10 Tips on How to Keep a Libra Man in a Happy Relationship

10 Tips on How to Keep a Libra Man in a Happy Relationship

If you are dating a man born under this sweet, romantic sign, you probably want to know how you can keep a Libra man happy in a relationship.

What can you do to keep your relationship running smoothly?

Each zodiac sign has different wants and needs in a relationship. From their love languages to what they look for in a partner, you can learn a lot about men from their astrological sign.

Do Libras need a lot of physical affection to stay happy, or would rather not be touched in public? Do they need you to say “I love you” frequently, or do words of affirmation make them uncomfortable?

Understanding the typical Libra personality traits and psychological characteristics will help you know what to do to keep your Libra man happy in your relationship.

1. Communicate Well With Him

Those born under the Libra horoscope sign tend to be excellent communicators. Not only can they carry a stimulating conversation but they are also attentive listeners.

If you want to keep your Libra man happy in a relationship, you’ve got to work on your communication skills.

You need to be able to talk to him openly and honestly about any topic under the sun. He wants a partner he can share everything with and who keeps him entertained.

If you and your Libra partner struggle to communicate, you have to work on identifying each of your communication styles and preferences.

Discussing how you each convey your thoughts and emotions and determining what you both need will go a long way in keeping both you and your Libra man happy in the relationship.

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2. Encourage Him to Socialize

One of the most important Libra traits you need to know is that Libras are highly social. Even the shyest, most introverted Libra needs to go out and mingle with people once in a while to feel fulfilled.

As the social butterflies of the zodiac, Libras need partners who encourage them to socialize and don’t give them a hard time for wanting to spend so much time in groups.

If you can get along with his friends or even share a friend group, this is the best possible type of relationship for a Libra guy.

But you don’t always have to go out with him or be best friends with his buddies to keep him happy in the relationship. In fact, it’s important that you maintain a healthy balance of time together and apart.

If you want to stay home on the couch or go out with your girlfriends, encourage him to go out and have a good time on his own.

He will appreciate how easy-going you are and that you don’t pressure him to spend all of his time alone with you.

3. Be Faithful and Loyal to Him

A Libra man is faithful to his partner, and he expects the same level of loyalty from her in return.

Loyalty to a Libra man isn’t just about fidelity, although that’s important to him, too. Loyalty is also about being dependable and always having his back.

He needs you to answer when he calls you, even if it’s in the middle of the night. If he has an emergency or a problem, he needs to know he can come to you to help him with it.

Libras devote themselves to their partners, so you can always expect your Libra guy to be there for you when you need him. He can be flaky and unreliable with other people, but never with his partner.

But if he is the only dependable one in the relationship, he will notice this imbalance and become bitter and resentful.

To keep your Libra partner happy, show him that he can count on you as much as you rely on him. Be faithful and devoted, and show up for him when he needs you.

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4. Be Logical and Rational

Each of the twelve zodiac signs has a symbol, typically an animal, that encapsulates some of the most important personality traits of that sign.

Libra is unique because it is the only sign of the zodiac with an inanimate item as its symbol. Libra is symbolized by the scales, which reveals that Libras seek balance, fairness, and justice in all that they do.

This means that Libras try to keep their heads and hearts balanced, as well. They trust logic and reason over sentiment and passion and need a partner who does the same.

Men born under the Libra sign want a woman who doesn’t lead with her emotions. She should be calm and rational, not volatile and temperamental.

To keep your Libra man happy in the relationship, don’t be dramatic and mercurial. Try to stay serene and level-headed as much as possible, and your Libra man will appreciate your balanced nature.

5. Don’t Pressure Him to Commit

If you have been dating your Libra man for a while and he still won’t commit to you or take the relationship to the next level, don’t assume that this is a bad sign.

No matter how much a Libra guy likes someone or how happy he is in a relationship, he never rushes into a commitment for several reasons.

A Libra guy likes to take his time getting to know someone well before committing to them. He wants to know everything about his partner before deepening the relationship.

Libras are also notoriously indecisive and have a hard time choosing whether or not to commit. They’re unsure if the timing is right, if it’s what their partner wants, or even if they are picking the right person.

If you want to keep your Libra man happy, don’t pressure him to make the relationship exclusive or for him to propose to you. He will come around to it in his own time and will appreciate your patience.

It can be hard not to take his reluctance to commit personally, but Libras are like this in every relationship.

He is loyal and faithful even without a commitment, so don’t worry that he is interested in other women and that’s why he is moving so slowly.

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6. Help Him Make Important Decisions

Because they have such a hard time making decisions, you can make a Libra man happy by helping him work through problems until he reaches a conclusion.

From choosing what to eat from a menu to deciding whether or not you should get married, Libras struggle with any decision, no matter how great or small.

As the zodiac sign of the scales, Libras are very analytical and need time to weigh the pros and cons of every possible outcome before making a choice.

Instead of nagging him to make a choice or chastising him for being so indecisive, help your Libra guy talk through the situation logically.

Eliminate poor options, let him vent about his dilemma, and when all else fails, flip a coin for him to help him decide.

7. Be Self-Confident

When a Libra dates someone, he is still likely to talk to and flirt with other women. This isn’t because he is unfaithful to his partner or is interested in these other women.

It’s because he is so naturally charming and social that he can’t help but flirt a little bit, no matter who he is talking to.

A Libra guy needs a woman who is self-assured and trusts him enough to know that he won’t cheat on her, even if he is getting a little flirty with other girls.

Be confident in yourself and your relationship, and trust your Libra man. He might be coy and suggestive, but he will never be overtly sexual or inappropriate with another woman.

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8. Be Gracious and Elegant

Since they are so social and gregarious, Libras need partners who can adapt to any environment. A man born under the Libra astrology sign wants a woman who knows how to carry herself in any situation.

The best match for Libra man is a woman who is elegant and refined and knows how to be a pleasant guest.

Don’t be rude or belligerent in public, and make sure you know the dress code everywhere you go.

Libras are highly conscious of what other people think, and he needs a partner he knows will never embarrass him by being coarse and crude.

Show him that you are polite and can fit in anywhere, from a black-tie event to a dive bar, and your Libra man will stay happy in your relationship.

9. Take Care of Your Health and Appearance

Each zodiac sign has a ruling heavenly body that reveals the values and beliefs of that sign. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty.

As a sign ruled by the planet of beauty, Libras care a great deal about outward appearances. When it comes to a Libra man, vanity can be one of his zodiac sign’s weaknesses.

To keep your Libra guy happy, you have to attempt to impress him with your appearance, especially in public.

Take care of your grooming, exercise regularly, and get dolled up in makeup and a nice dress once in a while.

When he knows you care about how you look and make an effort for him, it keeps your Libra guy satisfied.

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10. Do Romantic Gestures for Him

As a sign ruled by the planet of love, Libra is one of the most romantic of all the zodiac signs, meaning a Libra guy will lavish you with romantic gestures.

He will send you flowers at work, surprise you with luxurious gifts, and write you love letters. Any romantic gesture you crave, your Libra man will perform for you.

But a Libra man wants displays of romance in return for his efforts. Buy him thoughtful presents, leave cute notes in his car, or surprise him with his favorite home-cooked meal to show your love for him.

A Libra man will sweep you off your feet, but this generous, sweet sign wants to be romanced, too.

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