10 Tips for When a Leo Man is Ignoring You

Updated August 12, 2023

A Leo man ignoring you can lead you to panic. Before you think it’s over, try to take a step back.

When a Leo man doesn’t text back right away, there could be reasons for it that aren’t cause for alarm.

If you’re wondering why a Leo man pulls away, it could be solely because of his own stress and issues he’s dealing with. It’s not always a red flag.

You’ve got to understand his personality to know the reasons he may go silent and what to do about it. Signs a Leo man has lost interest can indicate he needs more excitement.

If you’re wondering how does a Leo man test a woman, he will sometimes step back to see how you will respond. You have to know how to play the game by his rules.

1. Build Your Confidence

When a Leo man is done with you, he’ll make it clear. You’ll know without a doubt the relationship is over. If this happens, there may be little you can do to remedy the situation. Yet if a Leo man is just quiet for a while, he may not be done completely.

One of the best things you can do when a Leo man goes silent is to work on building up your own confidence. Though your instinct may be to focus completely on him and try to get him to change his mind, there is no better way to get a Leo man to change his mind about you than to entice him through your own displays of confidence.

Rather than putting all your attention on him, focus instead on building up your own confidence. The more you boost your self-esteem, the more a Leo man will become enticed to turn his attention back to you.

A Leo man is naturally drawn to women who are independent, self-sufficient and strong willed. If you’ve become too passive or dependent on him, a Leo man will take a step back. But if he sees that you are acting more independent and empowered, he’ll want you back.

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2. Be More Social

Just as a Leo man will become turned off if you become too dependent on him, he will also back away if you’re becoming more of a home body. If you’re introverted, a Leo man may be intrigued at first but will eventually become distant.

This is because he is one of the most extroverted signs in the zodiac. He needs to feel like you can match his outgoing energy. He’ll want to go to parties and galas with you. Once in a while he may opt for a quiet night at home.

Yet mostly, a Leo man will be drawn to you if you show him you are social and outgoing. When a Leo man starts to ignore you, make plans with friends and muster your courage. When you become a social butterfly, he’ll take notice.

A Leo man will want to be in your life again when he sees that you are being more social and outgoing. You can entice a Leo man to open back up to you when you start to get out and enjoy nightlife, travel and social connections more.

3. Give Him Space

When he ignores you, ignoring a Leo man back can work but only if done strategically. Give him space. A Leo man who is ignoring you may just need space. Rather than going out of your way to ignore him in order to give him a taste of his own medicine, it’s best to just step back.

Giving him space simply means not pursuing him. Keep yourself busy. Re-engage in other interests and hobbies. Don’t confront him about his silence. At the same time, when he does reach out to you again, you may want to be slower than usual to respond.

Though taking your time to get back to him can send a message that you are busy and aren’t going to act eager or desperate, you don’t want to go too far in ignoring him. When you ignore a Leo man, you’ll hurt his ego. This can be a big mistake.

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4. Impress Him with Art

If you’re wondering what to do when a Leo man is mad at you, your first priority should be de-escalating his tense emotions. One way to get him to soften up is to use humor. Another way is to appeal to his love of art.

When a Leo man is distant, you can entice him by inviting him to a concert, play or art gallery. Creating something for him using your own artistic talents can also get his attention.

When you research art, music or film history and show off your knowledge of obscure facts related to the humanities, you can get the attention of a Leo man. He may appreciate you more when he sees you’re a patron of the arts.

5. Text Him Jokes

If you want to lift the spirits of a Leo man who has been quiet, it is best to text him minimally. When you do reach out, try to boost his mood by texting him jokes or funny memes. This works by reminding him you have a good sense of humor.

It is also a good way to re-engage him as Leo men love to laugh and have lighthearted conversations. When you text something funny to a Leo man, he’ll be more likely to respond.

He’ll see that you aren’t waiting to ambush him with heavy emotions or demands on his time. When he sees that you are in a good mood, he’ll usually lighten up and start to talk with you again.

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6. Don’t Chase Him

If you pursue a Leo man after he goes quiet, he will not respond the way you want him to. It’s best to not chase a Leo man. Even if you’re afraid of losing him. The best thing to do is entice him to come to you.

When you chase a Leo man, he will lose interest in you. He’ll see your attempts to get his attention as flattering at first. But this will quickly give way to him seeing you as too eager. This will make him question your self-confidence.

Leo men are attracted to power. When you convey an image of being powerful, you’re more likely to get his attention. A Leo man will be more likely to pursue you when you radiate confidence and show you know your value.

7. Don’t Overwhelm Him

A Leo man testing you will step back and watch how you respond when he’s not responsive. If he thinks you need too much validation, he’ll see you as insecure. A Leo man doesn’t want to “prove” his good intentions.

If a Leo man thinks you are too clingy or emotionally needy, he will shut down completely. When he first goes quiet, don’t overwhelm him with your needs and emotions. One of the worst things you can do is to text him a long explanation of how much you love him.

Even if you think doing this will convince him he needs to stay with you, don’t make this move. It will only backfire. A Leo man will read such an intense declaration of love as an indicator that you may try to dominate him or infringe on his independence.

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8. Make Him a Hero

If you’re wondering what to do when a Leo man ignores you, one way to get his attention is to put him on a pedestal. When you idolize a Leo man, his heart will melt.

A Leo man will become enamored with you if you make him feel like a hero. This is actually one of his deepest secret desires. Leo men have a need to be admired.

When you treat him like the hero in a movie, he’ll want to hear more. Leo men don’t want to feel needed or smothered with emotions but they do love being put on a pedestal.

9. Admire His Strengths

Along the lines of treating a Leo man like a hero, you can also get his attention back after he ignores you when you admire his strengths. Tell him how impressed you are with his courage and power.

The more you show him admiration and make him feel like the strongest, sexiest, most attractive guy you know, the more a Leo man will melt. He’ll want to spend time with you to hear you admire him.

It sounds egotistical but remember that Leo men are ego motivated. When a Leo man is given an ego boost, he will become infatuated. He’ll keep coming back for more.

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10. Share Successes Stories

When a Leo man is shutting down and ignoring you, one of the ways you can get him back is to share success stories with him. If you’re not contacting him directly, post online about your big wins and successes.

When a Leo man sees that you are moving up the social or career ladder, he will want to be a part of your success. He loves to uplift other people and he also loves to bask in the success of those around him.

Entice him back by showing how your hard work is paying off. When a Leo man sees that you are achieving important accomplishments, he’ll want to be seen with you. He’ll see your connection as a boost to his reputation by proxy.

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