Do Libra Men Have a Freaky Side?

Updated February 28, 2023

A Libra man’s freaky side is well concealed. He doesn’t announce his quirks and kinks to the world.

If you understand his personality, a Libra man’s weakness can be easy to spot. It’s one of the top Libra man secrets.

Once you know how to handle a Libra man, you’ll be able to bring out his kinky side. He’ll project a proper attitude at first. He avoids drama.

When a Libra man’s insecure, he’ll also hide his kinky side. He’ll wait for you to show signs you are accepting and permissive. He wants to gauge your reaction before opening up.

A Libra man’s weakness in love is that he’ll blend in with his partner. If you set the stage for a freaky affair, he’ll follow suit. But he won’t make the first move.

Libra Men Can Be Freaky

The dark side of a Libra man in love can be hidden for a long time. He’ll present a peaceful, placid, middle of the road exterior. Yet deep inside, Libra men can be quite freaky. You have to get him to let his guard down.

When you do, you’ll see that he can be quite flexible when it comes to sex and kinky behavior. Libra men want to explore their sensual side. He’ll try anything at least twice.

You can also easily talk a Libra man into helping you to explore your freaky side. When a Libra man gets mad, he’ll act like he’s the modest one and you’re the bad influence.

But deep inside you both know that he has an inner wild child. He just needs permission to let his freaky side loose. The more you encourage him to own his freaky nature, the more vibrant and exciting the relationship can be.

A Libra’s weakness for pleasure can lead him to open all kinds of doors to freaky encounters with you. Never act judgmental or kink shame a Libra man. You’ll only discourage him from being true to his kinky nature.

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His Freaky Side Comes Out Artistically

When a Libra man’s upset, one of the best ways he can vent his emotions is through his artistic talents. When he uses art to express his emotions, he’s more deeply in touch with his freaky side.

A Libra man may be polite and demure while out in public. Yet don’t doubt for a moment that there is a wild man waiting for the right time to emerge. Often, a Libra man finds that perfect moment when he’s busy creating something.

When he’s rocking out with his drums in the garage or in the studio painting, a Libra man is letting his powerful and unpredictable side run wild. He will have no problem transferring that energy to the bedroom.

He just needs the right partner. Someone he knows will accept him and embrace him exactly as he is with no judgment. A Libra man can be freaky in the bedroom just as he can channel his energy as an artist or musician.

When a Libra man is hurt, he’ll shut down. This not only can close off his creativity temporarily, it will definitely raise his defenses. He won’t want to be vulnerable and will hide his freaky side. He fears judgment or rejection if he is shutting down.

He may find it easier to show you his freaky side when he knows that he can trust you. Also, he’ll listen carefully to how you describe other people. If he hears you making judgmental comments, it will discourage him from showing his freaky side.

When you encourage a Libra man to express himself artistically or musically, you’re helping him open a flow of energy that also fuels his kinky nature. The more you can inspire his art, the more you’ll inspire his freaky side.

He’ll Match Your Freakiness Level

A Libra man will match your level of kinkiness. The more you openly show your freaky nature, the more your Libra man will feel empowered to reveal his freaky side.

If you have lowkey or middle of the road sexual interests, your Libra won’t expose his freaky side. He’ll be perfectly happy to join you on your terms. He’ll find just as much satisfaction in an intimate relationship that is more modest.

Yet if you reveal that you have more intense interests and a freaky side in bed, your Libra man will match your level of kinkiness. He’ll agree to try new things if you suggest it, but he won’t offer initially.

He’ll agree to accommodate your fantasies and desires. Then he’ll share his own fantasies and desires with you as well. He will openly share his kinky side only when you pave the way first and in doing so, show him it is safe to open up.

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He Acts Polite but Has a Freaky Side

Although Libra men can be among the freakiest signs in the zodiac, you won’t know it to look at him at first. A Libra man will act like the perfect gentleman. The kind of date you can feel comfortable introducing to your grandmother.

He’s polite, diplomatic, romantic and well dressed. He’s stylish and classy. On your first date, you’ll see him use his best manners and hold the door open for you. You would have no idea what he is fantasizing about while you share a romantic dinner.

It’s only after you really get to know a Libra man that you’ll see his freaky side. From sex games to erotic fantasies, nothing is off limits to a Libra man as long as you show him that you are interested. You can easily inspire him to explore new things.

The one thing a Libra man will be least likely to enjoy is sexual techniques that involve violence. He’s a peacekeeper by nature. Yet he will explore power plays if that is what you’re interested in.

He won’t suggest it unless you bring it up first. This is generally his approach to any kind of freakiness. He will wait for you to set the tone and then follow your lead. Libra men don’t like anything controversial.

When you set the stage for a freaky encounter, you’re giving him a chance to let his dark side come out and play. He’ll be free to explore without fears of backlash.

He’s Freaky but Avoids Drama

Libra men are freaky in their pursuit of pleasure. Part of their desires and fantasies in a relationship can be erotic and extreme. Yet one thing s Libra man doesn’t want to get involved in is drama. Kinkiness aside, he doesn’t like chaos.

If you are prone to creating drama to test a man and see how he reacts, your Libra man will likely run the other way in time. He won’t stick around if a relationship is chronically unstable or filled with controversy. Never make a scene.

Especially in public. This is one of his biggest turn offs. He may fantasize about some extreme things in the bedroom, but when it comes to his daily life, a Libra man is polite and balanced.

He doesn’t want to be caught up in any kind of scandal. He may also lose interest in a relationship if you are always fighting or getting into petty arguments. Channel any tendencies toward drama into passion in the bedroom.

Giving in to a Libra man’s freaky nature can create an intense, passionate affair. He’ll help you explore fantasies you’ve only dreamed of. He will never betray your trust or judge you for your kinky desires.

A Libra man can have a strong sense of ethics and solid moral compass. He will avoid any situation in which people are being treated unfairly. This is part of his aversion to drama. At the same time, he can surprise you in the bedroom.

Almost nothing is too freaky for a Libra man as long as you set the stage by being tolerant and accepting and by showing your own freaky side. When you take initiative, he’ll show you a whole new side of himself.

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He’s Freaky but Romantic

Just because a Libra man can be freaky in bed, doesn’t mean he’s a player. He can be. Usually you’ll know the difference. A Libra man who is just out to enjoy pleasure and not commit will make it clear. He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

Yet if he’s interested in romance and erotic fun, a Libra man can be the best of two worlds. He’s sensitive and sentimental. Yet he’s not so fragile as to be offended or scared away if you show your freaky side.

He understands the importance of pleasure. Libra men have a hedonistic side. They seek sensuality through intimacy and have vibrant, active imaginations. A Libra man knows that balance is needed in relationships.

To him, romance and kinkiness are two sides of a balance beam. He sees freakiness as a complement that balances his tender, compassionate, romantic side. He’s gentle and loving but also likes to explore. This balance is fulfilling to a Libra man.

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