Why is Libra Man Slow to Commit to a Relationship?

Why is Libra Man Slow to Commit to a Relationship?

A Libra man, slow to commit, can be frustrating. He’s the perfect gentleman. He’s romantic.

He seems to even be falling in love. Why does he take so long to commit? Libra men are notoriously slow to get serious in love.

When you see signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings, know that this is normal at first. A Libra man taking it slow is normal and not a reason to give up.

When you know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, you will see him make progress. Even then, he’ll show his love but remain slow to really open up and commit.

A Libra man slow to commit is taking his time to make sure he is making the best decision. He’s a perfectionist and has a serious fear of missing out.

He’s Indecisive

When a Libra man goes quiet, you can rest assured he is most likely processing his feelings. He’s trying to decide whether it is best to commit or step back from the relationship. Libra men are notorious for being indecisive.

They need to take the time to waver back and forth before making a serious decision and commitment. When he goes quiet, he’s giving himself space to weigh the pros and cons. Don’t chase a Libra man, give him space to decide.

It may seem his indecisiveness is one of the signs a Libra man is not into you, but this is not the case. As romantic as he is, a Libra man doesn’t determine to commit all at once. Even if he falls in love at first sight.

He will talk himself into and out of a relationship numerous times in the course of a day. You may assume that if he is really in love, he will be quick to show commitment, but this is not the case.

You may feel like he’s losing interest. Yet a Libra man will typically go back and forth, like his symbol, the scales. He doesn’t make a quick decision without back peddling and talking himself out of his commitment.

Don’t take this personally. A Libra man goes through a similar process before he leaves the house every day. From picking an outfit to deciding what to eat for breakfast. His struggle to commit to a relationship is an extension of this mindset.

He’s Romantic but Insecure

A Libra man is one of the most romantic in the zodiac. Yet he is also deeply insecure about his potential to maintain a relationship. On some level, he knows his own weaknesses in love. He knows he can convince himself to fall in and out of love.

When he’s falling in love with you, he will question whether his feelings are real or whether they are the results of his desire or attraction to you. He’s also sensitive to the possibility that you may be infatuated and not actually in love with him.

This makes him insecure. He’ll hold out to see if you are really ready for a commitment. At the same time, he’s giving himself a chance to see if his feelings are actually genuine as well. This can be frustrating as you wonder if he is ever going to commit.

If you want to know how to tell if a Libra man is using you, his slow pace alone is not an indicator. He may be taking his time and deciding whether or not to commit but still have genuine feelings for you.

He Avoids Emotions

If you’re wondering how to know when a Libra man is done with you, look for signs of avoidance. Just because a Libra man avoids talking about his emotional connection to you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

A Libra man will suppress his emotions and try to play cool. Even when he’s in love with you. He’ll intellectualize his emotions and channel his romantic feelings into flirtation, but he seldom shows deeper passions.

Libra men are slow to commit because they doubt their feelings. One of the reasons a Libra man will doubt his deeper feelings, however, is because he is used to detaching from emotions in general. When he needs to rely on his emotions, he falters.

He already sees his emotions as a foreign language in which he is not proficient. As a result, he will downplay his feelings and use this disconnection to further justify avoiding commitment. Leaving a Libra man alone can be the best thing to do.

This forces him to face his feelings and realize he actually needs to make a decision. It may still take some time for him to get over his fear of commitment, but a Libra man will take you seriously when you’re less available.

He’ll realize he better act fast or else you may not be willing to wait much longer. He’ll also have a chance to feel what life is like without you by his side. If he’s in love, this will be a catalyst for him to make a commitment.

He Fears Missing Out

Libra men have a difficult time committing in a relationship because they are imaginative, romantic and intellectual. These are fine qualities, but put them together and it becomes a recipe for procrastination.

He’ll use his imagination and intellect to constantly doubt himself and wonder if he’s making the best choice. In the back of his mind, he debates whether he’s settling. Whether someone else may be a better match.

He will fear making a commitment in a relationship because committing to you automatically cancels out every other option. This is a terrifying prospect to a Libra man. He would rather wait in Limbo than make the wrong choice.

He doesn’t just fear commitment because he’s indecisive, he fears being limited and constrained. He secretly fears that if he commits to you, the relationship will consume all his time and energy. He wonders if he’ll have any time left for his friends or interests.

He Intellectualizes His Feelings

Libra men intellectualize their feelings. This means that when he starts to fall in love or feel any kind of emotional attachment at all, his first reaction is to think about it. Rather than feeling the connection, he tries to use his mind to process it.

This leads him into a prolonged bout of rumination. He weighs the options, considers the pros and cons, thinks of the relationship’s potential and then thinks of all the worst case scenarios.

He will try to read into subtle cues in your communication the way a scholar may read into esoteric text. Even if you are being direct, he’ll make things more complicated than they have to be. All of this prolongs the process.

A Libra man can get lost in the process of overthinking a relationship and analyzing his feelings. He will try to intellectually sort out the relationship the way a mathematician tries to solve a complex problem.

While he’s doing this, a Libra man is conveniently shoving his feelings aside. He is comforted by the fact that he’s choosing not to deal with his emotions. But this also makes it more difficult for him to decide whether or not to get serious.

He Talks Himself Out of Commitment

If you’re wondering how to know if a Libra man is playing you, you’ve got to look for the signs that he is intentionally misleading you about his agenda. Usually, a Libra man who isn’t ready to commit will be honest.

He’ll let you know he needs to take time. He’ll emphasize that it is him being slow to trust or open up, and not a lack of feelings for you. He will reassure you that he just needs to take things slow.

A Libra man who has nefarious intentions or is being a player will lead you to believe he’s more serious about the relationship than his actions show. He may even be honest about not wanting a relationship at all aside from intimacy.

Usually a Libra man knows what he wants at the onset of a relationship. He’s typically honest about his intentions. The problem is, he will talk himself into or out of trusting that you fulfill his criteria.

If he wavers between commitment and friendship, he may be finding fault in small things. This is one of the strategies he uses to push love away. If he’s not ready to commit, he’ll use perfectionism as a shield.

He’ll find a million reasons why things won’t work out. Then, a week later, he’ll come back and tell you he misses you and knows how to resolve the issues. It may seem like he can’t make up his mind.

He’s Idealistic

A Libra man’s idealism is part of what makes him attractive in the first place. Yet in a romantic relationship, it can keep him from fully opening up and committing to you.

He may talk himself out of a great relationship over little things. Small ideological clashes or imperfections will become major obstacles in his mind. He’ll convince himself you’re not his ideal partner.

At the same time, he knows he is a perfectionist and his ideal partner may be a fantasy. So he will struggle with whether or not to accept your imperfections and commit to the relationship, or use idealism as an excuse to avoid commitment.

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