July 25 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated September 1, 2023

People often wonder, is July 25 Leo or Cancer: People born on this day are, without a doubt, Leos.

People born on the July 25 zodiac cusp embody the most intense Leo personality traits. They are bold, creative, and charming.

Leos born on July 25 are among the most loyal and generous of all the zodiac signs. They are courageous and can be natural leaders.

July 25 Leos are daring and confident. They can be determined to succeed, and their optimism helps them overcome challenging situations.

They help others find confidence and love bringing out the best in others. Leos born on July 25 can be enthusiastic and charismatic.

July 25 Info
DateJuly 25
SignLeo ♌︎
StrengthsConfident, Entertaining, Passionate
WeaknessesGrandiose, Egocentric, Jealous
Opposite signAquarius ♒︎
Best matchAries, Libra, Aquarius
Worst matchVirgo, Capricorn, Taurus
Tarot birth cardsThe Hierophant, Temperance
Angel number5
Spirit animalsLion, Monkey, Shark


July 25 Leos are passionate and strong-willed. They can be artistically talented and excel in the performing arts. Leos born on July 25 loves to take charge. They have great ambition and are successful leaders.

People born on July 25 can be motivated and never give up once they have a plan. They can be attentive and supportive, showing love and affection openly. They are faithful and dependable.

Leo people have strong personalities. They light up a room and love being the center of attention. July 25 Leos know how to make an impression on others. They are entertaining and have a great sense of humor.

July 25 zodiac sign personality is known for being eccentric. They can seem grandiose but have big hearts and are unapologetically true to themselves. They love sharing their unique gifts.


July 25 Leos are here on a mission to help others find the confidence to be true to their identities. They lead by example and show others how to follow their hearts.

Their personalities make them well-suited to be advocates, coaches, and leaders. July 25 Leos are compassionate and energetic. They are here with the mission to inspire others to be their best.

July 25 Leos are assertive and show others how to bring their talents and gifts to serve humanity. They are here to show others how to recognize their power and trust their instincts.

The July 25 zodiac Moon sign can help them show empathy and compassion. They are often eager to lead others but don’t always take the time to nurture their connection.

They are here to create beauty and show others how to be confident. Leo people born on July 25 are charismatic and use their influential nature to advocate for others.

July 25 birthdays in history are associated with groundbreaking leaders who help others achieve new heights. They are often inventors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, politicians, and entertainers.

Musicians born on July 25 are often famous for their talent and as spokespeople who bring attention to causes. They use their fame to help uplift others in need.

Positive Traits

People born on July 25 can be confident, inspiring, and charming. They are personable and make friends easily. They can maintain friends for life and are reliable and generous.

They protect the people they love and do their best to advocate for others. They can be entertaining and have a great sense of humor. Leos love to make others laugh and smile.

The Leo horoscope is known for being outgoing and physically strong. They are lively and seldom succumb to negative emotions. They always look on the bright side and encourage others to see the silver lining.

Negative Traits

The July 25 birthday personality has some challenging traits people born on this day must overcome. They can be tempestuous and can become angry when they feel unappreciated.

People born on July 25 can also be caring but expect to be appreciated and admired by others. They can be sensitive to perceived rejection and often read too much into innocent remarks or transgressions.

The July 25 zodiac personality can be dramatic; they can be entertaining but also becomes draining. They can seem egotistical because they often make themselves the focus of conversations and aren’t good at sharing space.


July 25 zodiac sign compatibility is best with Aries, Libra, and Aquarius people. They can be intrigued by the witty and dynamic air signs and enthralled with passionate Aries.

Leos born on July 25 are attracted to Aquarius because the sign of the water-bearer is rebellious and full of surprises. Leos enjoy the excitement and chaos of a relationship with the ever-changing Aquarius.

Libras bring romance and sensitivity to the relationship, and Leos are soothed by Libra’s sentimental nature. People born under the sign of the scales can be empowered and encouraged by Leo.

People born on July 25 are attracted to Aries, their fellow fire sign. People born on July 25 are fascinated by Aries’ confidence, power, and determination. They can be a winning couple.

