How Does a Leo Man Flirt?

Published March 19, 2023
How Does a Leo Man Flirt?

The way a Leo man flirts tends to be incredibly forward and bold. You’ll never have to wonder if a Leo man is flirting with you or not!

Leo men aren’t always serious when they flirt, though. Sometimes, they do it just for fun, so keep that in mind!

When a Leo man flirts, he makes intense eye contact. He will likely compliment and praise you a lot too! He will come on very strong, even if he’s not serious about flirting.

A Leo man will be incredibly bold when he flirts. He’ll be confident, affectionate, and even a little shameless! Flirting doesn’t embarrass him one bit.

You might feel like you’re the only woman in the world when a Leo man flirts with you. He’ll pamper you and be incredibly attentive. It’s easy for a Leo man to charm the people he flirts with!

He Makes Intense Eye Contact

Eye contact is a huge part of how a Leo man flirts. A Leo man can flirt using just eye contact sometimes!

A Leo man might get your attention by staring at you across the room. He may try to lock eyes with you when he arrives at a party, or he’ll look your way when you show up.

A Leo man’s eye contact will be highly expressive. If he smiles, it will light up his eyes. If he likes you, it will be evident from how he looks at you.

Your Leo man will likely lock eyes with you while flirting. He’ll wink and make it evident that he’s focused entirely on you.

If your Leo man flirts with everyone, it can be difficult to tell whether he’s seriously flirting with you. Just look into his eyes! Leo men are incredibly expressive. If your Leo man likes you, he won’t be able to hide his genuine affection for you.

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He Compliments & Praises You

How does a Leo man flirt? When a Leo man is flirting with someone, he will compliment them a lot!

The nature of the compliments will vary depending on how a Leo man feels about the person he’s flirting with. His praise might seem generic or just focused on physical appearance if he’s flirting for fun.

A Leo man interested in more than just flirting might compliment your personality more. He may compliment you even when he’s not explicitly flirting with you. The compliments will seem more specific and focused on you as well.

If you’re flirting with a Leo man via text, he will likely praise you even more. He won’t be able to flirt in the same way as he would in person and may lean heavily on compliments to make up for the things he can’t do.

He’s Affectionate

One of a Leo man’s love languages is often physical touch, so it makes sense that a Leo man would be physically affectionate when flirting!

How affectionate a Leo man is while flirting will depend on how serious he is. A Leo man flirting for fun might brush his hand against yours, stand close to you, or bump his knee against yours while you’re sitting next to one another.

A Leo man who is more serious in his flirting will be more affectionate. He’ll hug and even kiss you while flirting. He will hold your hand, casually brush your hair out of your face, and show affection in ways other than physical touch.

How do Leo men act when they have a crush, compared to when they’re just flirting? A Leo man flirting for fun will likely only be affectionate while flirting. A Leo man with a crush will always be caring toward you.

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He’s Bold

Leo men tend to be incredibly bold when they flirt. They aren’t shy at all. If your Leo man is interested in you, he’ll make that clear!

A Leo man will likely take charge while flirting. He’ll be the one to approach you and initially strike up a conversation. Even if you approach him first, he’ll probably take the lead from you quickly.

If a Leo man wants to flirt with someone and there isn’t a good reason not to, he will. He’s not the type of person who will avoid flirting with someone because they’re “out of his league.”

A Leo man might approach by making bold eye contact across the room, or he may dive right in and start flirting. He definitely won’t play it coy. It will always be obvious when he’s flirting with you!

Some Leo men are a little too bold. They dive right in and don’t always think before doing so. This can lead to a Leo man flirting with someone who isn’t interested.

He’s Confident

A Leo man will always appear confident while flirting. Even if his confidence is false, he’ll put on a good act!

Leo men are typically very confident while flirting. Even if the flirting doesn’t go over well, a Leo man will dust himself off and move on to someone else.

Your Leo man will always approach you with confidence when he’s in a flirtatious mood. He’ll stroll up to you, compliment you, and start flirting. He won’t have any shame, either!

If your Leo man knows you’re interested in him, his confidence will be far more genuine. He won’t have to wonder if flirting with you will go over well. He’ll already know that it will, and that will increase his confidence!

If a Leo man ever seems like he’s not as confident as he usually is while he flirts with you, that’s an indicator that he’s got a crush and he’s unsure if you return his feelings. Once you flirt back and make your feelings clear, his confidence will return!

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He Comes On Strong

Do Leo men like to flirt? Leo men love to flirt! Sometimes, they can come on a little too strong, though they don’t usually mean to be pushy.

A Leo man usually intends not to cross boundaries when flirting, but that can happen sometimes. Some Leo men are so focused on flirting and having fun that they don’t stop to think about how the person they’re flirting with feels.

A Leo man might immediately make a sexual comment or compliment your body in a way that makes you uncomfortable. He thinks he is flirting and having a good time, but you may disagree!

If a Leo man is coming on too strong, let him know. A mature and respectful Leo man will back off if he ever crosses a line with you.

He Pampers You

How do you know if a Leo man likes you? If he’s seriously flirting with you, a Leo man will probably pamper you and shower you with gifts. He won’t just casually flirt and then run off!

When a Leo man is serious about his flirtations, he will be incredibly generous toward you. If your Leo man brings you little gifts, he likes you!

Your Leo man will probably pamper you while flirting when you’re in a relationship, too. He won’t stop flirting just because you two are already together!

He might give you a massage while turning up the charm. If your Leo man always does his best to care for you, even while flirting, that’s a sign he likes you.

If you want to seduce a Leo man, pamper him too! He’ll love feeling a little spoiled, especially if he usually spoils others.

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He’s Shameless

Why are Leo men such flirts? Leo men love to flirt because it’s fun for them! They can be shameless and over the top, but it’s usually all in good fun.

Flirting isn’t always a sign a Leo man likes you. He might be attracted to you or enjoy talking to you, but it’s not a sign that he’s serious. He will shamelessly flirt with people sometimes, even when he’s in a relationship!

A shameless Leo man will flirt whenever he gets the urge. If he sees someone he finds attractive, he’ll approach them! If a friend is flirting with him, he’ll flirt back, even if he’s not interested.

The shameless nature of a Leo man means you have to be careful when flirting with him. Don’t always assume he’s serious or wants to do anything with you beyond casually flirting.

He’s Incredibly Attentive

Flirting with a Leo man tends to be fun because he’s incredibly attentive toward whoever he’s flirting with. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only person in the room when a Leo man is flirting with you!

Leo men are incredibly charming. They have a natural magnetism and charisma that draws people in, so it’s easy for them to find people willing to flirt with them.

Your Leo man will likely focus on you while flirting with you. It might seem like he only has eyes for you. You might think that he genuinely isn’t interested in anyone else.

Sometimes, the attention a Leo man gives you is genuine. A Leo man who likes you will only have eyes for you. Don’t just assume that he’s being serious because of all the attention a Leo man gives you, though.

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