9 Tips to Kiss an Aries Man and Make Him Fall in Love

Updated July 29, 2022
9 Tips to Kiss an Aries Man and Make Him Fall in Love

You need to be passionate and expressive if you want to kiss an Aries man and make him fall in love.

Aries men are fierce, action-oriented people. Kissing one will likely be an intense experience. Make sure you keep things interesting for him!

If you’re unsure how to kiss an Aries man, follow his lead. Be passionate and express yourself, but wait to let him set the pace so you can see how he likes to kiss.

Let your Aries man express himself too as you kiss. If he’s a little impulsive or wild, let him be! He’ll love kissing you when he knows he doesn’t have to hold back.

You can make the kiss a whole-body experience too. Let things get a little steamy. Give in to your own whims. Your Aries man will love kissing you if you do that.

1. Follow His Lead

Try to follow an Aries man’s lead when you kiss him. This can help you know the exact way he enjoys kissing.

Many Aries men like to be in control. Kissing is no exception to this! You can signal to an Aries man that you want to kiss him, but it’s often a good idea to let him initiate.

However, your Aries man doesn’t want you to sit back and be entirely passive. He wants you to be actively engaged in the kiss. He just feels better when he has some sort of control over what’s happening.

It’s usually a good idea to let your Aries man set the pace. If he starts to pick up the pace, follow along. If he pulls back, don’t push for more.

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2. Be Passionate

An Aries man’s kissing style is often wild and passionate. If you want him to fall in love with you, match that passionate energy.

You never want your Aries man to get bored while kissing you. Kissing should be an exciting experience every single time, no matter how often you and your Aries man kiss.

An Aries man wants a kissing partner who is bold. He wants to be able to feel your passion when he kisses you. Don’t be afraid of letting loose and show him how you feel.

There will be times when an Aries man just wants a quick kiss or when he takes things slowly. Follow his lead if that’s the case. Otherwise, be passionate!

Let your body guide you when you kiss your Aries man. Don’t think too hard about what’s happening.

Your Aries man will enjoy kissing more and fall for you if he knows he can always have an uninhibited experience with you.

3. Show Your Love

If you want to know how to kiss an Aries man and make him fall in love, you need to show your love for him.

When you kiss him, make sure he can feel every emotion you have for him. If you love your Aries man, he should be able to feel that in your kisses. Pull him close, and don’t hold back.

Physical affection is often the way Aries men express love. Your Aries man will know right away that you love him if you fuel all of that emotion in your kisses.

Your Aries man will fall more in love with you when he can feel your love for him. You can whisper sweet nothings to him in between kisses but focus on the physical expression of love as you two kiss.

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4. Be Expressive

Never be afraid to express yourself while kissing your Aries man! He doesn’t want a boring partner who just sits there while he kisses her.

Be a little wild as you kiss your Aries man. If he’s down for it, don’t be afraid to let things evolve into more than just a kiss.

Your Aries man should be able to tell that he’s kissing you when you two kiss. A kiss should never feel generic or dull. The more you express yourself, the more fun you will both have.

Your Aries man will feel more comfortable expressing himself when he sees how expressive you are. If he’s more reserved or unsure about your feelings, he’ll open up as soon as he sees how much fun you’re having.

When you are enjoying a kiss, make sure your Aries man knows! Don’t be embarrassed if you’re a little loud or overenthusiastic. He will likely love that.

5. Let Him Be Impulsive

Is an Aries man a good kisser? The answer to that will depend on your preferences. Many Aries men are impulsive, exciting kissers.

If that’s your thing, then let him be impulsive. Don’t make him hold back when he kisses you, and he’ll love kissing you even more.

Aries men are often guided by their whims. When an Aries man is kissing someone or having sex, this is even more true than in other situations.

Your Aries man might feel like picking up the pace. Unless there’s a reason why you two should hold back, let him. You two will likely end up having more fun that way.

You can be impulsive as well while you two kiss. Just go with the flow and do whatever feels good. Your Aries man will enjoy kissing you more if he knows that neither of you has to hold back.

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6. Steam Things Up

When an Aries man kisses you, never let him get bored. He will feel loved and start to fall in love with you if you never hold back when kissing him.

You can steam things up while kissing an Aries man. Even if it’s a first kiss or you two haven’t been dating long, don’t be afraid to give in to your whims or allow your Aries man to pick up the pace.

If you want to pick up the pace, you can nudge your Aries man in the right direction in a few ways. Pull him closer, tell him you want more, or show your Aries man you’re ready to pick up the pace by touching him in all the right places.

Where do Aries men like to be touched? Many Aries men love it when you play with their hair or rest your hand on their neck while kissing. You can steam things up by running your nails gently against his neck or upper back.

7. Kiss Him Often

Kissing an Aries man should be fun and exciting. If it is for you, show him how much you enjoy it by kissing him as often as possible.

Whenever your Aries man leans in for a kiss, accept it. You can also initiate kisses to show your interest in him.

Many Aries men love kissing and making out. Physical affection is their favorite way to show love, after all.

Your Aries man will feel closer to you as you two share more kisses and more physical affection. He’ll become more comfortable around you too.

Your Aries man will start to fall for you as you two spend more time together. Kissing isn’t the only important thing for your relationship, but it definitely helps!

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8. Whole Body Experience

Where do Aries men like to be kissed? They like to be kissed all over. Make kissing your Aries man a whole-body experience if you want to pick up speed.

You don’t have to confine all your kisses to just the lips. You can kiss your Aries man anywhere you want, even if you keep things on the chaste side.

Your Aries man will love it when you kiss his cheek, neck, or forehead. These are all great ways to show a little bit of affection, even if you aren’t in the mood for a full-on makeout session.

If you aren’t sure where to kiss an Aries man, just start kissing him, and you’ll figure it out. Your Aries man will love it if you explore a little and kiss him everywhere you want.

Be sure to engage all your Aries man’s senses while you two kiss as well. You can wear a nice perfume to get his attention, for example.

9. Compliment His Technique

Making an Aries man fall in love is much easier if you can make him feel good about himself. One easy way to do this is to compliment his kissing technique.

Aries men love compliments. It might not always be enough to show him that you enjoy kissing him. You need to tell him too!

Tell your Aries man specifically what you love about his kisses. That won’t just make him feel good. It will ensure he keeps kissing you in the way you like!

You can compliment your Aries man as you two kiss or tell him what you like afterward. He will always gladly accept a compliment from you.

Aries men love to be around people who make them feel good about themselves. The more you compliment him, the more he will love being with you.

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