10 Online Dating Tips to Attract a Libra Man

10 Online Dating Tips to Attract a Libra Man

A Libra man’s online personality is similar to his personality in real life. There are a few exceptions though.

His online life is more eclectic and adventurous. A Libra man is likely to be bold online.

If you’re wondering how to get a Libra man to chase you, consider starting your romance with him online. Libra men are more comfortable opening up online.

If you’ve met him through online dating, there are certain things you should know. He’ll take his time meeting you in person. When he does, he may surprise you.

You may see signs a Libra man likes you online, but he will take his time to get to know you. Libras are notorious procrastinators. You need to know how to help him along.

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1. Mention Your Social Justice Interests

When you understand a Libra man’s personality, you’ll know how to get him to open his heart, even through online dating. One of the best ways to get a Libra man’s attention is to post online about social justice.

When he sees that you are active in different progressive groups or promoting an agenda for fairness and equality through your posts, he’ll be attracted to you. He’ll also want to spend more time talking to you about your political interests.

Libra men are activists for equality at heart, yet they may preserve much of their activism for online interactions because they also prefer to avoid conflict. When you’re dating a Libra man online, show him you care about social issues.

This will instantly make him form a close bond with you. You’ll capture his heart because he will see that you are concerned about the welfare of others. Your concern for justice is an instant bonus when it comes to dating a Libra man.

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2. Post Pictures of Your Art

Another Libra man weakness is his love of anything beautiful. He is an artist and will keep coming back for more if you openly post pictures of your own artwork. Even if you don’t have a portfolio to share, post your interests in art.

Promote the artwork of other independent artists, for example. Share quotes or images that relate to art, nature, beauty and balance. He finds all of this to be romantic.

A Libra man will feel like you are his kindred spirit when you emphasize your interests in art and making the world a more beautiful place. Social media and online platforms provide a perfect vehicle for doing this.

You can post artistic photos of yourself as well and this gets his attention and also helps to fuel his love for you. Show your Libra man that you have an eye for beauty through your style of posting.

3. Show Off Your Creative Talents

A Libra man in love imagines himself with an ideal partner who is also his creative peer and inspiration. Use your dating app, social media or online platform to show off your creative personality.

Whether you write, draw, paint, take photographs or make films, a Libra man will never grow tired of dating you because you express beauty and turn anything into a work of art.

If your interactions with a Libra man are primarily online, take advantage of this. He will only see what you want him to see. This curated reality fits well with a Libra man’s idealism.

When it comes to online dating, put as much emphasis on creativity as possible. Show your Libra love interest that you are his ideal muse and he will want to get to know you offline and in real life.

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4. Be Friendly and Optimistic

One of the most obvious Libra man falling in love signs is his willingness to spend hours having friendly chat conversations with you. Even if you’re having a bad day, always be optimistic.

When you interact with a Libra man online, play up your positivity and charm. Don’t get so comfortable that you start complaining excessively. This will turn him off.

Also, regardless of the topics he brings up or the stories he tells, always respond with compassion and friendliness toward others. If a Libra man thinks you’re a snob or unkind to others he will lose interest.

It goes without saying, but always be friendly, charismatic and kind when you are interacting with your Libra love interest online. If he can see your social media feeds, be sure to show you are friendly toward others as well.

Even if you are in the midst of a debate online, avoid negativity and drama. These things are an instant turn-off for a Libra man. Instead try to show him how friendly you are in every situation.

5. Choose a Professional Profile Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. When you’re dating a Libra man online, make sure your profile picture for your dating app or even social media is flattering and professional.

You can post flirty pictures, but he will be turned off if your photos or posts indicate that you don’t respect yourself. Even if you play up your artistic talents by posting a photo with wild makeup, that is preferred to a picture that is unprofessional.

He will be encouraged by a picture that shows your artsy, playful side or a picture that conveys that you are a professional and take your work and appearance seriously. Don’t settle for a photo that is unflattering.

Also, don’t use a photo of something other than your face, such as a cartoon or a symbol. This will turn him off. When a Libra man is dating online, he wants communication with you to seem personal and not filtered through an avatar.

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6. Don’t Chase Him

Never chase a Libra man, especially online. Leave a trail of just the right clues and he’ll come running to you. Be patient. Don’t pursue a Libra man or he will feel the scales are tipped out of balance.

The last thing you want to do in relationship with a Libra man is to disrupt his sense of equilibrium. If you are appealing to his love of beauty, harmony and balance, he will step up to the plate.

If he doesn’t initiate conversation right away, post generally on your social media about how involved you are in social issues, the art you’ve been working on and so forth. Leave cues generally and this will draw him to you.

7. Balance His Perspective

Another way to get a Libra man to chase you is to be the person who perfectly complements his perspective. The phrase “opposites attract” definitely applies to a relationship with a Libra man.

When you’re dating him online and just getting to know him still, try to create polarity. Be different enough to spark his interest and keep him from getting bored but not too different so that he feels he has nothing in common with you.

Try to balance his views by posing differing opinions that can spark a lively discussion. If you are too similar to him, he’ll get bored. If you differ from him when it comes to core ethics, he’ll be turned off.

A Libra man will be fascinated by you if you provide just the right balance to keep the relationship vibrant and interesting. One of the biggest issues that ruin a relationship with a Libra man is when a woman tries so hard to please him.

This is one of the fastest ways to make him bored with the relationship. Though your intentions may be good, you need to make sure you are keeping things interesting and spicy. He’ll never get bored with you if you provide a different perspective.

A Libra man in bed, on a date, or online, will look for someone who can balance out his energy. Show him that you can provide this ideal balance.

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8. Talk About Your Ideals

When you understand a Libra man’s mentality, your online dating life will be much easier. For instance, you’ll know the importance of being as idealistic as he is. This goes a long way with a Libra man.

When you talk about your dreams, standards and ideals, a Libra man will be all ears. This may not seem like the most romantic topic, but Libras are men of principle. If he sees that you are also a person of integrity, he will be drawn toward you.

A Libra man wants to date someone who reflects his sense of morality and justice. The more you discuss your ideals and beliefs, the more he will see how much common ground you have.

9. Show Him You Have an Imagination

A Libra man’s weakness, when in love, is his tendency to fall for an ideal. He may not even fully know the real you yet, especially if you are dating online.

Yet if you can get him to fall in love with the ideal image he has in his mind, you’ll be able to win his heart. One of the ways you can do this is through your imagination.

Show your Libra love interest that you have a vibrant and active imagination. He loves to be part of a creative partnership. When you can dream as big as he can, he’ll be reassured that you’re the one for him.

Online dating is one of the best platforms to nurture his imagination and encourage him to follow his inspiration. A Libra man will develop a strong connection to you when you share his ability to indulge in fantasy.

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10. Support His Artistic Dreams

A Libra man has big dreams. It is a well known Libra weakness that although he comes up with many good ideas, he seldom follows through. This is in part because he needs someone to keep him going.

One of the things a Libra man looks for in a partner is someone to hold him accountable. Support his artistic dreams and other ambitions. Don’t just show emotional support, help him take steps to follow through.

When you act as his life coach online, encouraging him to take his dreams to the next level, you will help him solidify his connection to you. He’ll want you in his life for good.

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