10 Signs a Libra Man is Using You

Updated October 26, 2022
10 Signs a Libra Man is Using You

You can usually tell if a Libra man is using you because he won’t treat you like he usually treats his partner.

Libra men are highly romantic. If he’s not trying to woo you, he might be using you.

A Libra man who is using you will often only act friendly when he wants something. Libra men are people-pleasers. They know how to get what they want!

If a Libra man only ever comes to you for sex, money, or favors, he is using you. When a Libra man cares about you, he will shower you with gifts and affection.

Your Libra man might only call you when he wants something. He’ll cancel plans and altogether avoid you. Unless he can get what he wants from you, he won’t give you the time of day.

1. Never Texts First

One of the signs a Libra man is using you is that he will never text you first unless he needs something from you.

A Libra man who is using you won’t text you good morning or send a picture that made him think of you.

You will start all conversations, or they’ll be initiated by him asking a favor and then dropping the conversation once you answer.

Your Libra man won’t be interested in chit-chat when he’s using you. He will reach out when he needs something from you, and that’s it.

You might also notice that your Libra man never responds when you text him. He might keep up a conversation now and then so that you don’t get too annoyed. He won’t go out of his way to text you, though.

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2. Doesn’t Initiate Conversation

One of the signs a Libra man isn’t interested in you is that he’ll never initiate conversation. If he were interested, he would want to talk to you as much as possible!

If your Libra man avoids you at parties or when he runs into you at a bar, he might not enjoy being around you.

A Libra man isn’t going to initiate every conversation you two have, even if he likes you.

You will have to approach him or reach out first sometimes. He will try to start conversations just as much as you do when he cares about you.

Your Libra man might be using you if you’re the last person he approaches when you two are at the same event. If it feels like pulling teeth trying to get him to talk to you, something might be going on.

3. He’s Never Affectionate

You might notice that your Libra man has stopped being affectionate with you. This often happens when a Libra man is done with you.

A Libra man might not break up with you right away, even if he no longer cares for you. He will do this for several reasons, one being because he still needs something from you.

You will be able to tell something is up with your Libra man because he’ll become far less affectionate than he used to be. He won’t just be cold for a day or two, either. His behavior will become permanent.

If you notice your Libra man is less affectionate than usual, try talking to him. If he’s not using you, he will likely apologize and offer an explanation for his behavior.

He might brush you off or say he doesn’t know what you’re talking about if he’s using you.

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4. He’s Judgemental

Libra men aren’t often openly judgmental. They have a solid moral compass, so they might judge actions as right or wrong, but they tend to shy away from judging people to their faces.

Libra men are also typically highly complimentary toward people they care about. If a Libra man constantly criticizes you, it’s likely he doesn’t actually like you.

If a Libra man doesn’t like something his partner does, he’ll usually try to be gentle about telling them. He might also ignore it or subtly try to let them know.

When a Libra man is using you or isn’t actually interested, he might be openly judgmental. If you do something wrong, he’ll let you know! He won’t necessarily be concerned with hurting your feelings.

Your Libra man might not even be trying to be judgmental. If he doesn’t care about your feelings, he will likely say things without thinking about his words’ effect on you.

5. Cancels Plans

If a Libra man is asking you out a lot, only to cancel at the last minute, he might be using you.

A Libra man will want to spend time with you when he cares about you. Things will come up now and then, but he’ll try not to cancel on you all the time.

Your Libra man might schedule a date with you and cancel if something better comes up. That’s a sign he’s just hanging out with you because it’s convenient, not because he wants to spend time with you.

If your Libra man constantly cancels with no explanation, he doesn’t respect your time.

When a Libra man is using you, he might not even try to hide what he’s doing when he cancels on you. He may post pictures of him out with his friends or at a party on social media.

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6. Never Compliments You

When a Libra man cares about you, one of the ways he’ll show you affection is by complimenting you often. If he’s using you, he usually won’t bother with this.

A Libra man who is using you might compliment you if he knows it will get him what he wants. He won’t go out of his way to make you feel good.

If your Libra man never notices when you get a new haircut or brushes you off when you show him things you’ve created, he might be using you. A Libra man who cared about you would compliment you!

7. He’s Seeing Other People

How do you know if a Libra man is over you? He’ll likely start seeing other people. If a Libra man is using you, he’ll see other people while still with you.

If you and your Libra man have agreed to have an open relationship, this likely isn’t a problem for you. If you find out he’s seeing other people and you thought you two were exclusive, that’s a huge red flag.

Libra men value loyalty in a relationship. Once a Libra man decides to settle down and be exclusive with someone, he typically stays faithful to them.

If you notice your Libra man is always canceling your plans to go out with other women, he might be using you. He doesn’t respect you and your relationship even if he’s not.

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8. Only Calls When He Wants Something

How do you tell if a Libra man is using you? If he only calls you up when he wants something from you, he’s likely using you.

Libra men can be chatty sometimes. If you and your Libra man have a long-distance relationship, he might frequently call to check in and hear your voice.

If your Libra man rarely calls and always asks for something when he does, he probably keeps you around because he knows you’ll do him favors.

This will be especially obvious if your Libra man always ends the call once he’s gotten an answer from you. He might hang out immediately after he gets his yes, or only stick around to continue asking for the favor if you tell him no.

9. Everything Is About Sex

Will a Libra man use you? Unfortunately, some will. One thing a Libra man might use you for is sex.

Libra men usually prefer to have an intimate connection with their sexual partners, but they don’t need to.

If a Libra man knows you’ll have sex with him, he will keep going to you when he has an itch that needs to be scratched. He’ll continue to do this until he finds someone he actually wants to be in a relationship with.

A Libra man in a relationship with someone he loves will enjoy having sex with them. That won’t be all the relationship is about, though.

Your Libra man is using you if your relationship is strictly about sex, and you haven’t formally agreed to this.

Obviously, if you have agreed to a casual relationship or a friends with benefits situation, that likely isn’t a problem.

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10. Constantly Asks Favors

How do you tell if a Libra man is using you? Pay attention to how often he asks for favors and if he returns those favors.

Libra men do not like to be overly reliant on other people. A Libra man will likely ask you for help sometimes, but he won’t expect you to do everything for him.

If a Libra man is using you, he might ask you to do things far more than he usually would. He may constantly ask you to run errands or do chores he doesn’t want to do.

When a Libra man cares about you, he’ll be grateful when you do him a favor. He will likely do you favors as well. A Libra man won’t bother to reciprocate if he’s using you.

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