5 Tips to Kiss an Aquarius man and Make Him Fall in Love

5 Tips to Kiss an Aquarius man and Make Him Fall in Love

To kiss an Aquarius man means knowing the art of seduction, setting that perfectly romantic mood, and being creative.

Aquarius men are slaves to foreplay, and one way to turn them on is kissing them exactly the way they like it!

It’s not just the different types of kisses that blow them away and make them fall in love, but also how you approach them and set the mood.

Aquarius lovers are really big on creativity, experimentation and a little bit of teasing here and there, which is very important to know how to keep an Aquarius man hooked.

They live for these pleasurable moments, and for them, kissing is the ultimate part of the seduction game, so knowing how the signs kiss and what it means is just absolutely vital!

Spontaneous Kisses to Get Him Interested


One of the major traits of an Aquarius man’s personality is that he loves spontaneity, both in bed and outside of it.

He loves being taken by surprise and appreciates it when his woman comes up with creative ways to surprise him and please him.

So, to turn him on and get him interested, shower him with spontaneous kisses till he’s absolutely weak in the knees!

Your Aquarius man is all about stimulation, but not just from a seduction point of view, combine it with a bit of intellectuality, and he’ll literally be falling head over heels in love with you.

If you are working together with your man, throw in a kiss or two and take him by utter surprise. Perhaps, a peck on the cheek or a light kiss on the lips, either will do to set the mood.

Aquarius men absolutely lose their minds when it comes to kissing and pressing their lips against their partner’s lips. What an Aquarius man needs in a woman are spur-of-the-moment acts and spontaneous kissing.

Kiss him when he least expects it, and the next thing you know, he’s weak in the knees and will be ready to blow your mind in bed!

Although Aquarius men themselves won’t just kiss you randomly and just of the blue, it is your job to seduce them till they find themselves in that zone.

Whether you are home, somewhere out, or in the middle of a movie at the cinema, a kiss or two will surely surprise them, but at the same time, their hearts will flutter and dance with excitement.

Make your Aquarius man forget every other woman and go absolutely crazy for you.

Try Different Kissing Styles in the Beginning


This perhaps can’t be said enough about Aquarius men – they love variation and diversity, so if you really want to know how to get an Aquarius man to chase you, learn a few different kissing styles!

From a light lip-lock or an earlobe kiss to an arousing French kiss, the key is to keep throwing in the element of surprise because Aquarius men are slaves to creative seduction.

Water bearers love lip-locks, but two of their most sexually sensitive areas are the calves and the ankles. Kiss them in those two places, and you will have your man will be moaning with never-ending pleasure!

Bite them a little during your kissing surprises, and this will just take your seduction game to a whole other level!

Aquarius men are completely blown away by women who know exactly what they want and know the art of seducing them. So, give them just that, and your man will fall for you harder than ever!

Don’t hesitate or shy away from experimenting because your man will really enjoy it. Try different kissing styles in the beginning and see how your man reacts and responds.

The men under this zodiac sign don’t like fixed routines, and they hate it when they know what to expect.

Knowing how to read an Aquarius man might be a little difficult at the start, but as you go along the way and move forward, you will be able to read him like a pro.

If he doesn’t enjoy a particular kissing style, he will make sure that you know. But don’t let that demotivate you or push you away.

Put your creative cap on and explore all possibilities in the beginning!

Go for the Passionate Kiss When You Want to Get Serious


From light touches on the lips to kissing them on the ankles and calves, this is all perfect when it comes to teasing them a little and setting the mood.

But when you want to stop playing around and get serious, just go in for that deep, long, passionate kiss.

Aquarius men enjoy those different kissing styles and appreciate all that creativity. However, when it comes to how to know if an Aquarius man is serious about you, lean in for the most passionate kiss you’ll ever have!

One thing to know about your man is that the whole idea of love or falling in love is something super enjoyable and natural for him. He doesn’t like rushing things or faking emotions.

He needs you to shower him with a great deal of affection, warmth, and fondness because it’s only then that he will be ready to fall in love.

So, once the whole initial phase of teasing, playing and experimenting is done with and you’ve really got him ready, you might want to spice things up a little.

They love it when their woman is confident, takes charge, and leads the way. Although Aquarius men are some of the most independent males among the entire lot, they don’t mind you taking the initiative when it comes to love.

One question most commonly asked about this zodiac sign is: What type of woman do Aquarius men like? Confident, poised, bold, creative, but someone with an air of mystery around her all the time!

So, when you think it’s finally time to get serious and show him how bold you can be, take him by absolute shock by capturing him in the most passionate and ardent kiss that might even last for an hour!

Convince your Aquarius man that you're his soulmate.

Keep it Intense to Keep his Mind from Wandering


If he isn’t showing the signs of an Aquarius man in love as yet, perhaps, you might want to intensify things a little to keep his mind from wandering.

As in any case, it can be quite hard to read an Aquarius man and to imagine what he might be thinking. He isn’t as adept at reading the signs or interpreting the love hints being thrown at them.

This is primarily because they often have a lot on their mind, which ends up distracting them and shifting their focus or attention.

He’s preoccupied most of the time, so if there is anyone who can get his attention and turn him on, it’s you!

You might even have to openly and obviously indicate to him that you want to head back to your place and have some fun, or perhaps, do the whole “dressed-to-kill” act to shift his focus and read the signs.

For that, you must keep things intense and powerful. Lucky for you, Aquarius men aren’t just all about kissing on the mouth and engaging in a passionate, minutes’ long lip-lock.

They want to leave you equally breathless and make some efforts in bed and otherwise, so they will always be ready to make your head spin through a crazy make-out session.

However, their minds can easily wander, and their focus can shift, so the load is on you to keep things intense and always be in “the” mood.

Start Off Slow and Build Anticipation without Getting Clingy


When it comes to arousing an Aquarius man by kissing him, making love, or seducing him, the key is always to take things slow. Be mysterious and build anticipation, but without getting clingy.

If you come off as too dependent, insecure, or display a lot of desperation, it is likely to drive your man away.

They absolutely hate it when their woman pushes too much, cannot think on her own, or comes off as too desperate for attention. Don’t just dive in for that passionate kiss or sex on the very first day, for instance.

You must avoid all of this at any cost and start things off really slow in the beginning. Think of it as a game or an experiment that requires all your creativity and experimental skills.

Just be natural. Don’t rush things, start slow, and leave room for long, slow, intimate moments without being clingy. You don’t want to scare him off or not give him enough time to process all these changes and emotions.

Your Aquarius man is looking forward to those surprises, spontaneous short kisses at the start, so give him that if you want to blow his mind and drive him crazy.

Understanding zodiac signs kissing compatibility is also important here, and it is essential that both of you are on the same page.

Once you crack the code and kiss him the way he likes it and enjoys it, you’ll have him falling for you in no time!

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