What Happens When a Libra Man Gets Mad?

Updated October 15, 2022
What Happens When a Libra Man Gets Mad?

When a Libra man is mad you may not know it at first. He’ll do what he can to stifle his emotions.

By the time he begins to show his anger he may be significantly upset.

When a Libra man’s distant, it’s time for damage control. You’ve got to know how to apologize to a Libra man. If you know how to make a Libra man feel guilty, you can shift his perspective.

Otherwise, he may become passive-aggressive. When he’s mad he will expect you to be able to read his mind. He won’t always come out and tell you what went wrong.

When a Libra man ignores you it can mean that he’s just busy or catching up with other friends. It can also mean he is mad. You need to know how to make a Libra man forgive you.

First, He’ll Go Quiet

When he first goes quiet, you may wonder how to know when a Libra man is done with you. Don’t jump to that conclusion just yet. A Libra man may just need to sort out his feelings. He’ll shut down at first when he’s mad.

This doesn’t mean the relationship is over. Libra men are sensitive and can get offended by many things. At the same time, they are friendly and social and don’t want to be confrontational. As a result, they may avoid talking about their feelings.

During a conversation, if you say something that makes a Libra man mad, he may simply smile and become distant. He won’t make a scene and storm off. Instead he’ll stare into space and let you talk. He may be partially listening or stuck in his own head.

He’s trying to figure out if he should dismiss the insult or forgive you and not make a big deal out of the issue. He doesn’t want drama if he can avoid it. A Libra man will battle with himself internally.

He’ll weigh the pros and cons and try to decide if it is worth getting into a bigger discussion to call you out on whatever has made him mad. Usually, he’ll let things go the first, second or even third time. He may even expect you to read his mind and figure it out on your own.

If you don’t instinctively know what is bothering him, he may take it personally. A Libra man doesn’t like having to do the dirty work of being assertive. He leaves that up to you. He’ll be upset if you can’t automatically tell why he’s mad.

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He’ll Ignore His Anger

When a Libra man goes quiet, he’s trying to do a few different things. He’s ignoring his anger and hoping it will go away. He’s second guessing himself, trying to figure out if the insult was really a big deal or all just in his head.

He’s waiting for you to figure it out and apologize as well. Mostly, he’s just trying to distance himself from his anger. He doesn’t like feelings. Emotions like anger make him feel negative. Intellectually, he knows that anger is a valid emotion.

Yet he doesn’t want to feel anything that brings him down or interferes with his happiness. He’s a pleasure seeker and doesn’t like to get mad. Sometimes, he’ll get mad at you for making him angry because it interferes with joyful attitude.

When he’s mad, a Libra man will try to shed the mood like it was a headache. He will first ignore it and if he can’t beat his anger that way, he’ll try to distract himself from his feelings.

He’ll Hint About His Feelings

If a Libra man can’t shake his anger just by ignoring his feelings, he’ll try to drop hints about being mad. He’ll mention things that make him upset. Yet he’ll do so in a subtle way. He may use roundabout references to give you a hint.

A Libra man will make references to past situations that made him upset. He’ll hope you naturally draw the conclusion on your own that a pattern is repeating. He’ll mention his feelings using watered-down phrases. He may say he’s “uncomfortable” when he’s actually mad.

He’ll be as indirect as possible. If you’re deeply attuned to him, you may be able to pick up on his hints. It may feel like you’re putting clues together, but if you’re listening carefully, you can connect the dots.

Usually, though, his subtle communication is missed or mistaken for being less serious than it really is. He sets the stage for this by avoiding being assertive and not really talking about how he actually feels.

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He’ll Intellectualize His Anger

If he goes quiet, give yourself a no-contact rules with a Libra man. Eventually, he’ll come around. He really wants peace, not misunderstandings. When he’s ready to talk about what made him mad, he’ll intellectualize the situation.

Rather than saying he’s mad, he may rehash the situation from his point of view. By now, he may be more willing to point out what went wrong and why he’s upset. He’ll be more specific.

Yet he usually will still avoid talking about his feelings directly. Instead he will relay the story from his perspective and expect you to understand what triggered him and why. Sometimes it is obvious.

Sometimes, his lack of direct communication still makes it hard to discern why exactly he’s mad at you. Especially if your values are different. If he is sensitive to situations that you can easily brush off, you may not understand the reason he’s mad.

He’ll Politely Mention His Anger

If you’re wondering how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, the key is to know how to support him and work through his moods. When a Libra man is ready to resolve an issue, he’ll be more diplomatic.

He still won’t be confrontational or bring about drama. Instead, he’ll politely mention the situation that triggered him. He’ll speak about his anger more directly now but still in polite terms. He may talk about it in the past.

By describing his anger in the past tense even if he is still upset, he’s creating distance from his feelings. He’s also trying to reassure you so that you don’t become defensive and react.

When he does this, a Libra man is overall trying to create harmony. He’s not trying to find fault or blame. He will want to de-escalate the situation. As a result, he still may downplay his feelings.

If a Libra man makes it seem like he’s mildly upset it likely means he’s very angry. He keeps his emotions at a distance and tries to make things seem more positive. Assume he’s putting a happy spin on his feelings and downplaying his anger.

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He’s Passive-Aggressive as a Last Resort

One consistent pattern for a Libra man, whether a Libra man as friend, partner or Libra man as husband, is his passive-aggressive side. Libras are known to stoop to this level if they don’t see any other way to deal with their feelings.

He won’t want to hurt your feelings even if he is angry. Since he is offended and hurt by other people’s anger and intense feelings, he will also assume that you have difficulty handling others’ anger.

He feels like anger is toxic and should be minimized or avoided. Yet he doesn’t often consider just how toxic passive-aggressive behavior can be as well. He thinks hiding his feelings is the best option but doesn’t realize how tension boils over.

When it’s too late and he can’t stifle himself anymore, he will feel compelled to make snide remarks or act resentful. He may make comments that lead you to question whether he’s really just kidding. He’ll criticize or express anger but then back pedal.

When things get to this level, he senses that his anger is getting out of hand. He secretly wishes he could completely diffuse his feelings because he knows his passive-aggressive actions or comments are not productive.

In this phase, he doesn’t know how to contain himself. He will try to be extra polite because he knows he’s made some rude or snide remarks. Yet this only further fuels the tension he’s feeling.

He’ll Shut Down Completely

When a Libra man doesn’t feel like any of his strategies have worked, he may start to completely shut down. Unlike going quiet for a few days or becoming quiet during a conversation, he’ll back away altogether.

When he stops putting any effort into the relationship, it’s not a good sign. This means he no longer sees a way to get past his anger. He is distancing himself from you because by now he associates you with his angry feelings.

When a Libra man doesn’t trust you to work things out with him, or when he doesn’t feel heard and understood, he will shut down. Unfortunately, sometimes he brings this on himself by making it difficult for you to understand him.

His discomfort with being assertive can contribute to this. Many of his issues could be resolved if he would be open and direct. Yet he intentionally skews the barometer so that you don’t truly understand how upset he is.

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