10 Signs a Leo Man is Using You

Published April 5, 2023

Would you recognize the signs of a Leo man using you? Leos have clear signals when they are using you.

When you understand his psyche, you can recognize when a Leo man is using you. He doesn’t act like himself.

When a Leo man is playing you, he doesn’t put as much effort into the relationship. A serious Leo man chases you, showing his passion directly.

Leo men can be open and assertive when interested in a woman. He is complacent when a Leo man is not into you.

He can be jealous and tries to be chivalrous when he likes you. Leo men act indifferent when using you.

1. He Hides in Public

One of the red flags a Leo man shows when he is using you is that he dodges you in public. He may see you coming and hide when he is not serious about a relationship.

If you see your Leo man ducking and dodging you, it is not an accident; Leo men are social and love stopping to talk to friends and loved ones. He’s not into you if you see him at the store and he darts behind an aisle.

A Leo man may be using you if he only comes over at night and avoids you in public; if he stops going to the gym because he will see you there or changes his routine to dodge you, he’s not serious about you.

Will a Leo man use you if he knows you have feelings for him? Leo men have integrity and won’t lead you on. But a Leo man who hides from you avoids you because he doesn’t want a relationship.

How does a Leo man test a woman? He plays mind games to see if you are serious about him; he is uninterested if a Leo man hides from you rather than greeting you.

When you see signs a Leo man is not interested in you unless he is lonely, he may be using you. Leo men are passionate, and when they are in love, they want to share experiences with the women they care about.

Even if you know how to beat a Leo man at his own game, you can’t make him obsessed with you by chasing him. Avoid him if he hides from you.

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2. He Doesn’t Introduce His Friends

Leo men avoid you in public when using you; they leave you out of their social circle. A Leo man is using you if he is interested in hooking up, but you never met his friends.

A Leo man who is serious about you wants to show off. When in love, he’s proud to introduce you to his friends; he wants to ensure you get along with the people he cares about.

But if you see a Leo man for weeks or months and you still haven’t met anyone in his group of friends, he’s not serious about you. A Leo man who keeps you apart from his friends may be using you.

How do you make a Leo man obsessed with you? One of the easiest ways to make him fall for you is to go through his friends. A Leo man using you won’t give you access to his social circle.

3. He Doesn’t Text First

One sign Leo sends when he is not interested in you is that he doesn’t text you first. Leo men are obsessive in love; when he wants to be with you, he texts you consistently.

When a Leo man doesn’t text you for several days, he doesn’t love you. He may be using you if he never initiates.

If you are the one who always sends the first text message, your Leo man is not making you a priority. He shows you through his actions that he is not interested in you.

How long can a Leo man go without talking to you? If he is serious a Leo man talks to you daily. When playing hard to get, he may go quiet for a day; but if a Leo man goes weeks without texting you, he is using you.

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4. He is Stingy

When a Leo man likes a woman, he treats her to dinner, pays for dates, and surprises her with gifts; but when a Leo man is using you, he becomes frugal.

He acts consistently broke and doesn’t shower you with gifts and surprises. Leo men love showing off their money and generosity when serious about a woman.

A Leo man using you doesn’t spend money on you. He may say he is low on funds, but this doesn’t stop a Leo man from acting generous and materialistic when he likes someone.

If you see signs a Leo man misses you and suddenly acts generous, he may have been down on his luck. If he repeatedly avoids paying for dates and doesn’t spend money on you, he is not interested in romance and is using you.

5. He Doesn’t Compliment You

A Leo man who likes you is eager to boost your self-esteem. He compliments you constantly and tells you what he admires about you.

A Leo man using you doesn’t take the time to compliment you. He doesn’t go out of his way to tell you what he likes about you. A Leo man who ignores your looks and talents is uninterested in you.

When a Leo man likes you, he tells you how much he cares; you are not a priority to a Leo man if he barely talks to you and doesn’t build up your confidence and admire you.

Wondering how to know if a Leo man is serious about you, pay attention to how he talks to you. He is interested in you if he puts you on a pedestal and treats you like a queen.

But if he is dismissive or impatient when he speaks to you, it is a sign he may be using you. A Leo man who acts bored or complacent is showing you he doesn’t care.

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6. He isn’t Chivalrous

In addition to being attentive and complimenting you, Leo men are chivalrous when they like you. They hold doors open and pull out your chair for you.

Yet when a Leo man doesn’t act like a perfect gentleman, he is giving you a message. He is not interested in a relationship.

A Leo man may be using you if he doesn’t bother to take these measures. He is not romantically interested if he doesn’t court you traditionally and acts chivalrous and attentive.

7. He Doesn’t Show Off

Leo men show off when they are interested in you; they want to impress women when they are serious about a relationship. A Leo man using you doesn’t try to show off around you.

When a Leo man isn’t talking about his accomplishments, he is not interested in romance. He is using you if he only talks about sex and doesn’t share his aspirations.

A Leo man who shows off is trying to win you over. A Leo man using you doesn’t bother to impress you; he keeps his conversations with you limited and usually focuses on sex and nothing else.

A Leo man obsessed with you wants to put his best foot forward. When he doesn’t bother to get your approval, he doesn’t care.

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8. He’s Only Interested in Sex

In addition to only talking about a narrow range of subjects, a Leo man using you acts like he’s only interested in sex. He shows up when in the mood but doesn’t spend time with you on romantic dates.

He only texts you when lonely and keeps his conversations focused on intimacy. He avoids asking about your day and shows little interest in getting to know you.

When a Leo man is using you, he only acts interested in getting you into bed. He doesn’t invite you to social gatherings and is not there when you need him.

9. He Doesn’t Help You

When a Leo man is interested in you, he goes to great lengths to help you. He has a hero complex and wants to be your knight in shining armor. A Leo man using you doesn’t try to help you.

He doesn’t show initiative and ghosts you. He acts self-serving and can be demanding but doesn’t come through for you.

A Leo man who is using you focuses on his needs. He doesn’t give advice, and when you ask for help, he is always busy doing other things. He keeps you waiting and ignores you when you are in distress.

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10. He Forgets Milestones

If a Leo man likes you, he commits important milestones to memory. He doesn’t forget your birthday or anniversary. A Leo man who is serious about you can be eager to celebrate special occasions.

He looks for any excuse to surprise you with a gift and throw a party. But when a Leo man is using you, he doesn’t keep track of important dates. He loses track of your birthday or anniversary.

He treats special occasions like any other day and doesn’t bother to give you a gift or card. A Leo man using you doesn’t mark up his calendar with reminders of milestones.

If he suddenly forgets your birthday after being your partner for years it is a sign a Leo man is done with you. He neglects your special events and can become indifferent to milestone occasions.

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