is opinionated and challenges him through debate and discussion.

For some Aquarius men, confidence can also mean the woman taking the initiative and surprising the man. They find this quality in women quite sensual and fascinating and are likely to want you for this very reason!

At the same time, be a little classy and knowledgeable because Aquarius men are equally attracted to a woman with brains, unique interests, and knowledge.

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4. Stay Mysterious and Surprise Him

If there’s one thing that really keeps an Aquarius man hooked to a woman, it’s her mystery! Aquarius men have this fascinating curiosity about literally everything, especially the woman in their life.

He loves discovering new things about you, and chances are he will ask you tons of questions about you, your likes and dislikes, your thoughts, ambitions in life, and whatnot. However, do not answer everything in one go!

This is one of the many signs an Aquarius man is falling for you. He will be utterly perplexed and curious, but at the same time, he will keep asking for more because he thoroughly enjoys it!

Always have an air of mystery around you, don’t give away everything so easily, and keep the Aquarius man’s curiosity alive for as long as possible. Once he senses the mystery and secrecy, there is no going back for him.

In case you happen to be wondering what type of women do Aquarius men like, this is the one! Mysterious, secretive, and one that bewilders them a great deal!

Try to hold back when an Aquarius man asks you something and leave him at a point during your conversation where he is tempted to know more and can’t wait to meet you again.

The chances are that he might keep asking you for more information, but even so, you need to maintain that air of mystery around you and not give in.

This is also one of the best ways to seduce an Aquarius male. He will be unable to resist you once he senses that you like to have a little fun of your own.

It will turn him on very easily when you play a little hard to get, let him in on a little secret of your life one by one, share stories of your life with him, but after long intervals.

The inquisitiveness and the need to know more about you are likely to drive him mad, and that is one way how to make an Aquarius man miss you like crazy when you aren’t around!

5. Don’t Be What You Aren’t

Being attractive to an Aquarius man is one thing, but knowing how to make an Aquarius man chase you specifically is a whole other thing.

One sure-shot way of doing that is being who you are, being true to yourself and showing him exactly that. Aquarius men really appreciate this about a woman when they aren’t afraid to show their real selves.

No matter who you are or how you think, honesty and individuality are two things they look for in all their relationships. What’s more interesting is that he will display great curiosity to get to know the real you.

If you try to hide who you really are, even in the slightest, it will easily turn them off, and they aren’t likely to pursue any kind of interest in you. You don’t want that now, do you?

Aquarius men love a woman who doesn’t shy away from reality and is just direct and straightforward when it comes to being who she is.

The rule here is simple: don’t be what you aren’t. An Aquarius will simply fall in love with you if you display your true, real feelings, don’t hide your insecurities, and be vocal about everything.

You could have a really weird food taste, for instance, or a wacky sense of style, but that doesn’t matter to an Aquarius man. What matters to him is that you are comfortable enough in his presence to be yourself.

This is also necessary to avoid the need for false promises. Aquarius men hate it when people give them false hopes and promises and end up disappointing them a great deal.

Aquarius men aren’t very open or expressive, and flirting is a big deal for them. But, if you learn how to read an Aquarius man over time, you’ll know exactly when and how much they want you.

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