10 Tips to Kiss a Taurus Man and Make Him Fall in Love

10 Tips to Kiss a Taurus Man and Make Him Fall in Love

If you’re dating a Taurus guy, then you probably want to know how to kiss a Taurus man to make him fall madly in love with you.

How can you give him the best kiss he has ever had?

A person’s kissing style is as unique as their personality and can be predicted based on their astrological sign.

Some signs like slow, tender kisses while others prefer wild, passionate smooches.

The more you know about his zodiac sign’s personality traits and psychological characteristics, the better you will be able to kiss your Taurus man and make him fall in love with you.

1. Take Your Time

If you are dating or have a crush on a Taurus guy and he hasn’t kissed you yet, don’t assume that it means he’s not into you.

Taurus men are notoriously slow-moving in relationships, but it’s not because they are afraid of commitment.

They take love and relationships seriously, which makes Taurus men slow to admit their feelings. He won’t kiss you until he is absolutely certain of his emotions for you.

If you want to give your Taurus man the kind of kiss that makes him fall in love, then you’re going to have to be patient.

Take your time and let him get comfortable with you before making a move on him, or wait until he’s ready to make a move on you.

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2. Make a Connection First

Taurus men are perfectly capable of having meaningless flings because they are great at separating love from lust.

But if you want to give your Taurus guy the kiss of his dreams and make him love you, you should strive to create a mental or emotional connection with him before kissing him.

If your Taurus man is affectionate towards you and finds excuses to be close to you, it means he already feels a spark between you and is ready to make a move.

But if your Taurus man doesn’t initiate contact and pulls away when you try to touch him, it could be a sign that he’s not into you or he needs more time to get to know you before kissing.

For a Taurus man, eye contact is a great way to establish a connection and start to break down his walls.

He is a straightforward and direct type of guy, so making a conscious effort to hold eye contact with him shows him he can trust you.

Once you’ve established eye contact with him, smile and get him talking about subjects that interest him. When you’ve made a connection with your Taurus guy that goes beyond lust, your kiss will be more meaningful to him.

3. Tease Him

Some signs are more impulsive than others and can’t help but kiss someone passionately the second they get the urge to do so.

But a Taurus man is very patient and practical, and he is guided by logic more than instincts.

A Taurus man loves a long, slow buildup before a kiss, especially if it’s the first kiss with a new partner.

But even if he has been with someone for a while, he likes to practice self-control and use flirting as a form of foreplay, even before kissing.

Some signs might take waiting to kiss as a clue that their partner isn’t interested in them, but a Taurus man knows that it’s part of a romantic game.

If you want to know how to get a Taurus man to chase you, you’ve got to tease him and build up the sexual tension before you kiss him.

Let him know how attracted you are to him and how much you want to kiss him, but don’t act on it right away.

If you’re out in public at a bar or with friends, text or whisper to him how badly you want to kiss him, but that you want to wait until you’re alone with him.

The longer you tease him and make him imagine what it will be like to kiss you, the more explosive and exciting your kiss will eventually be.

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4. Wait For the Perfect Setting

Although they are practical and logical, Taureans are also surprisingly sweet and romantic.

This is probably due to the influence of Venus, Taurus’s guiding planet. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, so Venus is what makes Taurus men so passionate and loving.

A Taurus guy doesn’t waste his romantic efforts on just anyone, though. When he curates romantic experiences for you, it’s one of the signs Taurus man is in love with you.

You can make a Taurus man fall in love with your kiss by waiting for the perfect romantic setting for your smooch. Better yet, you can create the ideal romantic environment instead of waiting for it to appear.

Take your Taurus man on a romantic sunset stroll and give him a kiss when the sky is bursting with color.

If a love song starts playing on the radio when you’re with your Taurus guy, use the opportunity to kiss him.

There are plenty of opportunities for romance if you look for them or create them, so use them to your advantage by kissing your Taurus man to make him fall in love with you.

5. Make Sure You Smell Great

Taureans are highly sensual, so a Taurus man experiences your kiss with all of his senses.

If a Taurus man likes you, he will notice sensual things about you, including your scent. When he compliments you on how great you smell, it’s one of the subtle signs a Taurus man has a crush on you.

If you want to make your Taurus guy fall madly in love with you from your kiss, then you need to look, feel, taste, and smell wonderful.

Don’t kiss your Taurus guy right after you’ve eaten a ton of garlic or gone on a long run without showering. Instead, wait until you are fresh, clean, and well-groomed to seduce him with your kisses.

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6. Be Affectionate

Taureans are highly affectionate when they like someone and they crave the touch of the ones they love.

When a Taurus man touches you and finds excuses to be close to you, it’s a sure sign that he likes you as more than a friend.

If you want your Taurus man to fall in love with you, make sure you use kissing to show how you feel about him.

Greet him with a kiss anytime he walks through the door, or lean over to kiss him in the car when you’re stopped at traffic lights.

Kiss his cheek when he compliments you in front of his friends, or give him a kiss to say thank you when he presents you with a gift.

7. Be Sensual and Romantic

What a Taurus man wants in a woman is someone who is as romantic and sensual as he is.

He is very tactile, so make sure you make physical contact with more than just his lips when you kiss.

Rub your hands up and down his back when you kiss him or run your fingers through his hair. Hold his hand when you’re making out or take his face in your hands.

The more sensual and romantic you are, the more addicted to your kisses a Taurus man will become.

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8. Kiss His Neck and Shoulders

Every zodiac sign correlates with a set of body parts that are significant to that sign. The body parts affiliated with Taurus are the neck, throat, ears, and shoulders.

This means that you should pay special attention to your Taurus man’s neck and shoulders when you’re kissing him.

Trail teasing kisses along his neck or sneak up from behind him to surprise him with a sweet kiss on his shoulder. You could also try gently nibbling his throat or ear when you’re making out with him.

When you put a little effort into stimulating his zodiac sign’s affiliated body parts, it makes a Taurus man go wild for your kiss.

9. Whisper in His Ear

Since one of a Taurus man’s correlated body parts is his ears, you can not only turn him on by kissing his ears, but also by whispering into them.

What a Taurus man wants to hear is that he’s the best lover you’ve ever had and that you are completely devoted to him.

If you whisper this to him in moments of passion, you are sure to make him fall in love with you.

You should also shower him with compliments and praise. When you lean in to quietly tell him how sexy and special he is, your Taurus man won’t be able to help but fall for your kisses.

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10. Kiss Him Softly and Sweetly

Some signs like rough, animalistic kisses, but Taurus prefers smooches that are gentle and sweet.

Don’t be too aggressive with him, even if you’re feeling passionate. Instead, channel your feelings into being tender and sensual.

When you’re lying with your Taurus man in bed, reach over and give him a good night kiss before falling asleep.

A cute, simple kiss like this will go a lot further towards making your Taur guy love you than grabbing him possessively to plant one on him in public.

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