How Does a Leo Man Apologize?

Published March 12, 2023
How Does a Leo Man Apologize?

You can’t always make a Leo man apologize after he’s done something to upset you. Many Leo men hate apologizing!

It can be difficult for a Leo man to admit he’s wrong. He might apologize, but it won’t always be a verbal apology.

A Leo man likely won’t apologize unless he has to. When he does feel genuinely sorry for hurting you, he’ll try to make you feel better. That won’t always involve verbally apologizing, though!

Your Leo man might say sorry with gifts, compliments, or other actions. You won’t always hear the words “I’m sorry” from him, even if he feels terrible for upsetting you!

When a Leo man says sorry, he might not always do it the way you’d like. He might shift the blame or refuse to admit he’s wrong. A genuine apology will involve him expressing guilt, though.

He Hates Apologizing

Many Leo men hate apologizing for a wide variety of reasons. It’s likely that your Leo man will avoid apologizing if at all possible.

Some Leo men let their pride get the best of them. They feel like apologizing is admitting fault, and they don’t want to do that! Apologizing is a huge blow to their pride, so they don’t apologize if they can avoid it.

A Leo man may also hate apologizing because he never knows what to say or how to apologize “correctly.” Apologizing might make him feel embarrassed, so he’ll avoid saying sorry even if he is sorry.

Your Leo man might apologize to you if he needs to, but that doesn’t mean he’ll like it! If your Leo man seems like he’s on edge while apologizing, it’s likely because he’s upset he has to apologize in the first place.

A Leo man will apologize if he must, though. If he genuinely did something wrong and upset someone he loves, he’ll do what he needs to do to make it up to them.

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He Won’t Admit To Being Wrong

Leo men are incredibly vain. They often think highly of themselves, and admitting they were wrong about something is incredibly difficult for them!

Your Leo man might apologize to you, but that doesn’t mean he’ll always admit that he made a mistake. He might say sorry or show that he’s sorry for his actions, but he won’t want to admit to being wrong.

If your Leo man accidentally said something insensitive or made a mistake that hurt you, he’ll try to apologize without admitting to any wrongdoing.

A Leo man might avoid responsibility when apologizing. He might say he’s sorry that you’re upset but not admit that his actions are the reason you’re upset. If he made a mistake, he likely won’t admit to it.

Try to pick your battles when you’re with a Leo man. If he seems genuinely sorry and he’s apologizing, you don’t always need to push for him to admit he was wrong.

He Might Wait To Apologize

How do Leo men say sorry? You might notice that even if your Leo man consistently ends up apologizing, he typically waits before he offers any apology.

Leo men usually wait to see if they have to apologize. If you seem upset after an argument but quickly calm down and go back to normal, your Leo man will assume that you’re over it and that he doesn’t need to say sorry.

Your Leo man might also wait to apologize even when he fully intends to apologize, no matter what. He might want to give you time to calm down before he talks to you, or he may need to figure out how to apologize correctly.

If your Leo man plans on apologizing with a gift, he’ll also wait until he has the perfect gift. Even if he plans on apologizing verbally, he’ll wait until he has everything ready before talking to you.

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He’ll Apologize With Gifts

How do Leo men apologize if they hate apologizing in the first place? Instead of saying he’s sorry, a Leo man is more likely to try and apologize with gifts.

Some Leo men use gifts in place of an apology, while others will apologize verbally and give a gift. The type of gift often depends on how guilty your Leo man feels and what he did in the first place!

Your Leo man might apologize by bringing you coffee or making breakfast the morning after a minor argument. If he does something to upset you, he might buy some jewelry or something else he knows you want.

Don’t accept his gifts if you want to make a Leo man feel guilty for upsetting you! Accuse him of trying to bribe or distract you. Tell him you don’t want gifts unless he’s willing to apologize.

He’ll Apologize With Compliments

When a Leo man upsets you, he might try to make it up to you by offering extra compliments and praise. He’ll try to cheer you up and boost your self-esteem instead of providing an actual apology.

Most of the time, a Leo man isn’t trying to distract you from what he did when he starts complimenting you instead of apologizing. The compliments are an apology, at least the way he sees it!

If your Leo man accidentally says something insensitive that hurts your feelings, he’ll start complimenting you more! He’ll do his best to let you know that he didn’t mean what he said.

You can expect extra kind words following any argument with your Leo man. Whether he apologizes or not, he wants to make you feel better.

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He’ll Apologize With His Actions

Will a Leo man apologize if he’s upset you? He might, but you won’t always get a verbal apology unless your Leo man thinks it’s necessary.

Your Leo man might try to show you how sorry he is, even if he won’t tell you. You might notice he starts changing his behavior following an argument because he wants to do better and avoid upsetting you again.

If you get mad at your Leo man for certain behaviors, he may change those behaviors. If he upsets you by saying or doing something insensitive, he’ll try to be more sensitive in the future.

A Leo man might not always say he’s sorry, but he’ll try to avoid hurting you again in the same way. Even if he doesn’t admit he made a mistake, he will correct the mistake.

He Might Shift The Blame

A Leo man’s apology style sometimes involves trying to shift the blame. His apologies sometimes leave something to be desired, even when he says he’s sorry.

If you’re upset about an argument, your Leo man might try to share the blame by saying that you said hurtful things too.

A Leo man won’t always try to shift the blame onto you when he apologizes. He might do that, but he also doesn’t want to make you angrier than you already are! He doesn’t want to accept full responsibility.

Instead of accepting the blame for his actions, he might try to shift the blame by saying that you misunderstood something or that he was in a bad mood and didn’t mean what he said.

He might insist that he didn’t know something would upset you, too.

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He’ll Express Guilt If Sincere

Will a Leo man feel guilty for hurting you? If he messed up and did something to hurt your feelings, he will!

You’ll know he means it when a Leo man says sorry and expresses genuine guilt over what he did to upset you.

If your Leo man tells you he feels terrible for hurting you, he’s sincere. If he says he feels guilty about how he behaved, that is his way of letting you know he’s sorry for the behavior.

Leo men won’t always actually say they’re sorry. If your Leo man feels guilty, though, and his other attempts at apologizing aren’t working, he’ll express that guilt to help alleviate it.

Any time a Leo man expresses guilt, he’s apologizing. He might not say, “I’m sorry,” but saying, “I feel guilty,” is almost the same thing when it comes from a Leo man!

He’ll Expect Forgiveness

A Leo man apologizing will always expect forgiveness. Whether your Leo man apologizes with a gift or says he’s sorry, he will expect you to forgive him for whatever he did.

Your Leo man will always assume you’ve forgiven him if things return to normal. If you accept his gifts or start acting happy and friendly after a few compliments, he’ll think you’re over whatever he did to upset you.

You’ll usually need to say you don’t forgive your Leo man. If you stop acting angry, he’ll think he’s forgiven and be surprised if you bring up whatever he did later.

How do you make a Leo man feel sorry and give you the apology you want? You should refuse to forgive him for whatever he did until you get a genuine apology. Don’t forgive him or act like everything is fine unless he apologizes.

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