Libra Man & Cancer Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Libra Man & Cancer Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

For a Libra man and Cancer woman, compatibility is earned. It doesn’t come easily to this couple.

Yet if they both grow to understand each other’s needs and personalities, their relationship can succeed. It takes effort, but they can fulfill each other.

Even if a Libra man and Cancer woman are soulmates, it takes work for this couple to meet each other halfway. They have to learn to adapt to each other’s needs.

Adapting is one of the things a Libra man does best, yet a Cancer woman’s moods can weigh on him. He can be flexible enough to empathize with her. Yet she craves deeper emotional connection.

A Cancer woman will have to work through her insecurities in order to feel satisfied by a detached Libra man. Both a Libra man and Cancer woman will have their work cut out for them.

Libra Man & Cancer Woman in Friendship

A Cancer woman and Libra man experience the world in very different ways. As friends, a Cancer woman’s nurturing and emotional sensitivity can be endearing to a Libra man. Yet he is easily overwhelmed by her emotional nature.

If a Cancer woman can show emotion in small doses all the better. A Libra man may be able to empathize with her at times, but it can be exhausting for him to try to keep up with her vacillating moods.

A Libra man appreciates a Cancer woman’s loyalty as a friend. Even in friendship, she will help him to feel at home and try to bring out his deeper emotions. Libras don’t like to get too emotional, though.

If she can respect his boundaries and occasional need for distance and if he can empathize with her moody and sensitive nature, they can build a strong friendship. It’s not easy at first in most cases. Cancer women demand loyalty and are insecure.

Libra men, on the other hand, have many friends. While they may spend a great deal of time with one friend at a time, he still needs independence. This can be confusing and upsetting to a Cancer woman.

She needs to come to understand this is not rejection. When she learns to not take his intellectual nature and tendency toward aloofness personally, they can better understand each other. Libra men also tend to flirt, even with friends. A Cancer woman finds this confusing.

She may assume a Libra man is giving her mixed signals. The truth of the matter may be he only intends to be friends with a Cancer woman but can’t help acting flirty. Both need to work to understand each other’s boundaries.

If a Cancer woman can channel some of her deeper emotions into intellectual interests and artistic pursuits, a Libra man will take notice. This can lead to a more balanced friendship. If she can control her emotions and insecurities, it will also help.

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Libra Man & Cancer Woman in Relationship

Libra man and Cancer woman famous couples are in short supply. This doesn’t mean a romantic relationship is impossible, though. A Libra man and Cancer woman miss the mark when it comes to being able to provide what the other typically looks for in romance.

A Libra man, Cancer woman attraction can be intense at first. Cancer women are good at projecting an image of sentimental, romantic and shy vulnerability. This drives a Libra man wild in all the right ways.

As the relationship grows more serious, a Cancer woman often can’t resist the urge to cling. This pushes all the wrong buttons for a Libra man. A Cancer woman can quickly go from charming to committed. A Libra man Cancer woman breakup can ensue.

A Libra man needs to take things slow. Her intentions will be good, but the more she pampers and tries to nurture him, the more a Libra man will feel smothered. He’ll become distant. This will trigger her to chase him even more.

Thus, this couple’s natural tendencies can drive each other into a downward spiral when it comes to romantic relationships. If this is to be avoided, a Cancer woman needs to keep herself grounded. She needs to find emotional fulfillment in other friendships, not just in her partnership.

A Libra man will have to be patient and understanding as well. He may not realize how much his distant attitude makes a Cancer woman feel threatened. If the relationship is going to succeed, he will need to get comfortable with her emotions.

A Cancer woman will also need to slow down to make a Libra man feel secure. The irony is, the more she tries to demonstrate why she would be the ideal partner, the more she pushes him away. He will see her devotion as suffocating.

Cancer women are nurturing but Libra men can only endure this in small doses. Libra men are romantic, but in an intellectual way that can make Cancer women feel insecure. He would rather discuss his ideas than his feelings.

Libra Man & Cancer Woman in Marriage

A Libra man and Cancer woman can be successful if they both work to overcome their differences. Cancer women dream of being married. Libra men value marriage as well, though they are slow to commit. Libra and Cancer relationship stories can have happy endings.

The good news is, once this couple reaches the point of marriage, most of the obstacles are behind them. If the relationship is going to last long enough to reach this phase, the Cancer woman and Libra man have already hashed out much of their differences.

She has come to understand her Libra man’s need for space. He has found ways to hold space for her emotional ups and downs. When a Libra man and Cancer woman are able to nurture their relationship over the long run, it means they’ve found ways to balance each other out.

In a marriage, a Cancer woman is in her bliss. She loves to pay attention to nurturing home and family. This works well with a Libra man as long as he has plenty of time to focus on his creative interests and artistic pursuits.

He’s got plenty of romance to share, but nurturing is not so much his specialty. When this couple understands how to divide up the roles in the partnership to play on their strengths, they create a lasting foundation.

He’s likely in charge of morale and boosting the mood, making sure his Cancer wife can experience her normal highs and lows but ultimately come back to an optimistic baseline. She helps him feel secure. He stimulates her mind and she soothes his emotions.

A Cancer woman will listen to a Libra man’s dreams without judgment. Her business-savvy side may also help him put his dreams into action. A Libra man encourages a Cancer woman to overcome her fears. Together they can help each other find comfort, love and happiness.

In marriage, a Cancer woman finds the security she craves. This can help her lighten up the reins and relax when her Libra man needs space. A Libra man finds the muse and consistent partnership he longs for in a faithful Cancer woman.

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Libra Man & Cancer Woman in Bed

A Cancer and Libra compatibility percentage depends in part on the nature of their relationship. If their relationship is purely sexual, they can satisfy each other in bed. Yet drama often ensues. Usually, it’s the Cancer woman who pushes him away.

This is because a Cancer woman usually wants more than to be friends with benefits or an intimate partner only. She will try to use sex to manipulate his emotions and try to get him to open up. Yet she doesn’t realize how a Libra man thinks.

If a Libra man doesn’t want a romantic relationship, sex will not change his mind. He’s romantic and flirty and usually has plenty of partners to choose from. When he is in bed with a Cancer woman, he will feel that his every need is tended to and this provides the pleasure he desires.

Yet if a Cancer woman becomes too clingy or demanding, a Libra man won’t stick around. He knows he has options. He’ll tell himself he would rather experience a variety of different partners than commit to one person, anyway.

If a Libra man and Cancer woman are in a relationship, their sex life can be nurturing, passionate and tender. Libra and Cancer sexuality is all about emotional connection and physical pleasure. Both try their best to please the other.

If you’re wondering how to seduce a Libra man as a Cancer woman, you’ve got to appeal to his desire for harmony, beauty and romance. Seduce him with your appearance. Pay attention to his sensual side.

Pleasing a Libra man in bed requires imagination and gentleness, and Cancer women have both. As a sexual relationship, this can be quite satisfying for Libra and Cancer. The key is to make sure boundaries and expectations are clear.

For Libra and Cancer soulmates, sex is a meaningful extension of their love for each other. For Libra men and Cancer women just out to enjoy a fling, both can find a sensitive and gentle partner. As long as they know each other’s limits, they can avoid drama.

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