How to Get a Libra Man to Respond to Your Text

How to Get a Libra Man to Respond to Your Text

A Libra man’s text response is often erratic. He may text all day one day, then go quiet.

If you understand a Libra’s texting habits, you’ll be able to send messages that compel him to reply.

When a Libra man doesn’t respond to text it can be confusing and heartbreaking. You may assume the worst and think he’s lost interest. Yet this may not be the case.

There are many reasons a Libra doesn’t text back right away. Sometimes he’s just busy. Sometimes he will assume your text is casual and can wait.

If you know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, you will be able to captivate his attention and get him to respond. Texting a Libra man is it’s own artform.

Text Him An Intellectual Question

Out of the zodiac signs that don’t text back, Libra is one of the biggest culprits. A Libra man will respond immediately only if he has the time and if you really appeal to his intellect. Casual small talk is not urgent to him.

If he thinks you’re just making conversation or initiating superficial chatter, he may indulge you at first. Yet in the long run, he will lose interest. If you do this too often, a Libra man will make you a lower priority.

He will reserve his time and energy for women who appeal to his intellectual nature. If you text him with a picture or video and no explanation, it’s a big turn off. When he has a conversation, a Libra man wants it to be intelligent and thoughtful.

He’s not opposed to jokes and humor. Yet if your texts are mostly small talk and jokes, he’ll start to think you’re just looking for his attention. Unless you provide him with something of substance, he won’t feel compelled to respond.

On the other hand, if you text him to share ideas and ask his opinion or if you bring up intellectual, insightful topics, a Libra man will become more deeply engaged in the conversation. Don’t chase a Libra man.

If you text too frequently, he’ll assume you have too much time on your hands. He may also go quiet simply to set a boundary and force some distance so that he doesn’t feel dominated.

When a Libra man goes quiet, give him space. After a time, send a text making reference to a book you are reading, asking his opinion on an intellectual subject and so forth. Show off your intelligence.

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Text Him Compliments

One of the signs a Libra man is not into you is when he doesn’t respond to your thoughtful compliments. If you want to show that you care and stimulate a conversation, text him to admire his talent.

When you generously compliment a Libra man, you’ll be better able to form a strong connection with him. Always proper and polite, a Libra man knows that when someone texts him a compliment, the very least he should do is thank them.

When you send a Libra man a compliment by text, even if it seems random, it is an occasion for him to respond immediately. He’ll want to thank you and return the compliment. This is because he’s obsessed with fairness.

Sending him compliments creates harmony and peace and so he will respond well for this reason also. A Libra man loves to enjoy positive exchanges, so you can’t go wrong when you text him a compliment.

When a Libra man is feeling down, he’ll be happy to receive a text from you expressing your admiration for him. This is also a good way to show you care without overwhelming him with emotions.

Ask for His Perspective

If you’re wondering how to know if a Libra man is playing you, take note of how often he responds to your texts when you aren’t talking about sex or flirting. For example, ask for his perspective on an important issue.

Not only will this show you whether he really likes you or is just interested in sex, it will also command a reply. Libra men can’t help getting involved in discussions about social or political issues.

Libra men also love to share their perspective on any topic. They know it is important to have a balance of ideas and they love being in the position to provide such balance. When a Libra man is asked to share his perspective, he may respond immediately.

This is especially true if he knows you have strong feelings on a subject. This is because he is quick to provide a counterbalance to your strong opinion.

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Invite Him to a Cultural Event

If you want a Libra man to respond to your texts, sometimes it is best to take the initiative and ask him out. He can procrastinate, even when he really likes you. Sometimes he’ll hesitate because he doesn’t like to take initiative.

If you’re wondering how to know when a Libra man is done with you, ask him to a cultural event. If he’s not at all interested in you, he’ll make it clear. If he’s interested only in flirting by text but not ready to get serious, he’ll go quiet.

Yet if your Libra man is really serious, you can get him to respond to you by initiating plans for a date to a place he would love to go. A museum, concert, play, the opera or a poetry reading, for example.

Check to see if there is an art exhibit, cultural center or event involving the arts or music. When you’ve found something, text your Libra man. Comment that the event sounds interesting. Let him know you plan on going.

When you invite him to join you, he should respond right away. Usually, he’ll show an interest in the date because these types of events appeal to his nature.

Flirt with Him

When you flirt with a Libra man through text, you’ll be more likely to get a response as long as he isn’t too busy. This is because he loves romance and has a playful side.

He can’t resist the admiration and attention he gets when a woman flirts with him by text. Use this technique interspersed with more serious conversations or topics. This helps him see that you are a deep and interesting person.

As much as he loves your intellect and your thoughtful side, a Libra man can’t resist the impulse to flirt back when you initiate fun and seductive conversations through text.

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Be Friendly

Never act demanding or pushy when you text a Libra man. Instead, be friendly. When you text a Libra man, show polite manners and ask about his day.

He’ll be flattered that you took the time to check in with him. The more you convey a positive, friendly, optimistic tone, the better. A Libra man will respond more favorably when you are kind.

Not only toward him, be sure to show your Libra man that you are gentle, kind and compassionate toward others. Casually mention a good random deed here and there.

Be Diplomatic

When you haven’t gotten a response from a Libra man, or if he doesn’t show the attention and consideration you were expecting, keep your cool. Whatever you do, keep drama out of your texts.

Always be diplomatic in your tone when you text a Libra man. Show him you have boundaries. Be assertive when you need to be, but always take a diplomatic stance.

When you show a Libra man that you can be calm, friendly and neutral, you’re likely to get a response much faster than if you demand an explanation, confront him or challenge him. Hard conversations should be saved for face to face discussions.

Keep your texting routines light, friendly, intelligent and flirty. Don’t use text to have deep conversations about defining the relationship or talking about the future.

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Send Food Related Texts

Libra men love pleasure and that includes the pleasure of good food. When you text a Libra man with a picture of a delicious meal you’ve prepared, he’ll respond.

Send him recipes, links to restaurants that appeal to you or any food related topics to get tempt his appetite. When you engage a Libra man in a discussion about food or drinks, he’ll pay attention.

When you text a Libra man about food, don’t just send a random picture or link without context. Though he doesn’t need you to write a full book explaining yourself, he will respond if your intent is clear.

Ask How His Day Was

Use this technique sporadically. Libra men get bored easily. If you text him at six in the evening every day to ask how his day was, he’ll start ignoring you.

Don’t be predictable. Once in a while, after you’ve been quiet for a few days, send a text asking about his day. He is much more likely to respond right away when this is an infrequent text.

He’ll be glad you’re taking the time to connect with him and inviting him to share what is on his mind. Most importantly, he will be glad to hear from you on a casual basis once in a while but not daily.

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