Libra Men in Relationships – What You Need to Know

Libra Men in Relationships – What You Need to Know

A Libra man’s relationship style can be confusing. To know a Libra man’s falling in love signs, you’ve got to know what makes him tick.

When you know how to handle a Libra man, you can encourage his attraction.

Once you understand the characteristics of a Libra man in love, you’ll know how to keep balance in the relationship. You may recognize the signs a Libra man secretly likes you.

You need to know the signs that indicate when a Libra man is interested in you. When you understand his mentality, these signs are easy to see.

The key to dating a Libra man is to remember his need for balance, peace and harmony. Libra men are focused on partnership and romance, usually.

He Lives for Relationship

Libra men are fixated on the idea of being part of a partnership. They live for relationships. A Libra man will search his whole life for an ideal partner. He always wants to be connected to others.

In fact, a Libra man understands himself better when he is discussing his ideas with a partner. He wants to have balance in everything in his life, and he finds balance through sharing perspectives with a partner. Partnerships and relationships are instrumental to a Libra man.

Though this can include romantic partnerships, it also includes platonic relationships. A Libra man may be in love but he still needs to connect with a variety of friends, including other female friends or even his exes.

A Libra man in bed will also show his desire for connection and balance. He’s sure to reciprocate and show his passion because he sees his partner as his equal. A Libra man often falls in love with the idea of romance and being in love in general.

He Finds Beauty Everywhere

You may see signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings when he flirts with you and then acts detached. When a Libra man loves you and is interested in a relationship, he’s showing that he is attracted to your beauty.

You’re inner and outer beauty will draw him to you. A Libra man finds beauty everywhere. He will try to spend time with you in nature, enjoying a sunset together strolling by the lake or down a scenic street.

He will also be drawn to you if you convey your beauty both physically and in the way you treat others. Libra men will even want their food to reflect their aesthetics. He will likely have high standards for cooking, decorating and setting the stage for comfort at work.

A Libra man can find the beauty in even the most mundane setting. When he doesn’t naturally sense beauty in his surroundings, he will use his artistic tendencies and create such beauty.

He Loves Compassion

In addition to his love of beauty, Libra men love compassion. If you want to know how to get a Libra man to miss you, show him that you are friendly, kind and empathic. He will love to see that you care about the wellbeing of others.

Libra men can be compassionate and understanding and therefore he may be involved in many humanitarian efforts. He may also choose a partner who is more compassionate and loving rather than a partner who is more popular or physically appealing.

The more you appeal to a Libra man’s empathic and loving nature, the more he will want to commit to you. When he is in a relationship, a Libra man will focus on conveying his love, gentleness and sensitivity to others.

He’ll Flirt with Others

Don’t mistake a Libra man flirting with others as one of the signs a Libra man is not into you. Don’t jump to that conclusion. When a Libra man flirts, it’s an extension of his romantic energy. He speaks in romantic, flirty terms.

If you get jealous of his flirtation with others, he won’t take it well. Try to avoid showing insecurities. When a Libra man flirts, it’s part of how he communicates. He won’t cross major lines if he’s committed to you but he will compliment other women and talk in a friendly and flirty way.

As long as you see that your Libra love interest flirts with you just as much, if not more, and also backs up his words with actions. If a Libra man is genuinely not interested, his flirtation toward you will be superficial. He won’t back up his words with attempts to connect with you.

He Doesn’t Commit Easily

One of the paradoxical aspects of a relationship with a Libra man is that he falls in love quickly but commits slowly. A Libra man is in love with being in love. He knows his ideals often get in the way of his rationality when it comes to love.

When it comes to relationships and romance, Libra men know they get carried away. As a result, they will be slow to commit. A Libra man savors a slow and sensual courtship.

During this courtship, he will waver back and forth on his energy level and even commitment level. He may want to be exclusive one week, in an open relationship the next week and so forth. Be patient as he finds his way to deeper commitment.

What will help a Libra man make a commitment in a relationship is when he sees that you are patient and flexible with him. When he sees that he is still free to be himself and pursue his many interests and social connections.

Also, when he sees that you are empathic, compassionate, sensitive, caring but not dramatic or emotionally smothering. A Libra man is sentimental and romantic but he’s also intellectual and doesn’t like to delve deep into his feelings.

He’s Indecisive

A Libra man is notorious for being indecisive. As the sign of the scales, he needs to weigh his options back and forth so that he can determine what course of action to take. Even then, he will usually either procrastinate or let others make the decisions for him.

He does this by constantly surveying his friends or partner, wanting to know what they would do in his shoes. A Libra man doesn’t like to limit his options, which is one of the reasons he can be so indecisive.

He may wait out a tough choice or acquiesce to your desires to avoid making a decision. Even if he does make a decision, he will fret and stress himself out over whatever choice he made. He’ll second guess himself.

As soon as something goes wrong, he’ll insist he should have made a different choice. A Libra man won’t want to be responsible for making a choice that doesn’t work out. In a relationship, this can mean he defers to you.

He Doesn’t Like Conflict

Libra men hate conflict. They don’t like anything that causes discord or disharmony. The one exception to this is that he will challenge the status quo if he sees a situation as unfair. For the sake of justice or progress, he’ll make waves.

Yet in personal relationships he will strive to keep the peace. He can become passive or even passive-aggressive as a means to avoid conflict. He will avoid confrontation as much as possible.

Not only does a Libra man not like conflict, he will also go out of his way to avoid it. He will determine a relationship is not worth it if there is too much conflict or drama in the relationship.

He Loves Romance

Libra men are born romantics. They love to be in love and they find romance and beauty in everyday life. If you are in a relationship with a Libra man, the best way to keep the passions alive is to nurture his romantic side.

Play to his desire for romance. Dress, speak and interact in flirty and romantic ways to keep his attention. Give a Libra man as much romantic attention as you can. Play romantic music around him and discuss your favorite romantic movies.

If you want to pave the way for a close relationship with a Libra man, stir up romantic sentiment as much as possible. Prepare romantic dinners or take him to a romantic location on a date or for a casual stroll together.

He’s Intellectual

Libra men are artistic and highly intellectual. Not only does he paint, draw or create music, he also loves to learn, read and discuss intellectual topics. The more you can engage with his intellectual nature, the stronger your connection with a Libra man will be.

Although Libra men love beauty, a Libra man will not want a relationship with someone who has a beautiful appearance but who can’t carry their side of an intellectual discussion. If you are attentive to your appearance but don’t stimulate his mind, he’ll lose interest.

If you want to engage a Libra man in a relationship, stay up to date on current events and political issues. The more you can demonstrate your interest in intellectual topics and your love of learning, the more a Libra man will be attracted to you.

He Needs Space

It may seem ironic, but a Libra man not only lives for relationships, he also needs space. Though for a Libra man, space doesn’t mean time alone. He actually hates being alone and is afraid of being abandoned.

Instead, when a Libra man needs space, he’s asking for a chance to recharge by focusing on his other friendships and relationships. Don’t react with jealousy, even if your insecurities are triggered.

He’s not trying to make you jealous. He’s trying to assert his need for a break and for other perspectives. Libra men aren’t good at sharing their attention with a variety of people at one time.

A Libra man will instead do better if he is focusing on one person at a time. When he takes a break from you, he may be visiting with family or catching up with a friend. He may be balancing his energies with others instead.

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