10 Key Tips to Getting a Libra Man’s Attention

10 Key Tips to Getting a Libra Man’s Attention

It’s easy to get a Libra man’s attention when you know how to appeal to his specific personality. He’s an artist and sensitive soul who loves balance.

By playing to his desires, you’ll be able to get him to notice you.

What does a Libra man look for in a woman? In short, he looks for a creative, feminine woman who can balance his perspective. He likes to look at different sides of an issue.

He loves harmony and serenity but also is drawn to social justice issues. When you show compassion for others and fair mindedness, you’ll get his attention.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, you’ve got to stand out as a patron of the arts. You’ve also got to be intellectual and friendly.

1. Dress to Impress

If you want to know how to get a Libra man to chase you, start with your appearance. Though he’s compassionate and sensitive, he’s also image conscious. First impressions matter with a Libra man. Dress to play up your strengths.

He’s attracted to natural beauty but his artistic side also leads him to appreciate it when you accentuate beauty through your style. You don’t have to appear formal and stuffy. In fact, a Libra man is more attracted to romantic fashion.

He loves to see that you are willing to play up your femininity and dress to show your sentimental, romantic nature. The more you express your creativity through your wardrobe, the better as far as a Libra man is concerned.

If you see signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings, he won’t be able to resist your beauty. He’ll flirt and compliment you on your appearance. He’ll also let his guard down when he sees that you are showing your feminine, compassionate side.

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2. Be Romantic

When a Libra man is interested in you, be sure to play up your romantic side. You won’t scare him away if you flirt. He loves to explore the realm of romance and will find friendly flirtation endearing.

Even when you are romantic with a Libra man, try to not focus too much on his emotions. He will find this overwhelming. Create romance through the atmosphere and your tone and attitude.

Bring him to romantic settings, set the stage for romance through the music playing, dim lighting or a stroll by moon light. Use your facial expressions and body language to convey romantic interest as well.

When you show a Libra man that you are a hopeless romantic, you’ll get his attention. He loves to see that you are sensitive and all about love.

3. Know Your Music Trivia

If you want to know how to text a Libra man to get his attention, show interest in music trivia. Send him quotes from famous songs, especially love songs. Make references to his favorite music or bands.

Text him information about local artists and performers as well. When a Libra man sees that you’re a true music buff, he’ll take notice. While everyone may enjoy listening to music, a Libra man can be a music snob.

Show him that you share his elitist interest in music trivia and he will feel compelled to get to know you better. One of the signs a Libra man secretly likes you is when he engages in playful conversations about his favorite music or art.

He can keep the conversation going for hours, even through text. He won’t want to disconnect from you. This friendly banter is a sign he is attracted to you and wants an excuse to chat.

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4. Show Your Artistic Skills

In addition to showing your interest in music, a Libra man will be impressed with your creative and artistic skills. Invite him to a paint and sip or show him your latest painting or decorating project.

Any form of artistic expression will get his attention. From floral arrangements to fashion, interior design to arranging food, he wants to see that you can turn anything into your canvas.

You’ll get a Libra man’s attention when you express your creative instincts in practical ways. He’ll feel like he’s found his ideal partner because he sees you as someone who is as creative as he is.

Invite him to an art opening featuring your paintings. Show him furniture or clothing you’ve made. If you make your own jewelry, casually point this out to him. Let him see you as an artist in any medium.

5. Hold Intellectual Conversations

How does a Libra man act when in love? He will want to pick your brain about many different topics. He’ll seek your perspective and then share his own views. He’ll be friendly and charming, but he’ll try to focus on anything but the relationship.

He won’t want to talk about his feelings, but any other topic is fair game. From religion to politics to pop culture and philosophy, he’ll want to hold intellectual conversations with you. You can get his attention by showing your intelligence.

To make him feel even more at ease, show him that you can discuss nuances and are receptive to discussion without being dominating with your opinion. He’ll especially like it if your views balance his.

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6. Show Interest in Justice

As you are holding intellectual discussions with a Libra man, be sure to mention topics related to social justice and equality. He has a natural soft spot for any perceived underdog so be sure to be compassionate toward those who are marginalized.

A Libra man will take notice if you are actively involved in trying to promote progressive agendas and create equality and fairness in your community. Tell him about any volunteer work you are involved in.

Also, show him that you are knowledgeable about current events and the impact of cycles of oppression. When he sees that you are trying to be part of the solution and fighting for justice, he will definitely be impressed.

7. Be Fair to Others

In addition to fighting for progress in society at large, you can gain the attention of a Libra man by simply being kind and generous in your interactions with others on a daily basis. Show him that you are fair minded and considerate.

You don’t have to tackle the world’s biggest problems to demonstrate to a Libra man that you can be fair and equitable in your daily life. Being generous and conscientious on a small scale is impressive to him.

He knows that many small steps are what makes a bigger impact anyway. A Libra man will be attracted to you if he sees that you think of what is best for the collective rather than only focusing on your own ambition.

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8. Be a Peacekeeper

If you want to know how to make a Libra man miss you, you’ve got to stand out from the crowd as exceptionally beautiful, kind, diplomatic and peace loving. When you act as a peacekeeper among friends and colleagues, he’ll take note.

A Libra man needs to feel like you are as peaceful and harmonious as he is. If you are diplomatic and always trying to build bridges and create understanding, he’ll fall in love with you.

If he sees that you avoid drama and try to create solutions rather than always complaining, he will also find it endearing. He loves to be around positive, proactive people. He also needs to know that you aren’t going to create chaos.

9. Flaunt Your Charm

If you are wondering how to know if a Libra man is playing you, show him your charming side. If he barely notices or seems unimpressed then chances are, he’s not interested in a real relationship.

If a Libra man is really into you, he’ll respond favorably to your attempts to be charming. Even if he knows you’re exaggerating slightly. He just can’t help it. He loves to be around charismatic people.

Play up your flirtations, beautiful and enthusiastic style. The more you are a bubbly social butterfly, the more he will notice you in a crowd. You’ll leave a good impression on him if you can captivate him with your flirty style and romantic image.

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10. Don’t Agree with Him on Everything

There is a secret to captivating the attention of a Libra man and many women overlook this to their detriment. Since he’s so peace loving and craves harmony, women often make the mistake of going along with his ideas and perspective.

Even if a Libra man expresses different opinions and views, you want to balance your unique vision and perspective with your ability to keep the peace. In other words, don’t always agree with him. If you do, he’ll get bored.

There comes a point in the relationship with a Libra man where he will look for the slightest tension of polarity to keep his interest engaged. If you share his views and experiences across the board, there is no tension.

When there is no tension or polarity in the relationship, he feels too much like he is talking to himself. There is no new perspective, nothing to learn and nothing to balance out his own views.

This will destroy a Libra man’s interest in you. Suddenly, he’ll stop calling and seem to wander off. Why did this happen? Because you ceased being interesting to him. He’s an intellectual and needs something to learn or grapple with.

While he doesn’t want to get embroiled in dramatic controversies, he does need some differences in perspective in order to find the relationship attractive. Don’t be too similar to him or this magnetic attraction disappears.

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