Are Aquarius Men Loyal?

Are Aquarius Men Loyal?

If you’ve been dating him for a while and are hoping for commitment, you may wonder if you’ve found a loyal Aquarius man.

The sign of the water-bearer loves his freedom and independence, making Aquarians notoriously difficult to pin down.

But many Aquarians settle down with a partner at some point, so how do you know if your Aquarius guy is truly committed?

Any sign is capable of cheating, but knowing the typical personality traits of signs can help predict how loyal they are and what makes them stray.

Any sign is also capable of loyalty and commitment, including Aquarians. Knowing what an Aquarius man needs in a woman to make him stay loyal will help keep your relationship strong.

When He Commits, He Means It

It takes a lot to get an Aquarius man to commit. This sign loves his freedom and won’t give it up easily.

It’s very meaningful when an Aquarius is ready to commit. If he wants to be exclusive, you should feel quite flattered – it means he sees something special in you and wants to be together for a long time.

To get a loyal Aquarius man, you will have to be patient. He needs to be sure you’re right for him before he is willing to forsake all others.

But once this air sign commits, he means it. He makes very few promises because he values his word and wants to keep it.

Although it may take some time, once you get an Aquarius man to commit to you, he will remain loyal and trustworthy.

He is Hard to Tie Down

Aquarius men are difficult to tie down. Because they take commitments so seriously, they take a lot of time before devoting themselves to a monogamous relationship.

An Aquarius man doesn’t like to be pressured into settling down or making a decision. What attracts Aquarius men is a woman who is independent and respects his independence, too.

If you’re wondering, “What type of woman do Aquarius men like?” the answer is a woman who isn’t clingy or needy. He needs a woman who can give him space and likes to have her own space, too.

It’s not just that an Aquarius adores his freedom, although that’s certainly true. When he’s in a relationship, he gives it his all, so he wants to be sure he’s with the right person before pledging his allegiance.

It’s also not that Aquarians love to play the field and can only be satisfied by having many lovers. His reluctance to commit isn’t because he is a womanizer.

In truth, he often prefers to keep to himself, and would rather be alone than in the company of people he doesn’t connect with on a deep level.

He is Open to an Open Relationship

Aquarians are quite unconventional and are interested in new ways of thinking and doing things. It makes sense that an Aquarius man would be open to engaging in an open relationship.

A non-traditional relationship appeals to the open-minded Aquarius man. He is progressive and likes to color outside of the lines, so he embraces the unique challenges of navigating an open relationship.

This doesn’t mean he necessarily prefers an open relationship or is incapable of monogamy. But if you have ever wanted to explore the possibility of having an open relationship, an Aquarius partner is likely to accommodate you.

Besides being open-minded, an Aquarius man in love will do anything to please his partner. If his significant other proposes opening up the relationship, he will agree to make that person happy.

You Have to Earn His Loyalty

Aquarians are unfailingly loyal to those they love, but they don’t give their devotion to just anyone. You have to prove to an Aquarius man that you’re worthy of his loyalty.

If you have only gone a few dates with an Aquarius, don’t expect him to be loyal to you. Until he is fully committed, he will prioritize his friends, family, and himself over you.

Once he is committed to you, you couldn’t ask for a more loyal or self-sacrificing partner. But like anything worth having, you have to work for his loyalty and earn it.

The Commitment Must Be Clear

It can be hard to know how to read an Aquarius man. You should never assume that you’re in an exclusive relationship with an Aquarius until you have had a very clear discussion about monogamy.

Even if you’ve been going out for months, you need to have a direct conversation about the nature of your relationship. You won’t have his loyalty until you have both verbally agreed to commit to each other.

This isn’t because Aquarians are sneaky or trying to avoid commitment. They just have a hard time with communication, and subtleties and social norms often go over their heads.

If he approaches you to talk about the state of your relationship, it’s one of the biggest signs an Aquarius man is falling for you. If he is the one to suggest monogamy, then he is head over heels for you and will certainly be loyal.

Don’t try to have this conversation too early in the relationship, or you will push your Aquarius man away. Be calm and confident, and allow the relationship to progress naturally.

He is Loyal to His Friends

Aquarians are fiercely loyal to their friends. If you are in the early stages of dating an Aquarius, you may feel like he prioritizes his friends over you.

That’s because Aquarians love their friends deeply and will do anything for them. When he commits to a partner, he will prioritize that person over his friends. But until then, his friends come first.

If you want to see just how loyal an Aquarius can be, get him talking about his friends. Watch his eyes light up as he tells you all of their amazing qualities and what special people they are.

Because he values his friendships so much, it’s important to him that his significant other gets along with his friends, too. You can deepen his interest in you if you ask to meet his friends and can impress them.

It’s a big turn-off for an Aquarius when the person he is dating bad mouths his friends. Don’t expect him to take your side against them unless you are already in a long-term, committed relationship with him.

He is Loyal to His Family

Just as Aquarians cherish their friends, they also value their families. One of the signs of an Aquarius man in love is when he asks you to meet the people who matter most to him, his family.

Not only is he loyal to his family, but if he is really interested in you, he will want to know more about yours, too.

When an Aquarius man has a crush on you and it’s getting serious, he will want to meet the people closest to you like your friends and family. He sees it as a way to learn more about who you are.

An Aquarius will put his significant other even before his family, but only once he is deeply committed.

If you want to know how to keep an Aquarius man hooked, ingratiate yourself with his family. If you can get his family to love you, you will be closer to earning his loyalty.

He Prides Himself on Fidelity

Aquarians pride themselves on their strength of character and integrity. If he has committed to you, he will make a point to be faithful.

This isn’t a sign who cheats and then brags about it to his friends. If he has an indiscretion, he will feel deeply guilty and embarrassed.

He doesn’t make a lot of commitments because the ones he makes are important to him. If he says he will be loyal to you, he’s not just telling you what you want to hear.

His ethics and morals matter to him, and he sees breaking a commitment as a character flaw. To him, being disloyal is a weakness, and he will do everything in his power to stay faithful.

He Expects Loyalty in Return

If an Aquarius commits to you, then you can bet that he expects the same loyalty from you in return.

If you’re wondering, “Are Aquarius men jealous?” the answer is no. If you have earned his loyalty and trust, then he will allow you all the freedom you could ever ask for.

An Aquarius guy is not suspicious, jealous, or possessive. If he has fallen in love with you, he trusts you to return his loyalty and not break his heart.

His Compassion Makes Him Loyal

Another personality trait typical of Aquarians is their strong sense of compassion. His empathy makes him loyal because he doesn’t want to hurt you.

As the sign of the humanitarian, Aquarians care deeply for other people. He doesn’t want to intentionally cause you emotional pain or distress.

If an Aquarius hurts you, he will feel terrible guilt. He will be loyal to you for many reasons, one of which is because your pain hurts him, too.

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