How Do You Make a Libra Man Jealous?

How Do You Make a Libra Man Jealous?

If you’re trying to catch his eye or just want to make him mad, you may wonder what you can do to make a Libra man jealous.

How can you make him turn green with envy?

Some signs are more prone to jealousy than others, and each sign has triggers that spark envy.

Should you flirt with another guy in front of him to make him jealous, or brag about your professional accomplishments? What tactics work to make a Libra man covetous?

By learning more about his zodiac sign, you can get a better understanding of a Libra man’s personality and what you can do to make him jealous.

Stay On Your Phone Around Him

Libras are social and chatty, so they are on their phones a lot. Whether they are checking social media, texting, or talking on the phone, Libras are always in communication with other people.

It can even be frustrating spending time in person with a Libra guy because he is so attached to his phone. You might have to compete with a screen for attention or deal with him frequently checking for messages.

If you want to make a Libra guy jealous, try giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Stay on your phone constantly and don’t take a break to give him any attention. You will drive him wild with curiosity about what you are saying and who you are talking to.

Don’t let him in on the conversation by explaining what you’re doing. If you smile at a text and he asks what’s so funny, give a vague reply to make him feel left out.

He will not only wonder why you are so preoccupied, but he’ll also drive himself crazy thinking you might be chatting with another man.

Post Photos with Other People on Social Media

Libras adore social media and are online all the time. If you want to capture your Libra guy’s attention and make him jealous, using your social media platforms is a great way to do it.

If you want to stir up envy in your Libra man’s heart, post fabulous photos of yourself onlineā€¦ with other people.

The most obvious way to make him jealous is, of course, to post photos with another man. When you’re holding hands with another guy, you could try posting a subtle close-up of your hands without a caption.

Or you could make your point clearer with a full photo of your other man with your arms wrapped around him and the caption, “Date night!” with a bunch of heart emojis. That’s sure to grab your Libra guy’s notice.

But you don’t even have to post pictures with another man to make a Libra guy jealous. He’s a very social creature, so just seeing you out with friends – and knowing he’s not invited – is enough to spark his jealousy.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man miss you, go ahead and post the pictures you took at a party last night or of you and your girlfriends hanging out on the couch.

If you are wondering how to make a Libra man jealous, make him feel excluded from a social gathering and show him that you’re having fun without him.

Ignore His Calls and Texts

Although Libras are communicative and always on their phones, they pick and choose which messages they respond to.

A Libra guy is glued to his phone so he sees every single one of your texts and calls, but that doesn’t always mean he will respond.

Don’t take his lack of response as one of the signs a Libra man is not into you.

The reason why a Libra man ignores you when you call is that he’s so busy talking to all of his other friends. You can make a Libra guy envious by using this same tactic on him.

If you want to know how to get a Libra man to stop ignoring you, use his own methods of communication against him. Don’t pick up the phone when he calls, and don’t respond to his messages.

When it’s too hard for you to resist responding, at least try to play it cool by waiting a long time before you hit reply.

You could even turn off your phone or leave it home when you go out to resist temptation.

If your Libra guy sees you in person and questions why you haven’t been responding to his texts, brush him off with a vague explanation that you’ve been busy or you simply forgot.

Thinking that you have better things to do than keep in touch with him will make your Libra man insane with jealousy.

Don’t Engage With Him on Social Media

Libras love social media and use it for everything. Whether they are sending out party invitations or just catching up on the latest gossip, you can bet a Libra guy is almost always lurking on some corner of the Internet.

One of the signs a Libra man has a crush on you is when he interacts with all your social media pages.

It drives a Libra man wild when you refuse to engage with him on social media, especially if he can see that you’ve been active on your account but still won’t interact with him.

Don’t visit his profile or click on any of his photos, ignore his friend requests and messages, and continue to make your presence known on social media without acknowledging him.

Your Libra guy will go insane scrolling through your profiles for clues as to why you aren’t paying any attention to him.

Take Someone Else’s Side

Represented by the scales, Libras are interested in justice and are very fair-minded. They are skilled at seeing an issue from multiple perspectives and putting themselves in other people’s shoes.

As much as he appreciates diplomacy, a Libra man also wants his partner or his friends to take his side if he’s in a disagreement with someone.

This is particularly important because Libras are so non-confrontational that it’s unusual for them to be in an argument with anyone. He hates standing up to people and needs his friends to back him up.

When you take the other person’s side in an argument, a Libra man gets jealous because he wants the support you are giving to someone else.

Stand up for the person that your Libra guy is disagreeing with, and you are sure to make him very envious.

Ignore His Attempts at Seduction

Every zodiac sign has a ruling heavenly body that reveals something about that sign’s personality and abilities. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, the planet of beauty and love.

This means that Libras are effortlessly charming and skilled at seduction. Your Libra guy isn’t used to being turned down, so if you reject his advances, he is sure to get jealous.

When you ignore his attempts at seduction, it makes him go crazy wondering what he’s doing wrong and if you are getting romantic attention elsewhere.

He’s so used to being able to sweep women off their feet with ease that when you disregard his flirting, he gets insanely jealous.

Compliment Some Else’s Looks

Ruled by the planet of beauty, Libras are very interested in aesthetics and the outward appearance of things. Their obsession with looks can make them a bit superficial and shallow.

Libras are used to being the most put-together, best-dressed, or most attractive person in a room. What scares a Libra man more than anything is when another guy is better-looking than him.

If you want to see a Libra guy turn green with envy, praise another man’s looks in front of him.

Tell your mutual male friend that you can tell he’s been working out, compliment his haircut, or even flirt with him a little to show your physical attraction.

Don’t mollify your Libra man by throwing in a compliment for him, too. Keep your focus on the other man’s appearance to make your Libra guy crazy with jealousy.

Compliment Someone Else’s Charm

Along with being the best-looking man everywhere he goes, a Libra guy is also used to being the most charming person in a crowd.

He is naturally polite, witty, and flirtatious, making him a popular guest. Everyone loves being around a Libra guy because he knows just how to make the person he’s with feel special.

When you want to make Libra man chase you, make him think that someone else is even more charming than he is.

Gush about the charming and agreeable personality of another man, and perhaps even directly compare him to your Libra guy.

Minimizing his natural talent will make your Libra man insecure and wildly jealous.

Be Compassionate to Another Man

Libras are innately caring and compassionate, so they want partners who are just as considerate and kind as they are.

A Libra man appreciates when you show him compassion and are warm and gentle with others.

What makes him jealous, though, is when you are more compassionate to another man than you are to him.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man chase you, show pity or kindness to another guy, especially somebody your Libra man dislikes. It will make him crazy with jealousy.

Ignore Him in Public

Libras are outgoing, so you will often see your Libra guy at social events. He loves talking to everyone, so if he avoids you, it’s one of the signs that a Libra man is not interested in you.

If you want to make him jealous, ignore him in public. He will drive himself crazy wondering why you won’t give him the time of day.

Libras are so naturally charming that they are used to winning over anyone they want. When you ignore him in public, he feels rejected and wonders why his affable charm isn’t working on you.

He will probably try even harder to catch your eye, or at least will try to figure out the reason that you aren’t paying him any attention.

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