How Does a Libra Man Test You?

Updated December 26, 2022
How Does a Libra Man Test You?

When a Libra man is testing you, most of the tests won’t be over-the-top or manipulative. He will act how he usually does and pay attention to your reaction.

A Libra man tests you because he wants to see if you two will be good for one another long-term.

How does a Libra man test you? A Libra man will typically observe how you react to his normal behavior. He wants to make sure you can handle the real him.

A Libra man might test how jealous or controlling you are. Libra men are independent and want freedom in their relationship. He won’t want to be with you if you’re too clingy.

Your Libra man will also test your trust. He wants to make sure you trust him and that he can trust you as well. If this isn’t the case, you might not be compatible.

He Ignores You

How does a Libra man test you? One thing he might do is ignore you from time to time.

Libra men love to be around their partners, but that doesn’t mean they want to be with them 24/7. Your Libra man also likes to hang out with his friends and spend time alone.

A Libra man might ignore you for a short while to see how clingy you are. If you continually send him messages or bother him, you’ll fail his test.

Don’t freak out about it if you think a Libra man is ignoring you. You can reach out to see if he’s okay, then leave it be. If he knows you won’t constantly demand his attention, you’ll pass his test.

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Tests Your Jealousy

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if a Libra man is using you or just testing how jealous you are. Don’t use this as the only sign that he’s doing one or the other.

A Libra man might be a little flirty with others in front of you as a way of testing you. He flirts for fun sometimes. Some Libra men might even seem like they are flirting when they’re just being friendly.

If you get mad any time your Libra man even smiles at another woman, that’s a red flag. He doesn’t want to be with someone who will get jealous any time he interacts with his female friends.

Tests Your Control

One sign a Libra man is testing you is that he’ll put you in situations to test how controlling you are.

Libra men hate being controlled. They are willing to compromise and hear your side, but they do not want you telling them how to live their lives.

A Libra man might test your control by telling you he doesn’t want to go somewhere you’ve suggested. He won’t always do something huge or drastic to test you.

Your Libra man is looking to see if you try to force him to do what you want. If you want to go to a particular restaurant and he doesn’t, do you try to compromise, or do you double-down and insist you two go there?

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Tests Your Impulse Control

Many Libra men can have poor impulse control at times. They are the type of people who impulsively buy things online in the middle of the night or leave a store with far more items than they intended to buy.

Most Libra men also know that this is a fault of theirs. They might be actively trying to get better at controlling their impulses. They are all about balance, after all!

A Libra man might do certain things to test your impulse control. After all, a Libra man who has gotten better at controlling his impulses doesn’t want to fall back on old habits.

Testing your impulse control is usually pretty simple. A Libra man might invite you to go shopping with him. He’ll see if you tend to stick to your list or if you buy every little thing that catches your eye.

He’s not looking for someone with perfect impulse control. He’s also not looking for a person with no impulse control. He usually wants someone who is somewhere in between.

Tells You His Fantasies

How does a Libra man test a woman? One thing he will do is start to open up to her about his fantasies.

Libra men sometimes have some wild fantasies in bed. A Libra man will not reveal all of these to his partner right away, even once they start having sex.

At first, your Libra man might start to reveal some of his more vanilla fantasies. He wants to see if you’ll judge him for the things he’s into. If you do, he will likely stop telling you about his fantasies.

A Libra man wants to be with someone who will accept him. Even if you don’t want to try everything he’s into, he still wants to feel like you will listen to him and respect his desires.

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Tests Your Trust In Him

Will a Libra man lead you on? Unfortunately, some of them will. The same can be said for any sign, though.

Your Libra man needs you to trust that he won’t lead you on or hurt you if you two are going to be in a relationship. If you show him that you won’t trust him, he won’t pursue anything with you.

When a Libra man goes somewhere without you, he expects you to trust him. This is a simple test for him to do. If you put up a fight any time he tries to go out with his friends, you likely don’t trust him.

He will notice if you never share secrets with him or talk to him about your feelings. If he tries to get you to open up and you refuse to, that’s a sign that you might not trust him.

Shows You His Other Sides

Will a Libra man test you? He will, but his tests aren’t often sneaky. One thing he’ll do to test you is start showing you all the sides of his multifaceted personality.

A Libra man isn’t necessarily pretending to be someone he’s not when he first meets you. He is just showing you a carefully selected side of himself.

Your Libra man will test you by slowly opening up to you more. He may start to tell you secrets or show parts of his personality to you that he doesn’t show other people.

Why do Libra men test you? A Libra man will test you to make sure that you will accept him for who he is. If he doesn’t think you’ll do that, he won’t want to pursue a relationship with you.

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Tests Lifestyle Compatibility

Even if a Libra man likes you, he might not tell you right away. He will want to see if you two are compatible first.

If a Libra man is ready to settle down and have a family, he might mention that to you. If you say you’re not ready for that yet, he’ll know that you two aren’t compatible right now.

A Libra man wants someone who he can go out with. He likes to socialize and go to events frequently. If you constantly turn down his invitations, you two might not have compatible lifestyles.

Will a Libra man hide his feelings for you? He will if he thinks you two ultimately don’t have compatible lifestyles. He doesn’t want to waste your time or his on a relationship doomed to fail.

Tests Your Decision-Making Skills

The common stereotype of Libra is that they can’t make a decision to save their life. If your Libra man is like this, he probably wants to keep people around that are better at making decisions than he is.

Your Libra man might frequently ask your opinion when trying to make a decision. He may do this because he legitimately wants feedback from you, but he may also do it to test you.

A Libra man is likely looking for a partner who is good at making decisions. If both he and his partner are terrible at deciding, that might lead to a lot of frustration.

Your Libra man won’t want you to make all his decisions for him, though. He’ll also test your decision-making skills and how controlling you are by seeing if you try to take over and make his decisions all the time.

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He’ll Be Openly Skeptical

A Libra man’s communication style is pretty diplomatic. He is capable of looking at things from an unbiased point of view. That doesn’t mean he’ll go along with everything you say, though.

Your Libra man might be openly skeptical around you as a way of testing you. He does this because he wants to test your logic.

Libra men are creative, but they don’t live in a fantasy world. Many Libra men are highly logical and rational. They prefer it when their partner is as well.

A Libra man isn’t trying to insult you if he asks for a source for something you’ve stated as a fact.

He also isn’t trying to make you feel stupid if he doubts something. He will likely do that often if you two end up in a relationship, so you need to be prepared for it.

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