8 Tips to Kiss a Cancer Man and Make Him Fall in Love

8 Tips to Kiss a Cancer Man and Make Him Fall in Love

When you kiss a Cancer man, he can easily get lost in the moment. He can completely forget everything around him.

You two are the only people in the world. Now wonder a kiss can lead him to fall in love.

When you understand how the signs kiss and what it means, you’ll easily understand the key to kissing a Cancer man. He wants the moment to be romantic.

He’s also highly emotional and will lose himself in a passionate kiss. His heart will open right up if you use a tender kiss to connect with him.

A Cancer man loves to show romance and affection and he kisses you to show he loves and trusts you completely.

1. Kiss Him Under a Full Moon

When it comes to kissing, not all men have the same attraction and preferences. If you know how to kiss a Taurus man, for example, the same rules won’t apply for a Cancer man.

While other men are moved by arousal and attraction, a Cancer man is also moved by his own emotions in the moment. The setting has to be just right for romance plus he needs to feel a close connection to you.

When you kiss a Cancer man under a Full Moon, he’ll feel like he’s in a scene from a romantic movie. His heart will melt. Cancer men have an affinity for the Moon and when he sees the Full Moon it will add to his excitement.

A Cancer man will be drawn to kissing you when the mood and atmosphere are just right. A stroll under the Full Moon, preferably near water, will be irresistible to a Cancer man.

2. Be Discreet

When a Cancer man has a crush on you, he will act like an excited schoolboy. He may try to hide his feelings, but he’ll leave you plenty of hints. He protects his vulnerability, so he won’t be too obvious.

If you think you see signs a Cancer man likes you as more than a friend, you may decide to take a chance and steal a kiss from him. If you do so discreetly, this can be a good way to test the waters.

If your instincts were correct and your Cancer love interest really has feelings for you, he’ll let you know then and there. He will become passionately entangled in a long and sensual kiss.

He may tiptoe around his feelings at first, but when you break the ice by giving him a discreet kiss, he’ll feel relaxed. He’ll now know he has permission to fully let his feelings show. He won’t hold back.

If you were truly seeing signs a Cancer man has a crush on you, you’ll now know for sure when he reciprocates and shows you how he feels through his long, tender kisses. Yet if your instincts were wrong, it’s a different story.

If your Cancer love interest just wants to be friends and you give him a quick, discreet kiss, he may be slightly embarrassed, but he won’t want you to feel bad. He’ll gently explain that he cares about you but only as a friend.

3. Kiss Passionately

When you’re sure you’ve seen the signs a Cancer man is serious about you, let loose and kiss him passionately. Cancer men love kissing in this way, but only if they truly have feelings for you.

If you think you’re seeing signs a Cancer man is playing you, pay attention to how he kisses you. If he’s interested in sex but avoids kissing or doesn’t kiss for long, it’s an indicator he doesn’t really love you.

Cancer men can’t really hide their feelings when it comes to kissing. He doesn’t know how to keep a poker face when he kisses you. Even if he can act as if he cares when it comes to other aspects of dating you, his kiss will give him away.

When he loves you, he’ll fall even deeper in love with you when you kiss him passionately. When he doesn’t have feelings for you, he can’t fake a kiss and will avoid giving you the opportunity to kiss him at all.

He may fall in love instantly during a passionate kiss. This is especially true when a Pisces and Cancer kiss as they both are highly emotionally sensitive and in tune with each other’s feelings.

4. Wear Minimal Lipstick

When you see signs a Cancer man is flirting with you, he may already be thinking about kissing you. One thing that could hold him back is your makeup. Cancer men love to see makeup as an accent of your natural beauty.

Too much can be a turnoff though. Especially if he wants to kiss you. Wear less lipstick or none at all. A Cancer man may want to kiss you and deepen the relationship by connecting with you in this way.

Yet if he is afraid that he’ll end up wearing your lipstick unintentionally, he’ll hold back. Give him the added incentive to kiss you by not overdoing it with makeup, especially lipstick.

5. Kiss Him Softly

When you kiss a Cancer man softly, you can make him fall in love with you. Especially when you already see physical signs a Cancer man likes you, such as his willingness to be affectionate.

Cancer men don’t like anything too dramatic or aggressive, even when it comes to kissing or intimacy. Always kiss a Cancer man gently to help him feel at ease and let his guard down around you.

When you kiss a Cancer man softly, you’re going to encourage him to kiss you more. The more he kisses you, the more easily he’ll feel connected to you emotionally and the more he will fall in love with you.

6. Kiss Along with His Favorite Songs

Cancer men are hopeless romantics. Whether he admits it or not, he’s got a romantic song list that he imagines himself listening to while being intimate with you. If you know his favorite love songs, put them on your playlist.

Then when the moment is right, turn on the music and kiss him along with the soundtrack of his fantasy romance movie in which he is the hero and you are his leading lady. When you kiss to his favorite songs, it enhances the atmosphere.

This strengthens the mood and to a Cancer man, mood is everything. You can deepen an already strong bond by creating a comfortable and romantic atmosphere, using music to increase his feelings of love and attraction.

This may seem funny or distracting but once you try it, you’ll see that it is not. Doing this can actually help you both focus on the romantic mood you want to create and your deeper feelings for each other.

7. Kiss His Neck and Chest

Each sign of the zodiac has special areas of their bodies that are extra sensitive. A Cancer man’s chest and neck are especially sensitive to touch and to kissing. When you really want him to melt in your arms, kiss a Cancer man’s neck.

The more you pay attention to his chest when kissing him, the better as well. Cancer men are very sensitive to physical touch and emotional connection. By increasing his sense of pleasure and comfort, you also increase his emotional bond.

It’s also easy to get a Cancer man to open up to you when you kiss him. This helps him fall in love with you because he will see you as his ideal partner. He’ll see that you know exactly where and how to kiss him.

This makes him feel like you already know his deepest secrets. As a result, he’ll open up and tell them to you. He’ll feel you were both meant to be together when you kiss his most sensitive areas.

8. Kiss His Ears While Whispering to Him

Cancer men can be naturally insecure even when they’re in love. It’s helpful to reassure him of your love and intentions in the relationship. One way to do this is to whisper romantic things in his ear.

Of course, the more you whisper romantic sayings and words of love, the more he will open up and trust you. Yet it’s not just what you are saying, but how you are saying it. When you take the time to reassure him by whispering in his ears, you are also enticing a Cancer man.

You’re having just enough contact with him to stimulate his desires for romance. You can enhance this connection even more by kissing him gently on and around his ears and neck as you are whispering to him.

This can fuse the feelings of arousal, attraction and love with the comfort and security he feels when you reassure him that he is the love of your life. Doing this makes him feel comfortable, connected to you and deeply in love.

In addition to the pleasure he feels from being kissed, the emotional connection to you is solidified. When you speak lovingly to him, you show him you care about him by telling him all the right things he needs to hear.

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