5 Tips on How to Keep an Aquarius Man in a Happy Relationship

5 Tips on How to Keep an Aquarius Man in a Happy Relationship

Wondering how to keep an Aquarius man in a happy relationship? You’re in for some work. Falling in love with an Aquarius man is straightforward.

But staying in the relationship requires more effort than it took to get into it.

Aquarius men are very picky in dating. They don’t trust people easily in the first place. If you’re in a relationship with one, it’s a big deal itself.

An Aquarius man is constantly active. In order to keep an Aquarius man hooked, you have to match his energy levels. Understanding the Aquarius man will help you keep a healthy relationship.

While it may have seemed difficult to get to the point where he shows all the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you, there’s more work to be done.

1. Surprise Him as Often as You Can


What? Do you find this hard to believe? Listen, men also love getting surprises just as much as women do. When it comes to what type of women Aquarius men like, they want someone who can constantly keep surprising them.

It’s an important part of understanding an Aquarius man so you can learn how to keep him. What are the things he likes to do? What kind of food does he enjoy the most? Does he enjoy going to games?

Knowing all of these things and more will help you keep him on his toes for a change. If you can surprise him regularly and properly, it’s one of the best ways of how to keep an Aquarius man hooked.

Getting him to initially like you must have been a long process itself. When you were wondering how to make an Aquarius man want you, you must have resorted to surprising him every so often to get the ball rolling.

Well, guess what? You will have to keep it up. This is quite tough to pull off but going through that effort in itself will make things more interesting for you as well as keep him in a happy relationship.

You see, getting into a relationship with an Aquarius man and then keeping him happy is a constant work in progress. There is simply so much going on that you will find yourself on your toes most of the time.

Expect your life to be full of adventure and drama. An Aquarius man is attractive, smart, constantly thinking and perpetually on a mission to improve himself while having a lot of fun. He has an undying passion for adventure.

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2. Be Mindful of His Feelings


Now, you need to understand that an Aquarius man does not trust people easily. One of the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you must have been clear initially: he started to confide some very important details in you.

When he does that, he is going against his nature and standard operating procedure to place a lot of trust in you. Getting into a relationship with you means he feels like he can be himself entirely without any judgment.

Placing his trust in you also means that he has made himself vulnerable to you in ways that he simply isn’t used to and actively makes an effort to avoid. It may not look like it but he’s quite sensitive.

One of the most important things you can do to keep an Aquarius man is to make sure you take great care of handling his heart. You need to show him you’re empathetic towards him and all that he wants.

After all, the desires of an Aquarius man revolve around constant growth, excitement and adventure. He is in a relationship with you because he has chosen you to be a part of his great plan and that’s a big deal.

If at any point you berate him for what might seem like unrealistic goals, you will set a dangerous precedent to harm your relationship. Your faith in his vision is what attracts Aquarius men and make them want to stay.

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is someone who can actually and truly understand him and someone who he can grow with. The special someone for him is whom he knows is the best listener and values him.

3. Engage in Adventurous Endeavors with Him


Now, you know that the Aquarius man can get bored really fast and really easily. Think of the things you can do to avoid that. As much as surprising him works, there’s only so many ways to do that, right?

If you want to keep an Aquarius man, you need to get to his level. An Aquarius man loves the adventures that he experiences. There’s no way he’s willing to compromise on that. You need to take advantage of it.

He will constantly have one idea or the other about a new adventure that the two of you should go on. Whenever he comes up with an idea, make sure you show your interest in going for it with him.

if you are not keen on exploring or trying out new adventures with him, your Aquarius man will lose interest in the relationship. Explore and try out new things with him, which will lead to beautiful memories.

It is not easy for an Aquarius man to decide that he actually wants someone to share the life adventures that he likes to experience. If he is inviting you into this crucial aspect of his life, capitalize on it.

While this might mean that the two of you will not go to romantic dinners as much as you would like to, the experiences you two will have will be otherworldly. Dinner dates will turn to adventure dates for you.

Being a part of his adventures is one of the biggest signs of an Aquarius man in love and to keep him in love and a happy relationship, this is one of the sure shot ways you can do that.

One of the ways how an Aquarius man shows love is that he helps you grow with him. The adventures might be overwhelming initially but make a habit of it and life will be more fun than it’s ever been.

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4. Be The Reason for Laughter and Joy


Everybody needs to have laughter and joy in their lives. One of the ways you can keep an Aquarius man in a happy relationship is to be the reason for his joy. Make him happy with some much needed humor.

Keep him entertained with jokes and make him laugh. Do not be afraid to be completely honest and show him your silly side without thinking about it too much. Securing his heart and mind becomes a lot easier with laughter.

An Aquarius man has a lot on his plate with so many big plans in life. It is always good to give him that slight distraction he needs so he can appreciate the simple and beautiful joy of some laughter.

This is one of the most important things to know about what an Aquarius man needs in a woman. In fact, it often happens that the Aquarius man is not aware that he needs this himself until he finds it.

5. Please Him in Bed


You will not just need to test the limits of your patience when it comes to keeping an Aquarius man in a relationship. You will need to please him and make him want to be in a relationship with you.

Speaking of adventure and being the reason for his joy, there is one more thing you can do to keep an Aquarius man: please the Aquarius man in bed. The Aquarius man loves adventures in all its meaning.

Learn how to make an Aquarius man want you in bed and please him in ways he could never have imagined. The adventurous endeavors that the two of you take have to exist in the bedroom business as well.

What the two of you will engage with in the bedroom can be all kinds of surprising adventurous. In fact, most of the things discussed in the article earlier on, you can relate to what goes on after hours.

Now, keep in mind that while you might initially set out to surprise him, an Aquarius man in bed is a proficient individual. Aquarius men reputedly have an innate ability to just keep at it and keep things interesting there.

In fact, Aquarius men in bed have so much energy that they will seem like they will never get tired. That does not sound like a bad deal itself but it can test your stamina and endurance at some point.

One of the signs of an Aquarius man in love is that he will, on occasion, allow you to take the initiative of how you want things to go on in the bedroom. Take full advantage of this every time.

Do things with him that he could not have imagined and you will have yourself a very happy and satisfied Aquarius man that will want to stay with you and never get bored. Just think of the fun you’ll have.

This simple secret about Aquarius men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

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  1. I have to say everything that is mentioned in this article is totally true for me. It is true my fiance is really like this, although sometimes I don’t know how to understand him it always make us think that our relationship isn’t going to work out but we always talk things out. I am a libra and i always research on both of our star signs and they always turns out to be true.

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