10 Tips to Kiss a Leo Man and Make Him Fall in Love

Updated August 23, 2023

If you kiss a Leo man in just the right way, he may become completely devoted to you.

When you understand his unique personality, you’ll be able to kiss a Leo man and entice him to fall for you.

Each sign has a special erogenous area. Where do Leos like to be touched? Usually they can’t resist it when you touch or kiss their chest.

Keep this in mind when you’re kissing a Leo man to make him fall in love with you. A Leo man in bed can be highly passionate. He likes to kiss passionately as well.

Yet Leo men can also be discreet. You have to read his signals to know when he’s in the mood or else you could turn him off unintentionally.

1. Kiss Him Like a Scene in a Movie

If you’re wondering how the signs kiss and what it means, you may have discovered that Leo men love to kiss like the heroes in a romantic movie. When a Leo man kisses you, he tries to let go of control completely.

He has a dramatic and theatrical nature and when he kisses you, you may feel like he’s posing for a photograph. It isn’t something he is conscious of, but Leo men do carry on as if they are being followed by their own personal camera crew.

When you are aware of this, you can entice a Leo man and kiss him in the most dramatic and theatrical ways possible. Kiss him as if you are staging a scene in a love story and he’ll be more likely to fall in love with you.

If you treat your Leo love interest like a movie star, he’ll step into the role of being the hero in your romantic story. This gives him a thrill and he’ll be more inclined to fall for you. This is especially true if you kiss him as if you’re in a play or a movie together. Before making a scene though, gauge his interest.

Leo men can be discreet at times because they are protective of their reputation. They won’t be turned on if you kiss them in an inopportune moment.

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2. Kiss Him Passionately

If you want to know how to handle a Leo man, you have to know how to manage his moods. He is driven by passion and excitement. This is why he can run so hot and cold. When you kiss him passionately, he’ll be more inclined to fall in love with you.

A Leo man who sees that you can lose yourself in a good kiss will be drawn to you. He can’t resist romantic and passionate women. This is not the same as being needy or clingy, however. If you act needy it will turn him off.

Instead, be sure to show him how fiery and excited you are to see him. Kiss him like he is the last man on earth and a Leo man will fall in love with you. He loves to feel special and when you show your passion in the way you kiss, he’ll assume it is because you are excited by him.

3. Kiss Him and Admire Him

Nothing makes a Leo man fall in love with you like his tendency to fall in love with himself first. It may sound convoluted, but Leo men are egotistical. You have to take an approach that centers around his desire for flattery and admiration.

If you kiss him while whispering words of admiration, he’ll be as turned on by the idea of what you think of him as he is by you. He’ll fantasize as much about you as he does about himself being amazing. If you want to kiss him so he falls in love with you, help him fall in love with himself first.

The best way to a Leo man’s heart is through his strong sense of self-image. If you flatter or admire him while kissing him, he will melt. You’ll be better able to get him to fall in love with you by appealing to his ego.

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4. Make Him Feel Powerful

When a Leo man feels powerful, he will more likely have the confidence he needs to take a risk and fall in love. If you kiss a Leo man in a way that conveys that you see him as the boss, he will be more likely to fall in love with you.

Kissing a Leo man in a way that makes him feel powerful is a surefire way to get him to open up his heart to you. When you are in love with a Leo man, you may want to do things to show him. Yet if you try too hard, he’ll feel like you’re stealing his spotlight.

Instead, it’s best to act as if you are placing him in charge. Make him feel powerful and important and a Leo man will fall for you. When you kiss him, try to do so in a way that makes him feel like he is the most important man in your life and the most powerful man in the room.

When you put your entire focus and attention on him, a Leo man will feel empowered. This is a great way to help him fall in love with you.

5. Kiss Him Dramatically

Are Leos good kissers? They can be. But it all depends on your preferences in kissing style. Leo men are known for kissing in dramatic and theatrical styles. This can be too over the top for some women.

