How To Make An Aquarius Man Addicted To You

Published November 15, 2022
How To Make An Aquarius Man Addicted To You

If you want to make an Aquarius man addicted to you, you must pique his interest constantly. Never stop stimulating him. Make things exciting.

Aquarius men are highly independent and don’t want to need someone. You can make it so that he always wants you around, though.

If you want to hook your Aquarius man and make yourself invaluable to him, you need to set yourself apart. Show him how entertaining, intellectual, adventurous, and unique you are.

Aquarius men prefer to do things alone, but if you can help him reach a goal or finish a project, he’ll love having you around. He’ll be likely to go to you next time he needs assistance.

Show your Aquarius man that you’re independent and that you also respect his freedom. Aquarius men love self-sufficient women. He’ll want to keep you around if you don’t need him.

Show Interest In His Hobbies

Your Aquarius man won’t ever expect you to do all his hobbies with him, but he will love knowing that you’re at least interested in trying them out.

Aquarius men often have many hobbies. Some they are more passionate about than others, but they love talking about all of them and sharing them with others.

An Aquarius man is perfectly fine doing his hobbies on his own. He’s a bit of a loner. However, he’ll become interested in you when you express interest in him and his hobbies.

Your Aquarius man will love having you around if he knows you’re the only one who will listen to him talk about his latest interest. He’ll think of you first when he picks up a new hobby because he knows you’ll want to hear all about it!

An Aquarius man will become addicted to the feeling he gets when you listen to him and show interest in what he’s interested in. That doesn’t always happen, so he may seek you out more because of it.

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Be Creative Together

What are Aquarius men attracted to? Creativity is one trait that Aquarius men love in a woman. If he can create things with you, he’ll always want you around.

Aquarius men are independent, but they are also incredibly social. Sometimes, it’s more fun to be able to create something with someone else than it is to create alone.

Tell him you value his creative input, and he’ll love having you around. Your Aquarius man might think of you the next time he wants to put on something when he knows your creative interests align with his own.

If you have a creative talent that your Aquarius man doesn’t, he’ll become addicted to you. He’ll call you first if he needs help when he knows you can handle it!

Working on art or other creative projects is a great way to bond with an Aquarius man. When he sees the project, he’ll think of you, which will make him even more addicted.

Be Entertaining

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is someone who can keep him entertained. He needs someone who can challenge him and maintain his interest.

Your Aquarius man won’t stop thinking about you when you can make him laugh, have entertaining conversations with him, and do fun things with him.

Aquarius men get bored easily. This is one of the reasons they are so chaotic and unpredictable. They’re always seeking out more exciting ways to spend their time.

If you are interesting and entertaining, your Aquarius man will likely look for you when he’s bored. He won’t stop thinking about you when he knows he can always count on you for a laugh or to join him on an adventure.

There are plenty of ways to keep an Aquarius man entertained. Turn up the charm and show him what makes you unique and talented. He won’t be able to resist.

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Know Him Better Than Anyone Else

To make an Aquarius man fall in love, you need to know him better than anyone else. He’ll be addicted to you if he knows you understand him in ways nobody else does.

Attracting an Aquarius man is easier than maintaining that attraction. He might temporarily be attracted to you if you’re pretty or spontaneous, but you need to get to know him if you want to keep him.

If your Aquarius man tells you something, be sure to remember it! Even if it’s minor details about himself, file what he says away in your mind.

Your Aquarius man will feel special when he realizes you know so much about him. If you can predict his unpredictable reactions or read him like the back of your hand, he’ll be incredibly intrigued by you.

Sometimes, it’s nice having someone around who gets you. Your Aquarius man will become addicted to that feeling he gets knowing someone who knows him inside and out is around.

Build A Strong Intellectual Connection

Your relationship with an Aquarius man will improve when you two have a strong intellectual connection. He’ll always want you around when he knows he can have exciting and stimulating conversations with you.

If you want to get close to an Aquarius man, build a strong intellectual connection with him first. An emotional connection will come eventually but show him that you’re someone who can match his intellect first.

Aquarius men value intellect. They love being around people who can challenge them intellectually. If you can keep his mind stimulated with an exciting conversation or through working on projects together, he will always want you around.

Your Aquarius man will start seeking you out if he knows that he can trust your opinions or that you’re knowledgeable about certain subjects. You will be able to strengthen your bond and make him even more addicted once that happens!

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Help Him Reach His Goals

If an Aquarius man is falling for you, you can speed up that process by showing him how valuable you are. Help him reach his goals and assist him when he’s working on a challenging project.

Aquarius men tend to do things by themselves, but not even they can do everything alone. Your Aquarius man will quickly become addicted once he realizes you can help him in ways nobody else can.

Motivate your Aquarius man and let him know that you believe in him. If he’s ever stuck, offer new insight to help him continue on the correct path.

Your Aquarius man will always think of you first if he feels unmotivated or like he can’t fulfill his dreams. You’ll become an integral part of his life and his success.

Support His Humanitarian Efforts

An Aquarius man in love will try to prioritize his relationship sometimes, but that won’t be his only priority. If you want your Aquarius man to be addicted to you, support his humanitarian efforts and the other responsibilities he has in his life.

If you care about the same causes your Aquarius man does, he’ll love having you around. Seeing that you’re passionate about making the world a better place will make him addicted to you!

Even if you two don’t support all the same causes, he’ll love knowing that you, at the very least, support him. If he needs someone to volunteer with him, be the first to offer.

Supporting his humanitarian efforts is a great way to bond with your Aquarius man. He’ll enjoy spending time with you and think of you next time he needs someone to volunteer or work on a community project with him.

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Take Him On Adventures

Even when an Aquarius man is attracted to you, that doesn’t mean he’ll remain attracted to you! You need to show him how exciting you are if you want him to become addicted.

Take your Aquarius man out on adventures as much as possible. He will always seek you out if you can make even the most mundane of tasks exciting too!

Your Aquarius man will be addicted to you if he can have fun just going to the grocery store or cleaning up around the house when he’s with you. You don’t always need to travel far away to make life an adventure.

Your Aquarius man will also love hearing about adventures you’ve been on without him. He’ll start to wish he was there with you whenever you go somewhere alone!

Be Fun & Flirty

If you want to make an Aquarius man chase you, you need to be fun and original. He won’t be addicted to you if you don’t stand out from the crowd!

You don’t always need to be serious when you’re with your Aquarius man. Even if you two are working on an important project, you can lighten things up by flirting with him or telling jokes.

Aquarius men love being with women who make life more fun. He’ll always want you around if he knows you can cheer him up or make tedious tasks more enjoyable.

You will become a vital part of his life when your Aquarius man knows he can have fun with you. Flirt, laugh, and turn up the charm whenever he’s around! He’ll quickly become addicted to your infectious smile.

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