How Do Libra Men Play Hard to Get?

How Do Libra Men Play Hard to Get?

When a Libra man seems hard to get, he could be hiding his feelings. Unless you see signs a Libra man is not into you, don’t assume the worst.

Libra men play hard to get. You have to know the common Libra traits.

When a Libra man is playing hard to get, you may think he’s lost interest. This is not true. You need to know how to get a Libra man to chase you.

When a Libra man’s taking it slow, he may already be falling in love. He just tries not to show it at first. He waits until he’s sure of you.

To know how to get a Libra man to chase you, you need to know when to pursue him and then step back. When you do this, you’ll encourage him to pursue you.

He’s Slow to Commit

It’s important to know how to handle a Libra man. He’s notorious for being indecisive and slow to commit. If you don’t know how to interpret his actions, you may come to the wrong conclusion about his intentions.

A Libra man needs to feel like he’s creating balance and harmony. To him, commitment satisfies his need for romance, but it also jeopardizes his ability to keep his options open. When a Libra man commits, he is closing off other opportunities.

You can easily read a Libra man’s love signals once you understand his nature. He may care about you, but he will automatically vacillate between commitment and freedom before settling down.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, you’ve got to balance being aloof and independent with being romantic. He loves to know he has plenty of breathing room and space in a relationship.

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He’ll Agonize About Making Decisions

One of the most common complaints about a Libra man is that he is so indecisive. This can confuse a woman who is interested in a Libra man. He may seem passionately interested one moment and detached the next moment.

A Libra man will postpone even the most mundane decision. He’ll agonize over where to go for dinner, what shoes to by and what job to take. When it comes to a major decision, such as committing in a relationship, he procrastinates even more.

This is why you’ve got to know how to play hard to get with a Libra man. Show him you are interested but don’t always make yourself too available. He’ll assume you’re popular, independent and busy. This appeals to him.

He’ll be more likely to commit to you if he knows that you have a busy schedule and will ensure he has plenty of breathing room. The more you can balance being an attentive partner and being independent the better.

He’ll Cancel Plans for a Date

A Libra man doesn’t just play hard to get by procrastinating on his commitments, he’ll also suddenly cancel plans. This can be frustrating because it takes him so long to make plans in the first place.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man feel guilty, find subtle ways to remind him how much you were looking forward to seeing him. Be careful, though. A Libra man won’t tolerate a massive guilt trip.

Instead he’ll get the hint if you make reference to your disappointment once. It’s important to not continually hold things over his head or else he will shut down. Just give enough of a hint so he’ll understand you care.

For the most part, a Libra man will feel better about committing to you if you show him you can be flexible. If you take his change in plans personally and act dejected, resentful, or angry, you’ll turn him off.

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He’ll Ask for Space

If you’re wondering how to know when a Libra man is done with you, he’ll make it obvious. He won’t just vacillate back and forth. When he’s done likely he won’t ask for space. He’ll outright ghost you.

When he’s just playing hard to get, he may ask for space. This can be surprising because he’ll do it just when you thought things were going well. This is because he needs to step back when his feelings become too strong.

Don’t think the worst when a Libra man takes more time for himself. This is normal for a Libra man to do. It’s part of his style or keeping things balanced.

He’ll Tell You He Wants an Open Relationship

If you’re wondering why are Libras so good in bed, it’s because they’ve had lots of experience. Libra men are romantic and sensitive but also flirty. They enjoy seeking pleasure more than commitment.

As a result, a Libra man can have a desire to explore his romantic interests and sexuality without the burden of a serious relationship. When he’s playing hard to get, he may suggest an open relationship.

For a Libra man who is not sure if he wants to commit, this can bring the best of both worlds. He may also suggest this option as a way to test you. He’ll want to see if you’re interested in him.

A Libra man may suggest an open relationship if he is trying to tiptoe around commitment. He may use this kind of suggestion to ease his way into the relationship even if it seems like he’s avoiding commitment at first.

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He’ll Let You Know He Has Other Options

Usually Libra men are sensitive and kind. Yet when he plays hard to get, some of the things he does can feel hurtful to a woman who is not prepared. For instance, he’ll let you know he has other options.

He’s not trying to put you down when he does this. Instead, a Libra man is trying to make himself feel secure by also reminding himself that he is not trapped in a relationship.

It may seem like he’s being cold but he’s emphasizing his need for balance and options. He’s not trying to tease you or hurt your feelings usually. Try to not take his words personally.

A Libra man may also be testing you to see how you’ll respond. If you are too dramatic, controlling or jealous, he’ll be turned off. Yet if you confide in him that you also have kept your options open and are dating others, this can backfire.

He Won’t Define the Relationship

A Libra man will keep you guessing at first. This is because he needs to give himself an out to change his mind if need be. He’ll resist defining the relationship.

A Libra man may avoid using terms like “girlfriend.” He may also prefer to make up his own special designations for the relationship, thereby sidestepping traditional relationship roles or expectations.

Be careful to not place too much focus on defining the relationship. This can lead to power struggles that backfire and push him farther away. Be clear about your boundaries and expectations, but give him time to decide to commit.

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He’ll Avoid Becoming Exclusive

Along the same lines as his procrastination when it comes to defining the relationship, he’ll also postpone becoming exclusive. A Libra man who is playing hard to get will dodge commitments at first.

He’ll prefer to maintain open boundaries. This is one way he tests you. If he leaves to door open for other relationships, he doesn’t feel compelled to cut off some of his other options. At the same time, he feels you will have to work harder to get him to become exclusive.

He sees this as a bonus because it gives him a chance to wait and see whether you are an ideal fit for him. He doesn’t like possessiveness or jealousy, but he likes to see that you’ll work to get his attention and commitment.

He’ll Flirt but Keep You Guessing

Libra men play hard to get by being quick to flirt and slow to define the relationship and commit to you. He will keep you guessing even as he continues to flirt with you.

When a Libra man is starting to develop feelings for you, try to be friendly and open minded as well as flirty. Don’t put pressure on him to try to get him to commit.

Although it would seem logical, avoid the temptation to pressure him to explain how he feels. There is a good chance he doesn’t really know how he feels or has mixed feelings he’s trying to sort out.

When a Libra man is vague about his intentions in the relationship, you can get lost trying to figure out his feelings. The best thing to do is to be clear about your boundaries. In this way, you’re putting a framework on what you want.

This can be reassuring to him and will make him potentially feel more comfortable opening up to you. He doesn’t always know how to set his own boundaries. When you make your boundaries clear, he feels more grounded.

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He’ll Argue With You to Test you

When a Libra man likes you but is playing hard to get, he’ll do something that can be confusing and frustrating. He’ll argue with you. This is because he looks for balance. He tries to test your thinking or limits by being contrary.

When a Libra man finds reasons to argue with you but keeps communicating with you, he’s not trying to push you away. He’s actually pushing your buttons to see how you respond.

Libra men love debates. He may use argument as a way to connect with you. He may test you by questioning your beliefs and ideals. To a Libra man, this is still creating conversation and connection.

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