Yet if you don’t mind a little drama, kissing a Leo man may be the best way to help him fall in love with you. Show your inner Drama Queen when you kiss a Leo man.

Make it seem as if he is a tall glass of water in a desert and you can’t get enough of him. When a Leo man feels like you are completely focused on him while kissing, he will be more likely to fall in love.

Though he may not always be in the mood for dramatic kisses, when he is he’ll show you. He’ll give you signals that convey that he’s ready to completely show you off to others. He may even become theatrical first and so your dramatic style of kissing makes a perfect response to him.

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6. Kiss Him Playfully

Leo men have an unmistakable boyish charm. They are youthful and exuberant. There is no denying his playful side. Bring this to the forefront when you kiss him. If you kiss him in a playful way, teasing slightly but not playing hard to get, he’ll be all yours.

A Leo man can’t resist fun and games. When you are playful and silly, even when it comes to kissing, he’ll be thrilled. Kiss him while blowing a bubble with your favorite gum, for example. Or kiss him while telling jokes or amusing him.

Whatever you do, don’t tell jokes at his expense. Leo men can be highly sensitive. If you tease a Leo man and act silly, he’s likely to fall in love. But if you take things too far and make it seem like you’re leading him on, he may become resentful.

7. Make Kissing a Game

One of the things that makes an Aries-Leo kiss so powerful is both know how to blend play and passion. When you kiss a Leo man, try to do so as part of a game. Leo men are all about fun and entertainment.

When you kiss a Leo man as part of a game, you can use kissing as a reward for his correct answer to a trivia question. This is also a great way to help him study for a test. You can also use kissing to re-enact your favorite movie scenes or as a part of a guessing game if you are imitating famous celebrity kisses.

Whatever the nature of the game may be, make sure your Leo man understands you are being playful and not teasing him excessively. Leo men love to have adventures and you can make a game of kissing into an adventure for him.

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8. Kiss Him Demurely

A Leo man in love wants to feel like a hero. Yet you can get caught up in power struggles if you’re not careful. If you kiss a Leo man demurely and occasionally take on a humble role in the relationship, your Leo man feel emboldened.

He likes to feel like he is in charge. If you act submissive when you kiss a Leo man he will be more incline to fall in love. The key is to keep this demure style in balance with your passion and excitement.

He doesn’t want you to be shy, but at the same time he won’t tolerate being dominated by anyone. If you occasionally kiss him in a passive and demure style, he will be more inclined to fall in love.

9. Kiss Him and Whisper to Him

Where do Leos like to be kissed? They love deep and passionate French kissing. Yet Leo men also love it when you kiss their neck, ears and chest. This is especially true if you whisper to a Leo man while kissing him.

Leo men love to be flattered and admired. While you’re kissing him, it is a great time to talk dirty to him or to tell him how wonderful he is. When you build up a Leo man, it will make him desire you even more.

When you whisper to a Leo man while kissing him, you create a stronger bond with him. He will also be more likely to fall in love with you because you are appealing to his ego desire to be adored.

Sleeping with a Leo man too soon won’t necessarily jeopardize the relationship. Yet if you become too demanding or needy, you could undermine the connection. When you romantically whisper to him while kissing, you keep his interest engaged without being needy.

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10. Make Him Feel Like Royalty

Leo is the sign of the Lion, and as the King of the Jungle, men born under this sign are natural leaders. They expect to be treated like royalty. If you make a Leo man feel like he’s your King, he’ll be more likely to fall in love.

Kiss your Leo man as you pamper him. This could involve giving him a massage or cooking for him or any number of things you would do to make him feel like he’s living a life of luxury.

When a Leo man feels like he’s being elevated to a higher personal status, he will be more likely to fall in love. This also involves treating yourself like a Queen. The more you make him feel like he’s elite and special, the better.

If you’re wondering how to turn a Leo man on in bed, the best thing you can do is to treat him like royalty. Go all out creating a luxurious, romantic scene. Pamper him with his favorite drinks, desserts and food and then kiss him passionately while complimenting him.

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