10 Tips on How to Keep a Virgo Man in a Happy Relationship

Updated July 4, 2022
10 Tips on How to Keep a Virgo Man in a Happy Relationship

If you want to keep a Virgo man happy, you need to understand his unique style. He’s not like other men, and his priorities are practical.

You’ve got to know how to make a Virgo man happy and that’s not an easy task.

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man happy, you’ve got to understand his ideals and perfectionism. He has high standards and you’ve got to know how to keep up with his picky nature.

Once you know how to appeal to his desires, you’ll see it’s not too hard to make a Virgo man happy. What’s much harder is to maintain the high standards of perfectionism over time.

It’s also much easier to keep a Virgo man happy when you try to appeal to his nature rather than trying to project your own desires onto him.

1. Give Him Lots of Space

If you’re wondering how to make a Virgo man miss you, the biggest key is that you’ve got to give him lots of space. Virgo men have a high tolerance for independence and introversion.

He needs more space and downtime than the average man. One of the biggest keys to a happy relationship with a Virgo man is to give him a lot of breathing room.

He’ll feel more comfortable when he sees that he doesn’t have to fight for his autonomy. When he sees that you respect his boundaries and don’t try to cramp his style, a Virgo man will feel at ease.

He’ll want to be with you for the long haul because it’s rare that he can find a woman who understands his need for space. He’ll also start to notice you more when you’re not always around.

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2. Learn to Minimize Your Emotions

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man commit, you’ve got to keep your feelings low key. A Virgo man will open up more in a relationship if he doesn’t feel needed, but rather wanted.

Keeping yourself grounded and emotions minimal will put a Virgo man at ease. A Virgo man tries to act like a human computer. He doesn’t like to delve into deeper emotions.

Instead, a Virgo man prefers to let rationality and logic prevail. If you become too emotionally intense, he’ll feel overwhelmed and start to shut down.

In order to preserve a solid relationship with a Virgo man, you’ll need to learn ways to keep your emotions stable so that you don’t unintentionally overwhelm him. Keep displays of emotion minimal. The more rational you can be, the better.

3. Let Him Keep His Routines and Schedules

One of the signs a Virgo man is interested in you is when you notice that he’s fit you into his schedule on a regular basis. You may start to desire more from him.

Though the temptation to spend more time with him is valid, it’s important to adhere to a Virgo man’s schedules and routines. Don’t challenge his need for consistency.

A Virgo man needs to feel like he’s in control. If one partner needs to be flexible in the relationship, it will need to be you. A Virgo man just isn’t as adaptive.

You can keep the relationship strong and keep him happy by learning to be flexible and work around his routines. A Virgo man acts as if his schedule is set in stone. It’s best to try to accommodate this.

A Virgo man, when he likes a woman, will try to edge out of his strict routines. But he may only be able to take a few baby steps at a time to do so. It’s best to try to not try to make him change.

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4. Respect His Boundaries

If you want to know how to get a Virgo man to fall for you, show him that you understand his boundaries. It’s so rare that a Virgo man finds a woman who loves him but also respects his space.

He will appreciate your ability to trust him and nurture the relationship without dominating him. A Virgo man is honest. He’ll always tell you just what he needs in a relationship.

His requests are usually practical and minimal. Yet one thing he will usually insist on is that you trust his judgment and adhere to his standards.

If you disregard a Virgo man’s boundaries, or expect him to change once he falls in love with you, you’ll be disappointed. A Virog man maintains consistency, so don’t expect surprises when you get closer to him.

5. Be a Perfectionist

If you want to make a Virgo man chase you, you’ve got to show that you’re a classy person of high standards like he is. A Virgo man needs to see that you understand your potential.

He won’t tolerate laziness or sloppiness. If you try to take the easy way out, he’ll be turned off. You’ve got to show him that you have high ambitions and that you’re not afraid to work hard.

A Virgo man will stay connected to you and will want to be with you for a lifetime if he sees that you want to be your best. He loves to see that you’re teachable and always trying to improve.

This simple secret about Virgo men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

6. Ask for His Advice

If you want to know how to tell if a Virgo man is interested in you, look for examples that he’s trying to help you. His style is subtle at times. One of the biggest Virgo man crush signs is that he’ll offer you advice.

This makes him feel important. He’ll love it when you solicit his guidance as well. When you ask for the guidance and help of a Virgo man, you’re showing him you value his intelligence.

This is a huge turn on for him. He loves to feel valued for his mind and intelligence. He’s resourceful and kind. A Virgo man wants to be of service to you.

When you seek out his guidance and advice, you’ll help reassure a Virgo man that he has a place in your life. He’ll be flattered that you seek his help and this is a needed ego boost for him throughout the relationship.

7. Let Him Know You Value His Help

The other side of this coin is to always show gratitude for a Virgo man’s help. He does appreciate it when you ask for his advice and opinion.

Yet there will be plenty of times when he offers his unsolicited opinion. During these moments, you can nurture the relationship by infusing the connection with gratitude. In doing this, you are keeping the relationship strong.

Always tell him the difference he made in your life. Right down to the details of letting him know how much you saved by letting him help you rather than hiring a professional.

Tell him the specific ways he has made your life better, the ways he has improved your standard of living. It makes him feel proud to know that his efforts have helped you.

This magic will make your Virgo man want a relationship with you.

8. Encourage Healthy Habits Together

Keeping your focus practical and realistic. A Virgo man thrives on the ability to create or grow something with you. Developing healthy habits with you will stimulate a Virgo man’s long term connection.

A Virgo man is already health conscious. He loves to eat healthy and study up on the latest health and wellness trends. Join him in researching healthy recipes. Research new ways to prevent disease together.

A Virgo man will feel stable and secure in a relationship where the focus is on sharing healthy habits and cultivating a healthy lifestyle. A Virgo man loves to share any aspect of his lifestyle, especial his healthy habits.

9. Don’t Just Focus on Sex

You may think that men are motivated by sex. Some men are, but a Virgo man definitely isn’t. Virgo is the Virgin of the Zodiac. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like sex or is prude.

If you only focus on sexuality in a relationship with a Virgo man, he won’t trust you. He’ll doubt your intentions or think you are being superficial.

A Virgo man needs to know that you see the relationship as being important for more than just sexual gratification. You can reassure him that you are committed to a serious relationship by making sex a minimal priority.

Virgo men are attracted to the idea of purity. He is drawn to you because he thinks you are sensible and motivated, cautious and practical. When you show him you care about other things than sex, he’ll be reassured that you’re the one.

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10. Praise His Hard Work and Effort

A Virgo man loves to toil behind the scenes. He doesn’t ask for much in exchange for his efforts to be of service to you. Yet you can keep him happy in the relationship by showing appreciation.

He doesn’t need to be rewarded for helping you. He’ll do all the little things he does to make you feel cared for and protected whether you asked him to or not. Yet you can make him feel happy by acknowledging him.

He goes to great lengths to make things perfect for you. Don’t overlook the value of showing him how happy he makes you. This is like paying him in gold. A Virgo man loves it when you recognize and praise what you do for him.

He won’t ask for this praise. Yet it will be deeply rewarding for him. He feels loved and secure in a relationship when he can see that you recognize how much you do for him.

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