But Leo people born on July 25 can be turned off by some signs. Their poorest matches are the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The earth signs are too concrete and cautious for passionate Leo.

Leos born on July 25 can be attracted to romantic and sensual Taurus, but this relationship is short-lived. Leos are dramatic, and Taurus wants a lowkey relationship without chaos.

Virgos are perfectionists, and Leos are spontaneous. Leo is too impulsive for cautious Virgo. Virgo becomes anxious when Leo pursues their unconventional dreams and ideas; Leo feels limited by Virgo.

Capricorn is too old-fashioned for Leo. July 25 Leos are colorful, bold, and brilliant. Capricorn is a workaholic who doesn’t take the time for pleasure-seeking and prefers toiling away on tedious tasks.


July 25 Leos are dynamic speakers. They tell jokes and stories to keep their audience engaged. They are used to keeping others’ attention and can be captivating and enticing communicators.

They know how to energize others and motivate people to live up to their best potential. Leo people born on July 25 are enthusiastic and cheerful. They prefer speaking in person to texting.

When Leos text, they are wordy and send long paragraphs to get their point across. July 25 Leos can be attentive communicators who text you throughout the day.

They require much attention and become insecure if you don’t return their messages or respond immediately. They often compliment you when they want you to praise them and become offended if you don’t take the hint.


People born on July 25 are considered attractive. They take pride in their appearance and strive to look their best. They are attracted to others who are well-dressed and fashionable as well.

They are image-conscious and can seem superficial, but Leos look for physically attractive partners because they see their partner as an extension of themselves.

They are also attracted to active, bold, confident people. Be assertive and outgoing, and show your good sense of humor when you want to attract a Leo born on July 25.


Ideal Leo dates must be active and entertaining. They love having a marathon of activities planned for date nights. Leo individuals born on July 25 become bored on a dinner date that lasts too long.

They can be enthusiastic about games and trivia dates. Leos born on July 25 enjoy creative dates tailored to their interests. They are also fond of athletic dates such as roller skating or skiing.

July 25 Leos enjoy showing off their talents. Let them choose a date that involves their expertise, like poetry reading nights. They enjoy supporting other artists and creative people.

Impress your Leo love interest with a date to an art gallery or coffee house for a performance. They love concerts and the theater as well.


July 25 Leo people fall in love quickly but wait to confess their feelings. They need to ensure you feel the same. They tell you they love you when they feel confident and trust you.

They often show their love through grandiose gestures. They write songs or poetry for you and perform their work publicly. Leos born on July 25 may make a scene to show the world they love you.

They don’t show their feelings in small, discreet ways. Instead, they make sure you get the message loud and clear. They become more affectionate and can be possessive and jealous in love.

Yet they are also loyal and never stray from a relationship when in love. They can fall in love early on and may confuse love with infatuation.


July 25 Leos are eager to define relationships when they like you. They want to be reassured of your feelings toward them and may ask you repeatedly if you love them.

They are protective and caring in relationships. Often, Leos born on July 25 move quickly and impress their partners with displays of passion and obsession.

They constantly bring you gifts when they love you and may take photos with you frequently. They change their social media status to announce they are in a relationship with you.


July 25 Leos are often eager to marry, but sometimes they delay marriage out of fear of losing their independence. They marry partners who respect their need for freedom.

People born on July 25 are proud marriage partners. They love showing off their spouse’s talents and achievements; they brag openly about their spouse’s career.

They are attentive and affectionate spouses who need excitement and romance in the marriage on a steady basis. They are generous and encourage their spouse to follow their dreams.


People born on July 25 are passionate and have a higher-than-average sex drive. They can be intense and adventurous in the bedroom. They need variety and love trying new things.

They can be dominant partners and need to be with someone receptive to their fetishes and desires. Leos born on July 25 love experimenting with sexual encounters in semi-public places.

They are aroused by the thought of having an audience and may also enjoy filming their sexual encounters. They can be affectionate in bed, but they don’t need an emotional connection to explore sex with a partner.

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