How to Start a Conversation With a Leo Man

Published March 16, 2023
How to Start a Conversation With a Leo Man

A Leo man’s conversation skills can be hit or miss. He’s great at talking but is not always the best listener.

If you want to start a conversation with a Leo man, keep him engaged! Catch his interest from the start, or he might not listen.

Be genuine and honest when starting a conversation with a Leo man. Approach with a smile and be lively, but don’t put on an act or be dishonest.

Make sure your Leo man is free before starting a conversation. Don’t interrupt him if he’s already chatting with someone else!

Make eye contact with your Leo man. That will get his attention and make him feel like he also has your attention. Ask about him, compliment him, and listen when he talks. Be passionate and keep him engaged, and he’ll listen to you too!

Be Genuine

When communicating with a Leo man, always try to be as genuine as possible. You can be dramatic and expressive if that suits your personality, but don’t lie to him or lead him to believe you’re someone you’re not.

The best way to start a conversation with a Leo man is to approach him genuinely. If you’re interested in him, show that! If you have something you want to ask him or talk to him about, make it clear that you’re excited to talk to him!

Your Leo man might not want to chat with you if you seem to have an ulterior motive. He will also pick up on any deception, so don’t start a conversation with a lie!

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Approach With A Smile

One of the most important things to remember when figuring out how to talk to a Leo man is that you need to smile at him!

If you approach with a smile, your Leo man will be more likely to chat with you. He’ll love having your smile focused on him.

You can sometimes get a Leo man’s attention in the first place just by making eye contact and smiling at him. This is a great way to break the ice and get him looking your way!

When you smile at a Leo man, you’re showing interest in him. You’ll make him feel more comfortable around you, and your positive energy will be infectious!

If you seem overly serious when you approach your Leo man, he might think something is wrong or that whatever you have to discuss with him is serious. If you smile, he’ll feel more at ease.

Make Sure He’s Free

Always check to make sure he’s free before talking to a Leo man, in person or via text. If you know your Leo man is at work or out at a party, it’s probably not the best time to text him to strike up a conversation!

Ensure your Leo man is free to talk before approaching him at a party. If he seems like he’s occupied with something else, wait.

You might be tempted to insert yourself into a conversation your Leo man is already having, but sometimes it’s best to wait. Try to feel the situation out first. If he’s having an intense one-on-one conversation with someone else, he’s not free!

Your Leo man likely won’t be able to talk to you if he’s focused on something else. He may also not want to talk to you, even when he is free if you try to pull him away from whatever he’s doing.

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Never Interrupt Him

Whether you’re starting a conversation with a Leo man or just continuing a discussion you’re already having, be sure never to interrupt your Leo man.

You shouldn’t interrupt a Leo man if he’s already talking to someone else. You can join the conversation if appropriate, but don’t try to pull him away from whoever he’s talking to.

A Leo man’s communication style tends to be expressive and lively. It will be obvious if your Leo man is excited about whatever he’s talking about! Do your best never to interrupt your Leo man while he’s passionately discussing something.

Sometimes you’re both excitedly talking over one another without interrupting, and that’s fine! Just be sure you’re listening to your Leo man and giving him space to talk.

Make Eye Contact

Attracting a Leo man and starting a conversation is sometimes as easy as making eye contact. Catch your Leo man’s eye properly, and he’ll start the conversation.

Eye contact is essential when interacting with a Leo man. He might not expect you to gaze intensely at him the whole time he’s talking, but he will certainly appreciate it if you make frequent eye contact so that he knows you’re focused on him!

When you first approach your Leo man, try to make eye contact. Look at him as you walk over to him. If he avoids eye contact or won’t seem to look your way, he might be busy!

Maintain eye contact while conversing with your Leo man, too. Show him that you’re engaged with what he’s saying. Focus on him, and he’ll be more likely to keep the conversation going.

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Be Passionate

Leo men are attracted to passion. If you’re passionate about whatever you’re talking about, your Leo man will be more likely to want to listen to you!

Make your passion and excitement evident when you approach your Leo man. If you’re just excited to chat with him in general, make that clear too!

If you’re trying to start a conversation with a Leo man, try to start with a topic you’re both passionate about. This will make it far easier to get a conversation going because he’ll happily chat with you!

A Leo man will love seeing your passion, even if you’re talking about something that only interests you. Your passion will be infectious, and he’ll be excited to hear from you.

Be Lively

In addition to being passionate, you should be lively and engaging when starting a conversation with a Leo man. He’ll be more likely to keep the conversation going if you’re fun to talk to!

Start by approaching with a smile and making it clear that you’re excited to see your Leo man. Be animated and expressive while you talk, too! It should be clear that you’re enjoying yourself.

When you are lively, your Leo man will listen to you more. He won’t be able to look away if you’re excitedly chatting with him.

Let your Leo man see how you’re feeling by adopting an open expression. Use your body language to show you’re engaged with the conversation too. If he can look at you and see that you’re a fun person, he’ll want to talk to you!

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Ask About Him

If you’re unsure what to say to a Leo man but want to talk to him, approach him and ask a question about him!

The best questions to ask a Leo man are ones about himself. Something as simple as asking your Leo man how work is going can get him talking. Leo men love to talk about themselves.

If you already know your Leo man well, you’ll likely know some good questions to ask. If not, you can ask how he knows the host of the party you’re attending or what he thinks of the drinks at the bar you’re both at.

Asking about him also works great if you’re unsure what to text a Leo man. If you’re trying to start a conversation over text, ask your Leo man a question!

Compliment Him

Compliments are definitely what a Leo man wants to hear! If you start a conversation with a compliment, your Leo man will likely stick around for more.

If you approach your Leo man and immediately compliment his outfit, he’ll pay attention to you. He might return the compliment, or the praise can be an easy segue into a question about where he got something he’s wearing.

Complimenting a Leo man is one of the easiest ways to get his attention. Your Leo man will love hearing that you like his new haircut or that you’ve noticed he’s wearing a new jacket.

Be sure to have something to follow the compliment up with as well. If you just compliment your Leo man, he might not always pick up the conversation from there. Start with a compliment, then ask a question or talk about something else to keep things going.

When flirting with a Leo man, be sure to compliment him. Slip in compliments throughout your conversation to keep your Leo man hooked on you.

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Listen To Him

Be prepared to listen to your Leo man if you want to start a conversation with him. He doesn’t want to chat with someone who will ramble at him without letting him have any input!

Approach your Leo man, ask a question, and listen to the answer. Make it clear that you’re interested in chatting with him specifically.

When you know how to listen to your Leo man, he’ll want to talk to you more! He’ll start approaching you more when he knows that you’ll always enjoy hearing what he has to say.

Unfortunately, Leo men aren’t always the best listeners, so you might have to work to balance the conversation. If you’re engaging enough, though, he will listen to you. Be sure to return the favor!

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