What Kind of Humor Do Libra Men Enjoy?

What Kind of Humor Do Libra Men Enjoy?

A Libra man’s humor can be the key to melting his heart. If you understand a Libra man’s personality, you’ll be able to make him laugh.

He loves a woman who knows how to appeal to his sense of humor.

If you’re wondering how to keep a Libra man interested in you, an easy method is to appeal to his lighthearted side. Libra men can be fun and flirty.

If you know how to make him laugh, you’re on your way to winning his heart. A Libra male can’t resist a genuinely funny, good natured woman. If you want to make a Libra man chase you, be entertaining.

A Libra’s personality makes it easy to understand the kind of humor he’s attracted to. He likes to balance between serious and silly, playfulness and intellect. There are many ways to make him laugh.

Libra Men Love Witty Humor

A Libra man in love will want to enjoy a good laugh with you. One way to appeal to his sense of humor is to be witty. If you’re a woman who can think fast and respond with spontaneous funny one-liners, you’ll captivate him.

A Libra man will enjoy hearing your off the cuff remarks that blend humor and intellect. Though he is usually more gentle than sarcastic, if you show him your witty side, a Libra man will fall in love. It reminds him you’re entertaining and intelligent.

He’ll feel like he’s getting the best of two worlds. This goes a long way for a Libra man. He loves balance and will see you as being intelligent, friendly and well grounded if you can use your intellect to find the entertaining side of life.

Though it is important to be serious when telling a Libra man how you feel, it’s also important to lighten the mood after a heavy conversation. Alternate deep emotional discussions with fun, witty conversations. This helps him feel comfortable and not overwhelmed.

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He Loves Funny Songs

If you’re wondering what turns on a Libra male, remember that he is an idealist and artist. His sense of humor is connected to his artistic nature. Funny songs appeal to a Libra man. He appreciates the use of artistic media to make people laugh.

If you want an easy way to make a Libra man lose himself in a fit of laughter, share a link to your favorite song parody. He’ll get a kick out of this combination of wit, creativity and fun.

Libra men can laugh at their own interests so if you find a parody of his favorite song, that works as well. He will enjoy hearing another artist’s take on his beloved song and is not likely to be offended by the joke.

This can be a good way to bond with a Libra man. He’ll likely go searching for some of his own favorite funny songs to share with you in return. You may see signs a Libra man is falling in love with you after exchanging parodies.

Song parodies aren’t your only option. Keep in mind that your Libra man will also love songs that are downright silly. To him, these songs are made even more comical because they were intended to be serious.

He’ll laugh at the prospect of one of these tunes getting stuck in his head. Even when this happens, he won’t hold it against you. He may text you later that night with a tone of mock indignation.

When you are close to a Libra man, he may even share his love of funny songs by writing some of his own. If you create your own song parodies or make funny songs to entertain him, you’ll make him laugh.

He Loves Artistic Humor

In addition to finding humor in music, a Libra man will enjoy finding humor in art. One of the best ways you can appeal to a Libra man’s sense of humor online is to send him funny memes. Comical images parodying classical paintings, for example.

A Libra man loves to find ways to laugh at life through art. Funny photos or paintings of animals or bizarre nonsensical scenes appeal to a Libra man’s sense of humor. If you are artistically inclined, try making your own funny cartoons playing on irony.

Send funny photos or memes to brighten his day. He’ll be happily surprised to see a comical spoof on his favorite artwork. He’ll also enjoy seeing a humorous take on different issues portrayed in satirical cartoons. The more intelligent the humor, the better for a Libra man.

In addition to funny interpretations of his favorite artistic works, a Libra man is also fond of jokes about his favorite artists or even about artists in general. Joking about the starving artist image or inside jokes about art history will appeal to him.

He’ll love that you have knowledge of the art world and his favorite artists and he enjoys laughing at some of the more absurd aspects of the art world. Joke with him about the ironies of what society perceives as beautiful or values as art as well.

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He Loves Political Satire

Libra men try to avoid controversy because they would prefer keeping the peace. One form of humor they love is political satire. They don’t mind discussing politics even though it can be a contentious topic. This is because they care about justice and equality.

Libra men prefer civil conversations about politics. Whether you see eye to eye with him or not, you can soften the mood and melt his heart by telling jokes about political figures. Political satire is a form of humor a Libra man is drawn to.

Libra men can have a strong sense of passion when it comes to their own convictions, but they aren’t afraid to poke fun at their own political leanings. Libra men are lighthearted and can diffuse tension through jokes, even about serious topics.

Though Libra men take politics seriously, they also see political matters as a game. It isn’t hard for them to see the irony, humor and absurdity in the way the game is played. Appealing to his sense of humor in political issues can help him open up more.

He’ll feel the tension is released when you can laugh with him about political matters. Satire is one of his favorite expressions of humor when it comes to this topic. To a Libra man, satire is about the balance and polarity between serious and ridiculous.

Libra Men Love Jokes about Love

If you’re wondering how to get a Libra man to marry you, consider making jokes about married life and love in general. This will help him reveal his beliefs and attitudes regarding love and marriage.

In general, Libra men love anything having to do with love and romance. They see the world through the lens of relationships and constantly think about partnerships. Telling jokes about love will tickle his funny bone. He’ll enjoy laughing with you about this topic.

You can easily appeal to a Libra man’s sense of humor by making jokes about the battle of the sexes and the irrational things people do for love. You can also appeal to his sense of romance in the process.

You get extra mileage when you joke with him about love. He’ll ease into a conversation about romance, relationships and even marriage. He may joke about his own experiences in relationships and dates that have gone wrong in funny ways.

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Avoid Humor at Others’ Expense

An important thing to note about a Libra man, he doesn’t want to joke at others’ expense. Even when he laughs at having the date from Hell with an ex, he won’t laugh at her personally. He’s compassionate and doesn’t want to speak poorly of anyone.

Be careful to also avoid laughing at others when you’re trying to get a Libra man to loosen up. Rather than relaxing and laughing with you, he’ll jump to the other person’s defense. Instead, focus on situations that are funny.

Libra men can find humor in almost anything. Yet he won’t laugh at slapstick. He doesn’t find it funny when someone falls, gets hurt or makes a mistake. He doesn’t like any kind of humor that causes another person to feel bad.

He Doesn’t Like Disparaging Humor

Not only does a Libra man avoid laughing at the expense of others, he will also avoid any controversial humor that puts others down. Don’t tell controversial jokes. Any joke that would be offensive to another person will offend a Libra man.

Your Libra man doesn’t like it when you tell a joke that you wouldn’t tell publicly. Don’t try to tell him a joke that plays on oppressive or stereotypical tropes. He will have no part of it.

In fact, doing so may even cost you the relationship with a Libra man. He will tolerate almost anything other than your intolerance to others. A Libra man has a strong sense of integrity. Justice and fairness are things he takes seriously.

He won’t tolerate someone joking about other people’s flaws. A Libra man doesn’t want to alienate anyone and will find it offensive if your jokes are insensitive to others. Avoid humor that insults other individuals or groups of people.

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He Likes Self-Effacing Humor

A Libra man does like self-effacing humor. He likes to joke at his own expense, but will be offended if you make jokes about him personally. Turn this around on him. If you joke at your own expense, you’ll get his attention.

He may try to correct you or balance your view by complimenting you or talking you into greater confidence. When he does this, it is building a stronger connection in the relationship and this will help him feel better about you.

Use self-effacing humor to build the connection with him and to make him chuckle but do so sparingly. If he thinks you’re fishing for compliments, he will become bored. Use this humor on occasions.

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