July 28 Zodiac (Leo) Horoscope & Info

Updated March 8, 2023
July 28 Zodiac (Leo) Horoscope & Info

What sign is July 28? People born on this day are Leos! This day is in the first decan of Leo, so people with this birthday tend to have typical Leo traits.

People born on this date are passionate and energetic and know how to get what they want.

The Sun rules Leo, and you can see that in people born this day! Being in the first decan means they have no subruler, so they have a strong influence from the Sun.

People born on this day are often high-energy. They often enjoy sports and jobs that allow them to be on their feet. They hate sitting still.

Learning how to relax and let others take the lead can be challenging for a July 28 Leo. They can be a little too aggressive if they don’t work on balancing their personalities.

July 28 Info
DateJuly 28
SignLeo ♌︎
StrengthsEnergetic, Passionate, Strong
WeaknessesAggressive, Stubborn, Impatient
Opposite signAquarius ♒︎
Best matchAries, Libra, Aquarius
Worst matchVirgo, Capricorn, Taurus
Tarot birth cardsStrength, The Star
Angel number8
Spirit animalsMonkey, Shark, Peacock


The July 28 zodiac sign is Leo. These Leos are especially in touch with Leo’s athletic, energetic side.

The July 28 horoscope is a strong one. These Leos are quick to act, even if that can sometimes backfire on them. They are resilient, so they can pick themselves up quickly when things don’t go well.

The fiery energy of Leo is apparent in these Leos. They have huge personalities, and you’ll always notice when these people walk into a room.

Learning how to tone it down can be challenging for these Leos, but they don’t always need to tone it down. They need to learn how to be themselves without stepping on others.


The purpose of these Leos is to learn how to balance their prominent personalities and use them for good. It’s not wrong to be strong, opinionated, and passionate. Sometimes it’s better to relax or walk away from a bad situation.

These Leos can reach all their goals in life. They are motivated and will do anything they need to get what they want. That can burn them out if they aren’t careful, though!

These Leos must learn how to relax. Their purpose is to discover how they can best manage their energy and ambition without stepping on others or completely burning themselves out.

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Positive Traits

The July 28 personality is intense and passionate. They have a lot of energy, and when they can funnel that into positive activities, they can go far in life.

Many typical positive Leo characteristics are apparent in these Leos. These Leos light up the room when they walk in, and it is impossible not to notice them.

These Leos are great gym buddies because they are not just good at paying attention to their own goals. They can motivate the people around them and help others reach their goals.

Leos born on this day are fun to be around most of the time. When they care about someone, they can also be fiercely loyal and protective of them.

Negative Traits

The Leo zodiac sign gets a bad rap for being attention-seeking, but that’s honestly not always a bad thing. It’s only bad when Leo lets their need for attention get in the way of other things in their lives.

These Leos can become aggressive when they don’t get the attention they want. They might act out or behave in ways they normally wouldn’t if they feel ignored.

These Leos can also become impatient when they aren’t getting the things they want quickly enough.

Leos have a good heart, but they need to learn to calm down and control their aggressive natures. They have the power within them to get what they want out of life. They just need to settle down.


Leo’s best match for people born on this day is Libra. Libra is often great at helping Leo balance out their personality if they become too aggressive or stubborn.

Aries and Aquarius are also great matches for Leos. Aries can match the energy of Leo and is often just as strong and passionate as they are. Aquarius is open-minded and has a wild side that appeals to Leo.

Leo’s worst match for people born on this day are Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. The Leo personality doesn’t vibe well with earth signs.

Leo sometimes appreciates the ambitious nature of earth signs, but Leo works differently than they do. Leo is far more lively and can seem too reckless for stable earth signs.


Leos born on this day will communicate differently depending on how they feel. They will be fun to talk to when they are happy and in their element.

Leo has a magnetic personality, and many people enjoy talking to them. They are lively and energetic and can carry on a conversation.

When these Leos are frustrated or upset, communication will not always be good. The well-spoken nature of Leo might not come through in arguments because they will be too clouded by their aggressive nature.

These Leos will have an easier time communicating in general when they can get their aggression and stubbornness under control. When communication breakdowns happen, those traits are usually the reason why.


Leo is considered to be a magnetic and attractive sign. They have lively personalities that draw people in.

Leo is attracted to people with lively personalities. Leo is often drawn to someone because of their physical features first, but you need a strong personality to keep Leo around.

Leos born on this day often enjoy physical fitness, so they also tend to be attracted to physically fit people. They love having partners who can go to the gym with them.

These Leos are often physically attracted to many people, but they can take some time to connect with someone beyond that.


Leos born on this day tend to enjoy dating around. They can be spontaneous and impulsive when it comes to who they date, so they don’t always date people who are good for them.

Casual relationships are common for these Leos. They may eventually want to settle down and get married, but it can take them a long time to find someone they want to marry.

These Leos are often fun to date, even if it doesn’t end up going anywhere. They enjoy going on exciting, energetic dates. They will take you to concerts or out dancing at the club.

Physical activity is also good during dates with these Leos. They are the type to go on a gym date with someone.


These Leos are loving, affectionate people. They have good hearts, even if their stubborn and aggressive natures sometimes cover up their caring personalities.

Leos can be loyal, passionate partners. When they love someone, they are all-in. It can be challenging for them to get to that point, though.

It’s not always easy for these Leos to find love. They might date around a lot, but they don’t always date people who are good for them in the long term.

Leo’s love language is often gift-giving. They will show their love by giving thoughtful gifts to the people they love, and they love it when they get gifts in return.


Leos born on this day are particularly stubborn, and that can cause problems in their relationships. They often need to learn how to compromise to have long-term, fulfilling relationships with others.

When a Leo loves someone, they are all-in. They have big hearts and are very expressive people. Being in a relationship with Leo will never be boring!

Regardless of their flaws, Leos want to be good partners. These Leos might take some time to figure out how to be the partner they need to be, but they will learn eventually.


These Leos sometimes take longer to get married. It’s common for them to date around a lot before settling down. They often have a lot to learn about relationships and compromise before they can be good spouses.

When they get married, Leos can make great spouses. They are loyal, warm, and loving. They will be willing to give their hearts to the person they marry.

Being married to Leo can be fun! They are spontaneous and adventurous. When they can overcome their stubborn nature, they will be wonderful spouses.

If it was difficult for this Leo to find someone to marry, they will be incredibly dedicated to having the best marriage possible. They won’t want to risk getting hurt and starting over again.


Sex is important to Leo. It’s another way that they express themselves and have fun. Whether they are in a casual relationship or have been married to someone for years, their sex life with their partner will be important.

These Leos are passionate in the bedroom. Their strong personalities will show through in how they have sex, for good or bad.

Leo’s stubborn nature can sometimes show up in the bedroom. If they get too focused on what they want, they can also seem selfish. Learning how to find balance in the bedroom is just as crucial as finding balance elsewhere in their lives.

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