How to Turn On a Leo Man in Bed

Updated October 31, 2022
How to Turn On a Leo Man in Bed

If you’re hooking up with a man born under the sign of the lion, you need to know how to turn on a Leo man in bed.

According to astrology, what should you do to excite him in the bedroom?

Leo is a very passionate and physical sign, so sex is an important aspect of romantic relationships to a Leo guy.

So, how can you discern his zodiac sign’s sexual preferences and know what to do to keep him coming back for more?

When you learn more about his astrological sign, you will find out exactly how to turn on a Leo man in bed.

Be Confident

Leo is one of the most confident signs of the entire zodiac. A Leo guy has a commanding presence, so whenever he enters a room, everyone turns to look at him.

Not only is a Leo man very confident himself but he is also highly attracted to confidence in the opposite sex.

He is very expressive and flattering, so he will compliment his partner frequently and put her on a pedestal. He’s willing to be her biggest cheerleader, but she should already have healthy self-esteem.

What a Leo man looks for in a woman more than anything is confidence. If you want to turn on a Leo guy in bed, you need to be self-assured.

Show him that you’re proud of your body and your sexuality. Parade around the bedroom naked, get intimate with the lights on, and let your confidence shine.

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Be Aggressive

Part of confidence is knowing your worth and that you deserve to achieve your dreams. You should know what you want and be unafraid to pursue it if you want to impress a Leo guy.

A Leo man loves the thrill of the chase, so he likes dating and winning a woman over before taking her to bed. He enjoys taking the conventional male role and being the pursuer in the relationship.

But he is also very proud and susceptible to flattery, so he likes it when a woman lets him know she’s interested in him and chases him back.

Sleeping with a Leo man too soon might make him lose interest in you quickly because he likes to savor the process of pursuing you.

But, at the same time, you shouldn’t act too disinterested in him because he might feel insulted or think that you want him to move on to someone else.

To turn on a Leo guy in bed, you need to find the balance between playing hard to get and being aggressive.

And once you’ve started hooking up with him, don’t be afraid to initiate sex or aggressively show him what you like.

Wear Orange Lingerie

Every zodiac sign correlates with a color that energizes and excites them. The color associated with Leo is orange.

If you want to know how to make a Leo man want you more, wear a sexy orange lingerie set to seduce him.

If you’re not into lingerie, you can use the color orange in other ways to turn on your Leo guy. Wear orange nail polish, orange accessories, or orange high heels when you’re feeling flirty.

You could even try orange bed sheets or pillowcases to put the color right where it’s most needed – in the bedroom.

If you’re wondering how to seduce Leo man from afar, try sending him a hot picture of yourself wearing orange lingerie or a sexy orange dress.

When you rock the color orange in any photo, it is sure to become your Leo man’s favorite picture of you.

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Let Him Dominate You

Just as every zodiac sign is associated with a color, each sign also has a unique symbol that reveals the distinctive personality traits of that sign.

Leo is symbolized by the lion, which tells us that a Leo man is proud, strong, and dominant. The lion is known as the king of the jungle, and a Leo guy wants to be treated like a king, too.

If you want to know how to handle a Leo man in the bedroom, you should let him dominate you.

This is a bit challenging because a Leo man likes an aggressive woman, so he’s not looking for you to be meek and shy.

He feels even more powerful and dominant when he can take control of a strong woman, so you should still be assertive while letting him be in charge.

For example, you could buy some handcuffs or silk scarves and ask your Leo guy to tie you up in bed.

This way, you are being aggressive and showing him what you want but still allowing him to be the dominant one when you play out your fantasy.

Be Passionate and Romantic

Each zodiac sign is connected to one of the four natural elements. The elements tell us about the personality and disposition of the signs.

Leo belongs to the fire element, and fire signs are known for being inspiring, exciting, and controlling. The fire element reveals that a Leo man is a very passionate and romantic lover.

He likes wild, carnal sex a lot, but sometimes he’s in the mood for tender, sentimental intimacy instead.

A Leo man in love likes to bring some romance into the bedroom. He might light some candles, cover the bed with rose petals, and feed you chocolate strawberries and champagne in bed to initiate intimacy.

He likes it when his partner puts some effort into sparking romance, as well. Try making the bed with satin sheets or drawing a bubble bath for you and your Leo guy to turn him on.

A Leo man craves sweet, romantic gestures, so show him that you’re just as passionate and romantic as he is.

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Be Playful

Besides being passionate, fire signs are also very playful and childlike. Fire signs are some of the most fun signs of the zodiac because they see the world with wonder and just want to have a good time.

If you want to know how to turn on a Leo man in bed, don’t take sex too seriously. Try to be playful with him and enjoy yourself.

You don’t need to overthink or put too much work into your intimacy with a Leo guy. As long as you’re having fun with him, your pleasure is infectious and turns him on.

Don’t be afraid to get a little silly and laugh with your Leo man in bed. He likes having a partner who also feels like his best friend, so let him see your goofy side.

Boost His Ego

As perhaps the proudest sign of the zodiac, a Leo man loves compliments and attention. He needs to be with someone who expresses her love for him verbally.

If you want to know how to make Leo man chase you, you should boost his ego whenever you’re with him, especially in bed.

Give him lots of sincere and thoughtful compliments. Tell him how much you admire his physique and that you love how strong and masculine he is.

Let him know how much you care about him and that you think he’s an amazing lover. Even if he laughs off your compliments, they mean a lot to him and turn him on.

This simple secret about Leo men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

Spice It Up

A Leo man needs change and variety to stay interested in a partner. He won’t be happy with someone who finds one move that works in bed and keeps doing it over and over.

If you’re wondering how to keep a Leo man interested, you need to introduce some variety into your sex life. You need to change things up and get creative if you want to keep your Leo guy happy.

Try a new position, buy a toy to experiment with in bed, or ask him if he has a particular fantasy he wants to act out.

Something as seemingly insignificant as having sex in a different room of the house or at an unexpected time can go a long way towards turning on your Leo man.

Scratch His Back

Every zodiac sign correlates with a set of body parts that are of particular importance to that sign.

These body parts could be the sign’s healthiest limbs, their most attractive features, the parts that cause the most health problems, or what they like the most on the opposite sex.

Leo rules the heart, spine, and upper back, so you should pay special attention to his back when you’re hooking up with a Leo guy.

Try giving his shoulders and upper back a massage when you want to feel closer to him and initiate intimacy.

When you’re hooking up, trail your fingers lightly across his back to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings there.

In a moment of passion, you could even use your fingernails to claw at his back. A Leo man likes a bit of rough, animalistic sex, so this move is sure to turn him on.

When you make an effort to stimulate his zodiac sign’s favorite body parts, you become a Leo man’s fantasy woman.

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