What Happens When a Leo Man Gets Mad?

Published March 24, 2023

Don’t worry too much when a Leo man is mad. You can typically calm him down pretty quickly!

A Leo man might be moody, dramatic, and rude while angry, but he won’t stay mad long. His anger tends to fade quickly.

Leo men have dramatic tempers. Some aren’t quick to anger, while others are, but they all tend to lash out when angered.

When a Leo man is mad, you’ll know! He’ll be incredibly moody. He might be rude and say things he doesn’t mean. He may also lash out, though he tends to lash out emotionally, not physically.

Some Leo men will withdraw when angry, so they don’t behave badly. Either way, a Leo man will need support and comfort. His anger will fade even more quickly when he receives the attention he needs.

He Can Be Dramatic

How does a Leo man act when mad? Leo men are pretty dramatic about all their emotions. A Leo man will seem incredibly angry, even if he’s not that mad!

It can sometimes be difficult to tell how mad a Leo man is because some Leo men act like it’s the end of the world any time they get upset.

A minor inconvenience might set a Leo man off if he’s already feeling frustrated about something. He might lash out at you sometimes, even when he’s not mad at you!

One of the reasons a Leo man’s anger fades so quickly sometimes is because he wasn’t even that mad, to begin with. Just because your Leo man seems angrier than he’s ever been, that doesn’t mean he actually is.

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He’ll Be Moody

It should be obvious when a Leo man is angry. Even if he’s trying to hide his anger for some reason, he’ll seem incredibly moody.

If your Leo man seems in a generally bad mood, he might be angry at something. He might sulk around the house if frustrated about something at work or pout if he’s mad at a friend.

A Leo man acting moody doesn’t always mean he’s mad at you, even if he’s behaving that way around you. Regardless of who he’s angry at, his moodiness will likely seep into his interactions with everyone!

If your Leo man seems moody, try to talk to him. Offer support and affection. If he’s angry at something, that might help him calm down!

He May Lash Out

Do Leo men have a temper? Some do, though this isn’t true for all of them. Some Leo men are quicker to anger than others. Regardless of how often he gets angry, a Leo man is likely to lash out when he’s upset.

Leo men tend to lash out verbally or emotionally rather than physically. They don’t typically get too aggressive or violent, even when furious.

Your Leo man might lash out by yelling or saying hurtful things. He might direct his anger at the person who made him angry, but he may also lash out at anyone who happens to be nearby when he’s feeling upset.

A Leo man might also lash out by crying or getting overly emotional. A Leo man might not always express his anger in a way that seems angry.

If your Leo man feels incredibly frustrated and doesn’t know how to deal with it, he will behave in wild and irrational ways.

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He Might Be Rude

Your Leo man might be uncharacteristically rude when angry, whether he’s mad at you or not.

Leo men don’t always control their emotions well. An upset Leo man might behave in ways he usually wouldn’t just because his feelings are too much to handle!

If your Leo man starts acting rude as soon as he gets home from work, something might have happened to make him angry during the workday. If he suddenly snaps at you, he’s likely just upset about something.

You might notice that your Leo man ignores you, leaves you on read, or makes rude comments after a fight. This is a sign that he’s still angry about the fight, even if you thought he’d calmed down.

Don’t allow your Leo man to be rude to you without consequence, but be patient with him. He will likely feel incredibly guilty if he is rude, and you aren’t even the person he was mad at!

He’ll Say Things He Doesn’t Mean

If a Leo man is mad at you, he might say some things he doesn’t mean. This is even more likely if you two are fighting.

An angry Leo man won’t always be thinking clearly. His emotions will cloud his judgment, and he will likely behave recklessly and impulsively.

Your Leo man might insult you while you two are fighting. He may say he doesn’t want to be around you or tell you to leave him alone, even if he genuinely doesn’t want you to go.

If your Leo man says something hurtful while angry, try not to take it too personally. He should still apologize for what he said, but know he likely didn’t mean it!

Instead of getting upset, take some time apart from your Leo man. Let him know that you’ll gladly talk to him once he’s calmed down.

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He Might Withdraw

While some Leo men will lash out and behave dramatically when angry, others will withdraw. Depending on the circumstances, a Leo man might withdraw from you instead of talking to you about whatever upset him.

If your Leo man usually lashes out when angry, he might withdraw to avoid doing so. If he doesn’t want to say something he’ll regret later, he’ll distance himself from the people he’s mad at.

When your Leo man wants to withdraw, give him space. Sometimes he needs support, but don’t force him to talk to you if he’s not ready to.

How long can a Leo man go without talking to you? He likely won’t last very long. A Leo man might withdraw when angry but won’t give you the silent treatment forever. He will probably respond positively if you reach out!

He’ll Need Support

Will a Leo man forgive you if you’ve done something to anger him? Most of the time, he will! You might need to offer comfort, support, and an apology first.

A Leo man who is mad about something might need some emotional support. If he’s not mad at you, receiving your support may be what he needs to feel better.

Ask your Leo man if there is anything you can do to make him feel better. He might need to vent to you and release his emotions.

If he’s upset with someone else, ranting to you might help him calm down so he can talk to them without lashing out.

If your Leo man is mad at you, hearing that you’re willing to offer support might help him calm down. He may need time away from you first, but he’ll reach out once he’s ready to talk to you again.

Emotional support can help a Leo man work through his anger. If he’s having trouble dealing with his emotions, a little assistance from someone who loves him can go a long way!

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He Might Want Attention

Try giving him some attention if you’re unsure what to do when a Leo man is mad. Reach out to him and see if there is anything you can do to help him calm down.

Sometimes, a Leo man’s bad mood will fade as soon as he gets attention from the right person. If your Leo man is angry about something that happened at work, coming home to you might be all he needs to feel better!

If your Leo man is mad at you, he might want space. If he’s angry about something else, don’t ignore him or assume he wants time alone. Try seeing if he wants some attention first.

Your Leo man will let you know if he does want some time alone. Otherwise, he’ll appreciate the attention and any attempts to make him feel better!

His Anger Fades Quickly

How long does a Leo man stay mad? Most of the time, a Leo man’s anger will fade quickly. He typically doesn’t stay angry that long.

If your Leo man has been angry for a while, he might need something from you. He may be waiting for an apology or need some comfort to help him calm down.

Once a Leo man gets what he needs, he should calm down much faster. A Leo man doesn’t want to hold onto his anger if he doesn’t have to! It’s no fun being angry, especially at someone he loves.

The exception to this is when a Leo man is done with you for good. His anger will stick around if you do something to genuinely hurt or betray him. He will likely end things with you, too.

However, most of the time, you can count on your Leo man’s anger fading. He won’t want to stay mad at you for long and will do his best to get over things!

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