How to Make a Libra Fall in Love with You

Updated September 9, 2023

Earning a Libra’s love is easier than you might think. It’s keeping that love that is the hard part!

Some Libras love to be in love. They fall in love easily, but they fall out of love in the same way!

The key to getting a Libra to fall in love with you, and stay in love, is to work on your bond with them continuously. Don’t get too comfortable once you think they’ve fallen in love because they might fall out of love.

Don’t just focus on superficial bonds when you’re with Libra. Show them you can be the ideal long-term partner they’re looking for. Continue to bond with them after they’ve said they love you.

Focus on your Libra partner’s needs. Make them feel comfortable and appreciated. Constantly try to make them laugh and engage them in conversation.

Be Sweet & Romantic

If you want to know how to win Libra’s heart, be sweet and romantic! You can get them to at least start falling in love with you by showing them you can be the romantic and loving partner they want.

Libras are incredibly romantic. They love being in love, and many fall in love easily. If your Libra partner enjoys being with you, they’ll start to develop feelings. You can make those feelings deeper by actively trying to romance them.

How can you romance Libra? Praise and compliment them. Do things like bring them flowers and take them out to fine restaurants for date night. Go out of your way to make them feel good.

Be kind toward your Libra partner too. If they know you genuinely care about them and your relationship, they’ll fall in love and stay that way.

Make Them Laugh

One of the signs Libra is in love with you is that they will try to make you laugh. They’ll learn what types of humor you enjoy, and they will try to joke around specifically to please you.

If you want Libra to fall in love with you, make them laugh too! Show them that you want to make them happy. If you can always make them smile, no matter what, Libra will love you.

It will be easier for Libra to fall in love with you when they genuinely love being around you. If you’re carefree and someone who enjoys life, they will have a great time being with you.

Pay attention to your Libra partner’s sense of humor. You can make them laugh if you tell the jokes they already like. That will also show Libra that you pay attention to them, which will help them fall in love even more.

Engage Them in Conversation

If you want to know how to attract a Libra, engage them in interesting and exciting conversations. If they enjoy talking to you, they’ll want to be around you more, which will help them fall in love.

Libra loves to chat with other people. They are incredibly social and friendly. Your Libra partner will likely talk to you a lot. They’ll love it when you go out of your way to converse with them too.

Show Libra that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say. Actively listen and be excited about what they’re talking about! They will feel cared for, and that will help them fall in love.

Talk about things that will excite your Libra partner. They’ll gladly listen to whatever you say when they care about you, but they’ll love being around you when you mix things up and discuss interesting topics.

Be Open-minded

If you want a long-lasting relationship with Libra, you should be open-minded and tolerant toward people who are different from you.

Libras try to see all sides of an argument. They also try to do their best to understand other points of view and cultures that are different from their own. Libra won’t want to be with you if you are close-minded or bigoted.

Show Libra that you can get out of your comfort zone. Be open-minded about what they suggest, and try to be adventurous. They will enjoy being around you more, and they’ll start to fall in love.

Listen when Libra expresses their opinions. Even if you two don’t always agree, show that you still value what they say. When you are open-minded, they’ll know you’re their ideal partner.

Make Them Feel Comfortable

When you’re dating Libra and see potential in a long-term relationship, focus on making them feel comfortable around you.

How can you make Libra feel more comfortable? Show them that you genuinely care about their feelings. Let them know that they can express themselves around you and that you will never judge them for opening up.

Libra will fall out of love if they don’t feel comfortable around you. They’ll pull away if they feel like you constantly criticize and judge them. They’ll fall in love and stay that way when they know they can be themselves around you.

Focus on Their Needs

A Libra in love will do their best to focus on your needs. If you want to have a healthy relationship with them and ensure that they genuinely fall in love with you, you must focus on their needs too.

You must check in with your Libra partner and tell them you care about their needs. Be supportive and caring toward them. Don’t just accept what they do for you and never do anything in return.

One common reason Libra falls out of love is that they do all the work in their relationship, making them resentful. If your Libra partner meets all your needs and you never meet theirs, their love for you won’t last.

Don’t let your Libra partner be the only one sacrificing and compromising in your relationship. Do your best to meet their needs, and your love will be stronger.

Keep Things Balanced

If you want to know how to make a Libra fall in love, keep things balanced in your relationship as much as possible.

Libras are all about balance. This is something they strive for in their lives, especially in their relationships. Unfortunately, they don’t always get the balance they want.

How can you keep things balanced with your Libra partner? Little things such as ensuring you both get equal turns in conversations will make them feel as if you care and will help them fall in love with you.

You don’t need to keep score in your relationship but try to put in as much effort as your Libra partner. Equally and fairly split up things like household chores and who pays for dates.

Things might not always be perfectly balanced day-to-day, but Libra will fall in love with you when you at least try to keep things balanced.

Show Your Humanitarian Side

Does Libra fall in love easily? Some of them do! You can catch Libra’s eye and get them to fall for you with relative ease sometimes. You have to work a little harder to keep their love.

Show your humanitarian side if you want to bond with Libra and win their heart. They’ll fall in love if they know that you are a genuinely compassionate person who cares about justice and your community.

Talk about issues that are important to you with your Libra partner. Learn more about social issues that matter to Libra as well. Show them that you genuinely care about the things they care about.

When Libra sees your humanitarian side, they will fall for you even more. If they were already infatuated with you, this could help them to fall in love genuinely.

Make Them Feel Appreciated

When Libra says I love you, they mean it but don’t take that love for granted and assume they will love you forever. You still need to work on maintaining your relationship with them!

Make your Libra partner feel appreciated if you want them to fall in love. Libras can sometimes be people-pleasers and are used to being taken for granted. Do not do that to them if you want a long-lasting, loving relationship.

Show appreciation for your Libra partner by acknowledging everything they do for you. If they go out of their way to meet your needs and make you happy, recognize that! Let them know how much you appreciate them and how grateful you are.

Your Libra partner will feel more appreciated when you focus on them and their needs too. Don’t just let them take care of you. Take care of them as well.

Charm Them

If you want Libra to fall in love with you, turn up the charm! Go out of your way to woo them.

Smile at your Libra partner and put your best foot forward. You can charm them by putting a little extra effort into your appearance. When you plan dates, really wow them and take them somewhere nice.

One of Libra’s love languages is usually words of affirmation. You can charm them and start winning their hearts by complimenting and praising them. When Libra feels good when you’re around, they’ll happily give you their heart.

The more charming you are, the more Libra will want to be with you. Make them feel as if they are the only person in the room when you talk to them. Focus on them and on making them feel good. That will help them fall in love.

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