Do Libra Men Fall in Love Easily?

Do Libra Men Fall in Love Easily?

A Libra man loves easily. It’s one of his best kept secrets. He’s swayed by romance but seldom shows it right away.

Before he opens his heart, you’ll see signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings.

If you know the most common Libra man falling in love signs, you’ll see that Libra men fall in love easily. They can’t help it. They are true romantics.

If you know how to handle a Libra man, you’ll be able to wait patiently. He needs to go to extremes before he finds his center and shows his feelings.

When you know the characteristics of a Libra man in love, you may see him start to fall in love on the first date. He may not tell you how he feels directly yet.

Libra Men Fall Fast but Commit Slowly

A Libra man may fall in love with you right away. His immediate attraction and tendency to fall in love easily is juxtaposed with his confusing tendency to be slow to commit.

This rightfully confuses many women. You may wonder why he tiptoes around the subject of love when it’s obvious he’s into you. You may sense in your heart that he’s the one for you. He gives all the right signals.

Yet he doesn’t just open up and profess his love. Even more confusing, he may open up about his feelings for you but then hesitate when it comes to defining the relationship.

A Libra man holds off on commitment for a few reasons. The least of these reasons, surprisingly, are his feelings for you. He may be in love with you from day one, but he fears losing his independence. Libra men also have a fear of missing out.

This makes it easy for him to fall in love even when he is slow to commit. A Libra man is all about options and weighing his choices. He may be in love with you, but he’ll still consider his options before he makes a solid choice to rule out all other options and commit.

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He Falls in Love with the Idea of Romance

It may sound reassuring to know Libra men fall in love easily. But there is a catch. Libra men are first and foremost, in love with the idea of being in love. They fall in love with the idea of romance.

Then they look for actual people who fit their ideals. If you want to know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, you have to project an image of romance, beauty and love. Be friendly, compassionate and diplomatic.

Since he is the sign of balance and harmony, you don’t have to be like him or share his ideas and opinions. In fact, it helps if you don’t. This way he will be more attracted to you and want to spend more time with you.

He’ll fall in love with you easily if he feels like he has something new to learn from you. He also loves it when you balance his personality with your own. A Libra man is open minded to falling in love with anyone.

At least as far as personality in general, he isn’t picky. He also doesn’t care about body size or shape. What he does care about is your use of your strengths both in personality and in body size and shape.

Are you using the best of your strengths to create beauty and show compassion? This is the biggest factor that will result in a Libra man falling in love with you or not. If you are gentle, peaceful and loving, he’ll fall in love with you.

He May Fall in Love with an Illusion

If you’re seeing signs a Libra man has lost interest in you, it may be due to his tendency to easily fall in love. Often, a Libra man will fall in love with an illusion of who he thinks you are.

If you’re wondering how to know if a Libra man is playing you, it’s not the same thing as his tendency to fall in and out of love easily. If a Libra man is playing you, he was never in love and may have even made this clear.

If he falls in love quickly only to find his attraction fading, it’s a different story. When he realizes he fell in love with an illusion of who he thought you were and not who you really are his feelings were genuine. It was his discretion that was off.

In this case, he was in love but with an image he projected onto you. This doesn’t mean he was playing you or intentionally lying about his feelings. It is one of the most common issues in relationships with Libra men.

The best way to guard against this happening is to recognize that he will fall in love fast but may fall in love with an illusion. Don’t be too quick to accept flattery and promises of devotion. Take your time and make sure he’s consistent.

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He Idealizes Love

On a similar note, a Libra man idealizes love. He believes love conquers all. He may hold his love interest on a pedestal and ignore anything unpleasant about his love interest.

A Libra man is likely to see you as perfect and try to suppress any doubts or insecurities he has about you. Use this to your advantage in the relationship with a Libra man. He falls in love with people who match his image of perfection.

When you know what his priorities are, align yourself with his ideals. This will direct him to see you as a beacon of love, peace, justice and beauty. The more you can ensure you match his ideals, you can help him fall in love with you.

He’s Slow to Define the Relationship

You may think you’re seeing signs a Libra man is not into you but it could be that he is just slow to define the relationship. A Libra man needs to feel like he can back track and ease out of his commitments.

He may love you but he doesn’t like to be confined. He will want to maintain his independence and ability to go out and socialize. A Libra man will resist defining the relationship which is ironic because he often defines himself by relationships.

He may be in love with you, but a Libra man will waver back and forth when it comes to making any commitments. If you want to know how to get a Libra man to miss you, show him that you’re independent and not threatened by his need for time away.

Don’t push a Libra man to make a commitment and define the relationship. This will only push him away. Instead, make it easy for him to decide that you’re the woman for him.

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He Loves You But Fears Missing Out

A Libra man may promise you the world when he’s in love. Especially a Libra man in bed. Yet when it comes to following through and walking his talk, a Libra man will back peddle because he fears missing out.

When he loves you, he will eventually want to settle down and commit. Yet before he does this, he’ll vacillate between wanting to be with you and wanting to just be friends. This is because he always wonders what he will miss out on.

When a Libra man is ready to step up to the plate and truly follow his heart, he will be the most loyal and faithful partner. He values his romantic partnerships, and this is part of the reason he will take his time even when he easily falls in love.

He Stays in Love Even When It’s Over

Not only does a Libra man fall in love easily, he also stays in love. Put simply, once he truly falls in love with you, he has made a strong connection. He takes this connection seriously and doesn’t fall out of love easily.

Even if he loses interest in a partnership or even if he breaks up with you, he still loves you. This is why he’s usually still friends with his exes. He is one of the most amicable people during a divorce or breakup because he never stops caring.

When the relationship is over, all it means is that a Libra man no longer saw an easy way to continue the partnership. To a Libra man, the end of a partnership means he no longer wanted to be in a committed romantic role in your life.

It seldom means that he no longer loves you. He may easily fall in love but also easily can transfer from romantic to platonic love. Libra men are so sensitive to love and relationships, they understand more than anyone else that love takes different forms.

When a Libra man says he wants to just be friends, many times women see this as a hurtful rejection. Yet that isn’t his intention. A Libra man simply wants to continue to love you as a friend.

A Libra man knows love is not restricted to only romantic relationships. He is fully capable of expressing his love and affection toward friends, exes and partners. He knows love doesn’t end when a romance is over.

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