How do You Make a Leo Man Laugh?

Updated March 11, 2023
How do You Make a Leo Man Laugh?

Everyone needs to have some fun, but Leo men laugh as often as they eat, sleep, and breathe.

Laughter is so important to a Leo they consider it essential. So being able to amuse him could be the key to his heart.

This playful aspect of a Leo guy is good because laughter is excellent for your body and mind. Of course, Leo men want to feel good, just like anyone would.

Making him laugh is a clever way to boost his mood. Regular giggles help him relax, lower his stress levels, and release the feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins.

He will definitely notice you amongst a crowd and enjoy your sharp sense of humor. So make sure you know exactly how to make a Leo man laugh.

Joke About Him

Leo men have a great sense of humor and an even greater need to be the center of attention. So, one of the easiest ways to make a Leo guy laugh is by focusing your jokes on him.

If you want to compliment a Leo man, don’t automatically praise everything he says and does. Instead, give him the powerful combination of the spotlight and a generous helping of light-hearted teasing.

One reason this works so well is that Leos really rate themselves. Being quite self-absorbed means a Leo guy knows more about himself than pretty much anyone else.

That makes him the perfect subject as he gets attention and draws on very familiar content – the ultimate one-two.

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Use Sarcasm

Want to know if a Leo man is interested or not? There’s one easy way to see that he is, and that’s all about sarcasm. Not the cruel, cutting, fighting talk variety, of course. Leo males save that for their conflicts!

We’re talking about the teasing, caring kind of sarcasm that grows from mutual knowledge. The laughter generated by this quasi-secret language, based on trust and intimacy.

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Sharing that kind of humor with a Leo man shows you’ve forged a more profound relationship because sarcasm can so easily be misunderstood.

However, do stay alert to a Leo man’s mood. When he’s feeling sensitive and vulnerable, sarcasm is best left on ice.


There are always opportunities to use everyday interactions to create more laughter. Take flirting, which is something most of us can do.

Okay, so maybe you are no expert, but being flirty is just a communication style. One of many you can choose to use.

We already know that Leo guys are popular with women. So popular that they are drawn to this fire sign just like Icarus felt compelled to reach for the sun. Of course, the vain Leo laps up such attention without a thought.

If zero flirty contact is a sign a Leo man just wants to be friends, then you must exploit any hint of a flirty spark between you. The best way to stand out from the competition involves combining flirting and humor.

Making him laugh in a flirty, tempting way will spark his interest and curiosity. You get to lay the trail for him to follow, should your laughter become more than a fun, flirty exchange.

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Be Witty

There are lots of different styles of humor, and they each have their own appeal. Something Leos seem to like and respond to is the use of wit.

Witty humor depends on excellent timing and manipulating language to make an edgy, clever remark. It’s something that you either do very well, or you fail at miserably, but wittiness is always impressive.

Leo men are sharp and intelligent. They may love to be the dominating force in a room, but clever use of language in a witty word battle intrigues and excites him.

It’s pretty rare for Leo males to feel they’ve met a good potential match, so they appreciate it.

As the alpha male, Leo men want a partner who is also at the top of her game. Using wit is an excellent way to catch his eye, make a Leo man chase you, and then keep his attention for the longer term.

Be Attentive

Ever wondered if there’s one effortless way to make a Leo man happy? Wonder no more because there is. All you need to do is laugh at his jokes! It really is that simple. However, it may not always be easy!

It’s no secret that Leos need attention, so sharing a sense of humor is essential for a relationship to blossom. You build a solid bond by being attentive and a willing audience for his stories, jokes, and comments.

Leo men can struggle to be genuinely funny because they like to focus on themselves.

They may think about their reactions instead of reading the audience and responding to them. So sometimes a Leo man finds something much funnier than other people do.

This is a consequence of a Leo’s personality and communication styles, so it’s wise to pay attention and allow for it. Once you understand how he thinks, you will get a Leo man to trust you and admit you to his inner circle.

Your task is to have him laugh happily at his unique humor style, and enjoy the fondness his quirky, offbeat approach creates between you.

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Tell Jokes

When the question is “How do you make a Leo man laugh?” perhaps suggesting someone tells a few jokes as an answer seems too simple or obvious. However, if you get things right, it really can be that easy.

The trick is to tell jokes that will make a Leo guy laugh. Again, that might seem like common sense, but you must learn what makes him tick. Leos have plenty of followers, but getting it right should get you noticed.

Remember that Leos have lots of energy and a love of all things dramatic, so make the most of that. You won’t even catch his eye if you don’t create a situation that intrigues him.

One practical approach is to entertain his friends and fans with excellent jokes and witty banter.

He’ll be impressed by your ability to capture an audience he knows and trusts, and confident you’re on similar wavelengths.

Be Bold

Leo men are generally seen as bold, larger-than-life, spotlight-seeking characters, but is this always the case? You may be surprised to learn that some shy Leo man characteristics lurk underneath the noise and performance.

Sometimes a Leo likes to step back a little, and that’s when being bold can get you those laughs you are looking for. A woman who is able and willing to step forward and hold court is always attractive to the lion.

Leos are also known for their love of the theatrical, the outrageous, and the unpredictable. Being bold is about taking risks with confidence and courage, which will always make a Leo laugh.

Don’t worry about holding back. Be loud, cutting edge, risqué and provocative when it’s fitting. Be political, sarcastic, dramatic, or whatever the scenario needs to work.

Pushing boundaries can push Leo’s laughter button, so why not?

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Did you know that fire signs like Leo are known for being a bit wacky? One kind of comedy that particularly appeals is from the physical genre. Think pranking, slapstick, mime, clowns, silly stunts, and similar.

Any kind of exaggerated comedy seems to appeal to Leos, so don’t be afraid to make him laugh through over-the-top antics. If you’re not attracted to the hands-on side, you can still make him laugh.

Booking tickets for a comedy club or a goofy show where he can laugh a lot is a good move. Even better, encourage him to create his own. There are lots of social media platforms you can use to showcase his creations.

Be Topical

Arguing with a Leo man may not sound like the wisest move, but do it well, and you’ll make him laugh for sure. We’re not talking full-scale screaming matches or throwing random objects around here, though. It’s all about the clever use of language.

Leo men find intelligent women incredibly sexy, stat! They also like to know what’s going on in the world. Okay, primarily a Leo’s interest in current affairs stems from a selfish place, his need to look after number one, but that’s forgivable.

If a woman can combine humor with topical input from both the wider world and their local networks, she’s gold. Give a Leo man clever insight into people or events he’s interested in will make him laugh.

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Laugh at Yourself

There’s something special about a woman who can laugh at the silly things she does or says. At least that’s true for a Leo man. He finds being able to laugh at yourself an endearing trait, and it will always make him laugh alongside you.

Sharing a sense of humor is one of the critical factors that makes a Leo man want a relationship. Remember, though, Leos need mates who won’t steal too much attention from them for a long-lasting commitment.

Being able to humble yourself through humor is a nod to his alpha role, at least in his eyes.

That way of thinking means he can join in the laughter your crazy stories trigger in an audience and bask in the default attention it brings him.

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