How to Turn On a Libra Man in Bed

Updated October 18, 2022
How to Turn On a Libra Man in Bed

A Libra man in bed can be romantic, affectionate and sentimental. As the sign of the scales, he knows how to balance out his partner.

When you wan to turn a Libra man on, you’ve got to create balance and harmony.

Libra men can run the gamut from traditional to experimental when it comes to intimacy. Libra men are flexible and adaptable. Libra men love it when you guide the process.

They will try anything once. You can easily turn on a Libra man in bed by creating a romantic setting. You’ll have to take the lead. He expresses intimacy by balancing your style.

Libra men are known for being great lovers, but they always follow their partner’s lead. The best way to turn him on is to show initiative. Show what you want, he’ll reciprocate.

Pay Attention to Appearance

One thing a Libra man in bed with Taurus woman appreciates is the attention she pays to appearance. Some people think a Taurus woman and Libra man are Soul Mates. This isn’t necessarily true.

They are linked by a shared planetary ruler, Venus. Therefore, both are ruled by beauty, love and harmony. Libra and Taurus sexuality reflects this. A Libra man doesn’t have to explain his desires to a Taurus woman.

But even if you are not a Taurus woman, you can still appeal to the desires of a Libra man. What makes it so easy for them to connect is they are both driven by desire, image and beauty.

Pay attention to your appearance. From being selective about the clothes you wear right down to being mindful about how you appear in different positions. Keep him turned on by keeping up your image.

Even when you’re not in bed together, you can fame the flames of his desire by always keeping an impeccable appearance. Wear soft colors, romantic outfits. Be creative with your makeup and hair.

Libra men are artists and love to see you express your artistic energy through your fashion style or appearance. You don’t always have to look “sexy.” Appearing romantic, creative and approachable is as important.

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Set a Romantic Scene

You may think a Libra man in bed with a Libra woman is an ideal combination as they would both know what the other wants. This is not always the case. What a Libra woman understands about a Libra man, it’s his desire for romance.

Even if you’re not a Libra woman, you can still create a romantic scene. Light candles and play romantic music. Scatter rose petals on the bed and place chocolates, wine, and other treats nearby.

Provide a feast for a Libra man’s senses. He’ll want to feel the romance emanating from the room in order to be completely present and in the mood. Set the stage for romance and love.

Make Him Comfortable

A Libra man in bed with a Cancer woman will feel comforted and nurtured. But even if you are not a Cancer woman, you can still pay attention to his desires for physical and emotional comfort.

You can turn a Libra man on in bed by making him comfortable. Make sure everything from the temperature of the room to the bedding are comfortable for him.

A Libra man loves to be pampered. The more you go out of your way to make him feel comfortable, the more he will feel connected with you and turned on by you. Pay attention to all his senses when you try to turn him on.

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Bring His Favorite Vices

Libra men will explore their desires based on the strengths of their partner. They are impressionable and shaped by their partner’s strengths and interests. Libra man in bed with a Scorpio woman will feel empowered to explore his vices.

The reason why Scorpio and Libra are attracted to each other is because they both want to push the boundaries and test the limits of their sexual desires. But even if you’re not a Scorpio woman, you can still tap into his deeper and secret desires.

The key is to encourage his exploration and experimentation. Libra men love balance, but they also love to take a deep dive into exploring their vices. Encourage him to seek pleasure.

If you are too modest, moderate or straightedge, it will turn a Libra man off. Turn him on by encouraging him to explore pleasure in all it’s forms. From indulging in sweets to his favorite drink, you can enhance the experience by encouraging pleasure seeking.

Prolong Foreplay

A Libra man in bed with a Sagittarius woman will enjoy making the most out of every encounter. Even if you’re not a Sagittarius woman, you can take a cue from their playbook. Make the most out of every moment.

This includes prolonging foreplay. Don’t turn lovemaking into a race to the finish line. Instead, linger in the early stages of intimacy. Spark a Libra man’s appetite for more but don’t be in a hurry.

Take your time to savor every aspect of the experience with him. The more you pay attention to foreplay, the more excited he will be for the full experience. Don’t rush the process.

Too much emphasis on sex without ample emphasis on affection, romance and foreplay will also turn a Libra man off. Try to balance time and energy spent on both.

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Tease Him

When you really want to excite a Libra man, one way you can extend the intimacy is to take your time and tease him. A Libra man will find this alluring. It speaks to his desire for balance.

Turning the sexual temperature up and down periodically will keep a Libra man hungry for more. When you tease a Libra man in bed, you’re helping him to moderate his own passion so he can prolong the pleasure.

A Libra man in bed with a Gemini woman will usually get to enjoy this kind of rollercoaster because both share similar desires. Even if you are not a Gemini woman, you can still keep a balance between enticing and distracting him.

Another way to turn on a Libra man is to hint about the sexual encounters in store for him at a later time. Send him suggestive texts earlier in the day or week. Leave clues about what’s in store for him in bed.

All of these tactics play on a Libra man’s imagination and desire to visualize what happens next. This is an easy way to turn him on in bed or even before getting him into the bedroom.

Don’t Be Too Assertive

A Libra man in bed with a Leo woman can experience pleasure but will run into a common issue. If you want to turn a Libra man on in bed, you can’t be too assertive.

He wants you to lead the way and set the tone for what happens next, but it’s important to be patient. Give him time to express his desires to you and share in the moment.

If you’re too quick to share your desires and demands or if you change things up too quickly or too frequently, you can overwhelm a Libra man and turn him off. Instead try to guide him through the process but then wait for him to respond.

This is also important outside of bed. A Libra man’s sexual appetite is encouraged by how you interact with him in nonsexual situations. If you have great communication but aren’t too dominating, he’ll feel more comfortable to explore sexually.

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Balance Give and Take

When you pay attention to what Libra men are attracted to, such as balance, harmony and give and take, you’ll know how to seduce him. You can turn him on in bed the same way you nurture the connection in general.

When you make sexual encounters about reciprocity, the more you will appeal to his desire for balance. Show him what you like, then find ways to reciprocate with him. Trade off giving and receiving pleasure from start to finish.

To get a Libra man to relax and enjoy intimacy with you in bed, you need to show him that you are not going to dominate the experience. At the same time, he doesn’t want you to be a passive bystander either.

You’ve got to keep the energy harmonious and balance who is dominant or passive at any given moment. Too much of one thing will get boring or turn a Libra man off. One way to change things up is to facilitate balance.

Play Romantic Music

Libra men are creative and artistic. As you appeal to his visual senses by setting a romantic scene, you can also exhilarate a Libra man by setting romantic music to play in the background.

Make a romantic song list for intimate evenings together. Slow, sensual music that evokes images of love and beauty will work best. You can also consider his favorite bands or favorite songs when making this list.

Though Libra men aren’t specifically emotional, they do respond to mood music. You can make the intimate encounter a full sensory experience by enhancing the atmosphere with romantic music. This helps to bring a Libra man more fully into the experience.

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