8 Tips for When a Libra Man is Ignoring You

Updated February 22, 2023

A Libra man ignoring you can be frustrating and confusing. It’s important to know how to respond when a Libra man goes quiet.

When a Libra man stops talking to you, there can be many different reasons why. It’s not always cause for panic.

“My Libra man is ignoring me suddenly!” is a common complaint from women who date Libra men. Often, women panic when this happens.

Yet if you understand a Libra man’s need for balance, you’ll know he vacillates between connection and silence as a way to stay balanced. He isn’t always trying to ghost you.

You need to know the signs a Libra man is not into you before jumping to that conclusion. You’ve got to know what to do when a Libra man pulls away.

1. Fill Your Calendar With Other Dates

fill your calendar with other dates

Wondering what to do when a Libra man stops texting you? Don’t chase a Libra man, no matter what. Instead, keep yourself busy. Call up old friends. Catch up on your to-do list. Fill your time with social engagements.

Take out your calendar and fill as much free time as possible with plans to meet up with friends. Don’t focus on potential dates or romantic interests. Instead focus on keeping yourself busy and connected without making him jealous.

When a Libra man sees how busy you are, it will leave an impression on him. Usually, when a Libra man is quiet, he’s not trying to ignore you to hurt your feelings. He’s just trying to take care of himself by establishing some space.

Don’t personalize your Libra man’s sudden silence. Get your emotional support needs met elsewhere and this will reassure your Libra man. He’ll see that you are independent and popular. This will attract him back to you.

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2. Post Fun Things On Social Media

post fun things on social media

If you’re wondering if a Libra man is playing you, test him. Post fun things on social media. If he’s not interested in you, he won’t look. He definitely won’t respond.

Yet if he cares about you and is just stepping back for some breathing room, a Libra man will still keep an eye on your posts. If you post pictures or updates that intrigue him, he’ll reach out.

Don’t post pictures of yourself cuddling with a new guy. This will make him jealous and further scare him away. Instead, post selfies, status updates about the adventures you’re having, and photos of you and your friends out having fun.

This will remind your Libra love interest of how much he enjoys being with you. He’ll miss you and want you back. A Libra man needs to be enticed to reconnect with you when he goes quiet.

3. Don’t Chase Him

don't chase him

When a Libra man ignores your text, don’t chase him. Chalk it up to him being busy or just needing some space. Don’t panic and think the worst. Give him a chance to come around when he’s ready.

If you’re wondering how to know when a Libra man is done with you, give him time to reach out and respond to your text. Even a few days or a week can be a normal time frame for him to go quiet.

Yet if he doesn’t respond within two weeks or more, it can be a sign he’s lost interest. If this is the case, you can try to catch his attention indirectly. Don’t pursue him, but casually show up where you have a chance to run in to him.

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4. Revamp Your Hair Or Wardrobe

revamp your hair or wardrobe

Take some fun risks changing up your wardrobe, hair or appearance. This will catch a Libra man’s attention in a positive way. Post pictures online of your new look.

Libra men can be image conscious. Since he’s artistic, he’s easily drawn to beauty. He may think you’re beautiful already, but when you do something different to spice up your appearance, you’ll get a Libra man’s attention.

If he’s been quiet, busy or distracted, he’ll start to come around. He’ll feel excited because to a Libra man, seeing you with a new image is like getting to know you all over again.

Libra men can get bored easily with too much repetition. When you introduce new variables, even something as benign as changing your hair color or wardrobe, you’ll captivate a Libra man.

He may fall in love with you all over again because he’ll see you as a walking work of art. Show your own creative and artistic strengths as you do something special to upgrade your look.

This will encourage a Libra man to talk to you. Even better, he’ll want to see you again so he can be part of your artistic new look. He’ll take a personal interest in admiring your new look.

5. Show Up At Cultural Centers

show up at cultural centers

Another way to get a Libra man’s attention when he goes quiet is to suddenly find reasons to show up at places he’s likely to be. Show up at cultural events that you know he would enjoy.

Be visible but act nonchalant. Don’t make it seem obvious that you’re there to run in to him. Instead, convey the image that you’re at the art opening, museum, festival or concert because of your own curiosity and interest.

Instead, act surprised when you do see him. Keep the conversation brief. Don’t pour your heart out to him. Instead, be friendly and courteous but leave some things left unsaid. This way, he’ll have a reason to follow up with you.

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6. Give Him Space

give him space

When a Libra man is quiet, sometimes the best reaction is no reaction. At least not right away. If you step back and give him space, your Libra man will have a chance to miss you.

When you resist the urge to pursue a Libra man and just give him space to go through a few days or even a few weeks without you, you’re helping him to make up his mind.

You’re giving him a chance to see what life without you is really like. Chances are good that a Libra man will actually start to miss you and may even decide to make a stronger commitment.

He needs to have a balance in everything he does. When he steps back and takes time to himself, a Libra man will be able to sit with his feelings rather than running from them. He’ll also have less distractions.

He’ll realize how important you are to him. He’ll be able to compare what he likes about being with you and what he likes about his downtime away from you. From this point, he’ll likely come back around.

7. Spend Time With Mutual Friends

spend time with mutual friends

When a Libra man ignores you, don’t go after him for an explanation. Instead, try to stay connected with him in an indirect way. For example, if you have mutual friends with him, spend time with them.

When you have a great time socializing with your mutual friends, be sure to mention all the interesting things you’re doing. If you do mention that your Libra man hasn’t been in touch, mind your tone.

Don’t act negative or gossipy. Avoid saying anything negative about your Libra man. Also, don’t come across as manipulative or needy. Just casually mention that it’s been a while since you heard from your Libra man.

Then move on to talking about more enjoyable and fun topics. Be sure to mention the exciting new things happening in your life. Rest assured, at some point your Libra man will ask your mutual friends if they’ve heard from you.

When this happens, your friend will feel free to share all the information you’ve given them. They’ll mention to your Libra man that you seem to be doing great. They’ll definitely mention that you looked great.

All of this will tempt your Libra man to want to get in touch with you. He’ll miss you and feel encouraged that you weren’t reacting negatively to his disappearance. Thus, the importance of remaining neutral or positive.

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8. Leave Clues Online

leave clues online

In addition to dropping hints and clues with mutual friends, trusting in them to convey the information at the right time, you can also leave clues online.

Update your blog and social media with juicy and interesting details about what you’re doing.

He may check your dating app profile, so be sure to not provoke his jealousy unless you’re sure he thinks the relationship is over. Do use other online platforms to give him subtle clues about how you’re doing.

If your goal is to get him to respond to you and reach out, don’t get into online drama. Posting online should be about leaving a trail of engaging clues. Be strategic and consider what will catch his eye.

Avoid the temptation to air your dirty laundry on your blog or social media. Whatever you do, don’t reveal his secrets or call him out online. Keep any reference to your relationship civil and discreet.

Use your posts to get his attention and show him that you’re the ideal woman for him. The ideal woman for a Libra man is not someone who would gossip, cause a scene or instigate online drama so keep this in mind.

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