What to Expect Sexually From a Leo?

Updated September 10, 2023

Leo’s sexuality tends to be sensual, adventurous, and spontaneous. Leos want to have fun and let loose during sex.

Leo needs a lot of excitement in the bedroom. You’ll never really know what to expect from them, and they like it that way.

Leos tend to be dominant. They like to call the shots. They are kinky and adventurous but prefer to try new things on their own terms.

Leos have high libidos. They genuinely enjoy sex, and it is something they do for fun. They can be wild and carefree. They don’t need to be in love to have a good time, though emotional attachment can add an extra layer to sex.

Leos need to mix things up in the bedroom constantly. They get bored doing the same thing, so keep that in mind when you’re having sex with them.

They’re Sensual

Leos tend to be highly sensual when it comes to sex. They want to please all their senses. Touch tends to be their favorite, so you can focus on that, but don’t neglect their other senses.

Where does Leo like to be touched? While they might have certain weak spots, your Leo partner will love it when you touch them all over.

Leo’s favorite body part tends to be the back. This is a great place to start if you’re giving Leo a massage and trying to rile them up a bit. Don’t stop there, though! Kiss and touch all over your Leo partner’s body to appeal to their sensual side.

Appeal to Leo’s other senses as well. Play romantic music or light some candles to set the mood. They will also love it when you put on perfume or cologne and wear something sexy.

They’re Adventurous

Sex with Leo is exciting, partially because Leo tends to be adventurous. They love to experiment and try new things. Leo’s adventurous nature is typically something they like to be on their own terms.

Your Leo partner will likely want to try new things frequently. They want to be in control of this, though! They will be up for trying something you suggest but don’t push anything on them.

Leo will love experimenting and mixing things up in the bedroom. They will come up with new things for you two to try. They’ll also like it when you do as long as you suggest things instead of making demands.

Leo is also adventurous because many enjoy sex outdoors or in semi-public places. They love the thrill they get from the idea of getting caught. They will probably have sex in places that others would never dream of.

They’re Spontaneous

Spontaneity is one of Leo’s turn-ons. They are spontaneous as well! You can expect that Leo will likely surprise you in the bedroom. They’ll love it when you surprise them too.

Leo often follows their whims in the bedroom. If they get the urge to do something, they will follow that urge. If something feels good, they will continue to seek out that pleasure.

Leos can obey boundaries, but it’s essential to set them before you have sex. Leo will avoid things you don’t like, even if they get the urge to do them, but they have to know you don’t like them in the first place.

Some people love Leo’s spontaneity, while others are stressed out by it. They sometimes get swept up in the heat of the moment and usually need to learn to slow down and ask before doing certain things.

Sex is Fun for Them

Sex is something that Leo sometimes does for fun. While it can be a way to bond with a partner, it’s also a way for them to relax, let loose, and enjoy themselves.

Leo doesn’t need to be in love to enjoy sex. Having some connection with their partner might make things better, though! Sex is something that they can do just for fun, without any attachment.

This is important to remember if you’re having sex with a new Leo partner. Do not assume they love you just because they have sex with you. They might, but they also might be having a bit of fun.

Sex will be a fun time when you’re with Leo. They don’t take it too seriously and want to have a good time. They’ll be happier when their partner has a good time too!

They Have High Libidos

When you’re with Leo in bed, you should know they tend to have high libidos. Leo will likely want to have sex pretty frequently. How high their libido is varies, but overall, they enjoy sex and want to have it often.

This doesn’t mean that Leo is all about sex, of course. They will likely enjoy doing other things in your relationship too! It just means that they enjoy sex and might prefer to have it more often than you’re used to.

You and Leo will be a great match if you also have a high libido! If you don’t, you two may need to learn to compromise.

They Can Be Kinky

Leos tend to be kinky. Some have more kinks than others, but most have at least one! They are at least open to trying new kinks and might enjoy experimenting a lot.

If you’re with a kinky Leo, they might not always want to have kinky sex, but they won’t be satisfied having vanilla sex all the time. You should at least try to mix things up with them.

The best match for Leo sexually is someone who is at least open to trying some of their kinks. Leos tend to be kinky and will get bored if they are with partners who are entirely vanilla and not open to getting a little kinky sometimes.

If you aren’t at all kinky, try being more open-minded with your Leo partner. You might be surprised by how much you enjoy their kinks!

They’re Passionate

Like all fire signs, Leos are incredibly passionate about everything they do. They have strong feelings, and they have no issue expressing those feelings.

Your Leo partner will be open about how much they enjoy themselves during sex. If they love you or have strong feelings for you, they’ll express that too! You will always know exactly how they feel about you and what is happening in the bedroom.

Are Leos loud in bed? Many of them are. They are passionate and expressive people who do not hold back how they genuinely feel. If Leo is having a good time during sex, they won’t have any shame about expressing that.

Leo’s passion is attractive to many people. Leos also find passion attractive! Leo will enjoy themselves even more if you can openly express yourself in the bedroom.

They Need Excitement

What do Leos want sexually? They need a lot of excitement to feel truly satisfied in the bedroom. They get bored quickly and must constantly mix things up to remain excited about their sex life.

Leo will get bored if you always do the same things in the bedroom. They might enjoy specific kinks or positions more than others, but that doesn’t mean they only want to do those things.

How can you make sex more exciting for Leo? Be open-minded and willing to try new things with them. If they seem bored, suggest something new! If they mention something they want to try, at least hear them out.

Leo will always try to add more excitement to their sex life. They need a partner who will happily go along for the ride and try to add excitement too!

They’re Dominant

If you want to know how to please Leo in bed, you should let them take the lead. Leos prefer to be dominant during sex.

This doesn’t mean that Leo wants an entirely passive partner, though. Your Leo partner might enjoy it when you are submissive, but they still want you to take an active role during sex.

Leo will usually take the lead during sex. They like to call the shots and will have no issue suggesting new things and guiding you through things if that’s what you want.

You should still speak up about your needs, though! Leo is dominant, but ideally, they should not be entirely controlling. If your Leo partner doesn’t listen to your needs, that’s not them taking a dominant role. That is them being a bad partner.

They’re Wild

What turns a Leo on in bed? They love when their partner is also wild and uninhibited! If you let loose and enjoy yourself in the bedroom, your Leo partner will be more turned on. They’ll love being with you.

Leo wants to enjoy themselves during sex. They aren’t embarrassed about their needs, and they aren’t at all ashamed to be wild and openly express themselves.

Leo sometimes gets loud during sex. When they are genuinely having a good time, they will be open about that!

Many Leos have some wild preferences. If yours does, try to be open-minded. Don’t take sex too seriously. Leo will love it when you get wild with them and enjoy yourself.

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