How Does a Libra Man Like to Kiss?

How Does a Libra Man Like to Kiss?

A Libra man’s kiss is one you’ll always remember. He is a born romantic with a natural sense of balance.

As a result, it’s important to know exactly how to kiss a Libra man to make a good impression.

A Libra man in love is an idealist. He’ll want his relationship to blossom like a romantic love story. Knowing his kissing style is important.

Whether you want to satisfy a Libra man in bed or make a Libra man fall in love, you’ve got to know how he likes to kiss. His style is sweet, romantic and passionate.

Depending on his mood, he may want to spend more or less time kissing. Be open to adjusting your expectations accordingly. Otherwise, he’ll feel smothered.

Libra Men Kiss Softly

When you want to know how to handle a Libra man, you’ve got to understand how to kiss him to respond to his mood. Almost all of the time, Libra men prefer to kiss softly.

They can be timid when it comes to relationships and especially when it comes to kissing and showing affection. He may let you take the lead but he is usually looking for a soft and romantic encounter.

When a Libra man kisses you, he may range from soft butterfly kisses, barely touching you, to more passionate kisses. Yet he doesn’t want kissing to be so passionate that he feels suffocated. He prefers a gentle approach to kissing.

A Libra man who is falling in love with you will show you exactly how he feels when he kisses you. Even a casual affair with a Libra man will involve tender, soft seduction. He can convey a lot through his kiss.

He Likes to Kiss Romantically

When you recognize the characteristics of a Libra man in love, you won’t be surprised to learn that Libra men are among the most romantic kissers. A Libra man won’t want to make kissing a fast or sloppy event.

Everything from the timing to the atmosphere to the way he approaches you needs to feel romantic. If it seems like he’s waiting too long, he may not be holding out because he doesn’t love you.

Instead, it could be that he is waiting for the ideal romantic time and place. For a Libra man to feel comfortable kissing you, everything must be perfect. He’ll stage the kiss like a film director on the set of a romance movie.

When a Libra man kisses you, love and romance are at the top of his mind as well. He’ll find romantic ways to kiss you. He wants to keep your attention fixed on him and melt your heart. His kissing style will show this.

A Libra man’s love language is all about romance, art and beauty. When he kisses you, he’s trying to create a beautiful and harmonious scene complete with everything you need to fall in love. You can find yourself lost in love when kissing a Libra man.

He Needs to Come Up for Air

If you know how to kiss a Scorpio man, you may be surprised to find the same rules don’t apply when it comes to kissing a Libra man. Although these signs are side by side in the zodiac, they are completely different.

A Libra man kisses to create connection and harmonize your energy with his. He isn’t trying to devour you or be consumed by you, though. Don’t be surprised if he needs to periodically step back while you’re kissing.

If you’re sure your hygiene is good and the connection between the two of you is strong, you’ve got nothing to worry about. This is just an example of something very normal for a Libra man to do. He’s giving himself breathing room.

Whether you are kissing or not, a Libra man may feel like he is losing himself in the relationship with you and so he naturally balances this by stepping back at times. When you’re kissing him, he’ll need to come up for air.

This also gives him a chance to admire your beauty and gaze into your eyes. It won’t be long before he resumes kissing you again. Enjoy the process as if you were watching waves in the ocean ebb and flow.

He’ll Match Your Energy When Kissing

When a Libra man’s in bed with a Taurus woman, he may be more sensual. When he’s kissing a Cancer woman, he’ll be more tender. This is because a Libra man adapts to adjust to his partner’s energy.

If your style is more passionate, he’ll match you by becoming more passionate. If you’re more of a pragmatist he may be more reserved when kissing you. This is because as the sign of the scales and balance, a Libra man lets you set the pace.

Whether he realizes it or not, a Libra man is always gauging his next move based on his partner’s energy and actions. When you’re receptive to romantic, affectionate kisses, show him signs of this. He’ll respond favorably.

He also matches your energy in other ways. If he’s usually affectionate and suddenly cold, check yourself. Have you been aloof, cynical or more serious than usual lately? He won’t be in the mood to kiss or show affection if he feels you’ve been detached.

On the other hand, the more you can show your enthusiasm and love for him, the more you’ll encourage to match these emotions as well. He’ll be as passionate and inspired as you are when kissing.

He Doesn’t Like to Kiss in Public

A Libra man has to be in a specific mood to enjoy public displays of affection. This includes kissing as well. If he’s not ready or having an off day, trying to kiss him in public can make him feel overwhelmed.

When you see a Libra man’s love signs coming through loud and clear, yet he holds off on kissing you in public, don’t worry. It could be that he just prefers privacy. Many Libra men prefer to not have an audience when they are kissing.

They can be romantic and affectionate, but many Libra men prefer to keep these expressions of love behind closed doors. It’s not that he’s trying to hide you from others. It’s because he feels more secure.

When a Libra man is interested in you, he’ll want to spend time with you. He’ll show affection when he’s ready, including kissing you when there is no one else around. If he acts aloof in public, he may just need time to warm up.

He Needs to Feel Comfortable to Enjoy Kissing

A Libra man won’t kiss solely out of obligation. He doesn’t believe he should have to kiss you before you part ways for the evening unless he’s in the mood. He needs to feel comfortable.

Some couples have kissing routines, such as when they first see each other or before they part. But a Libra man is less concerned with maintaining a routine than he is with expressing his genuine emotions.

Make him feel secure and comfortable and he’ll show his affection. He’ll want to spend hours kissing you. Even if the intimacy doesn’t advance beyond kissing, that’s fine for a Libra man.

But if he feels uncomfortable with you or with his surroundings, he may avoid kissing you or keep things brief and impersonal. It’s better to take your time and create an inviting setting, conducive to romance.

If you know for certain that he’s comfortable around you and he still avoids kissing you, it could be one of the signs a Libra man is not into you. He may only want a friendship if this is the case.

He Likes to Kiss Your Face and Neck

A Libra man will not only want to kiss you on the mouth, but will also enjoy kissing your face and neck. To him, this is both tender and romantic.

If you want to get a Libra man to miss you, keep a low profile for a few days. When he sees you again, he’ll be so thrilled that he may balance kissing you all over your face with simply looking into your eyes.

A Libra man in love enjoys admiring you as he’s kissing you. In order to do this, he will spend some time kissing your mouth but also your eyes, face, neck and shoulders. He’ll take a break to frequently step back and look at you.

Libra men are a perfect blend of sweet and romantic. He’ll show this through his style of kissing. He can be playful and flirty one moment, serious and passionate the next.

He’ll Distribute Kisses Evenly

True to his symbol, the scales, Libra men need balance in all things. Even in how they show affection. A Libra man’s style of kissing reflects his desire for balance and harmony.

Not only does he intermittently step back to admire you, but he’ll also be sure to distribute his kisses evenly. If he’s been kissing the left side of your body, he’ll be sure to repeat all of the romantic kisses again on the right side.

If he has been kissing your mouth, he’ll be sure to take a break to kiss other areas of your face as well. He will be as attentive to one side of your body as the other. Libra men have an obsession with symmetry.

This obsession isn’t just about balancing kissing your left and right ear or shoulder, it’s also about making sure he is balancing how he kisses you. He may speed up and then slow down. He may kiss your head and neck and then your legs and feet.

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