July 19 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated April 30, 2023

What sign is July 19? People born on this day are Cancers. They are born in the third decan of Cancer.

These Cancers are big dreamers. They are optimistic about the world and their ability to find their place within it.

The Moon rules Cancer, and the third decan has Neptune as its subruler. Third decan Cancers tend to be more dreamy and artistic than others.

Cancers born on July 19 often feel like they have a higher purpose, but they don’t always know what it is right away. They trust that they will find it as they move through life and meet new people.

When these Cancers gain a new skill, they won’t keep it to themselves. They want to help others and connect with them. They are incredibly generous with their time, possessions, and skills.

July 19 Info
DateJuly 19
SignCancer ♋︎
StrengthsOptimistic, Artistic, Generous
WeaknessesEscapism, Overly idealistic, Detached
Opposite signCapricorn ♑︎
Best matchScorpio, Pisces, Cancer
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
Tarot birth cardsStrength, The Star
Angel number8
Spirit animalsSpider, Woodpecker, Pangolin


You can easily see the influence of dreamy Neptune in the July 19 horoscope. Like their fellow water sign ruled by Neptune, Pisces, these Cancers are huge dreamers who are prone to losing themselves in fantasy.

These Cancers feel like they have a higher calling. They don’t always know what that is right away, and they will spend a lot of their time looking for their purpose and fantasizing about what it might be.

Cancers born on this day sometimes trust that things will just come to them if they are patient enough. That isn’t necessarily true, though. They need to take a more active role in their own lives.

These Cancers are generous, talented people. They like to share their skills with the world instead of keeping them to themselves. They will gladly share everything they have with those around them.


A July 19 Cancer’s purpose is to form their own path through life. These Cancers sometimes spend so much time waiting for their purpose to come along that they don’t realize they can create that purpose for themselves.

These Cancers sometimes take a more passive approach to life, but that’s not how they will reach their full potential. They need to seize their destiny.

Cancers born on this day are multi-talented people. They could do nearly anything they wanted to, though they often excel most in healing or artistic professions.

They just have to find the power and confidence within themselves and actively work on creating the life they want.

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Positive Traits

The July 19 personality is incredibly optimistic. These Cancers always try to stay positive and can find the silver lining in even the worst situations.

Generosity and kindness are some positive Cancer characteristics these Cancers tend to possess. They genuinely want to help others and share anything they can with them.

If these Cancers are successful, they won’t claim that success for themselves. They will be grateful to anyone who helped them achieve that success. They will share anything they have gained from that success as well.

Cancers born on this day are also artistic. The art they create tends to be dreamy and fantastical. It can evoke a lot of emotion from the people who view it.

Negative Traits

The negative Cancer characteristics these Cancers have are related directly to their idealism. They sometimes take their optimism too far and use it to escape reality.

These Cancers are sometimes detached from what is happening around them. They try so hard to see the positive side of everything that they miss out on red flags and can wind up in dangerous situations.

These Cancers also go overboard with their generosity. They will give away everything they have, use all their energy helping others, and completely neglect their own needs and desires.

Cancers born on this day can also be too passive. They need to learn how to take on a more active role in their lives.


The best match for Cancers born on this day is Scorpio. These Cancers need help grounding themselves and coming back to reality. Scorpio can help them do that while providing the emotional support Cancer needs.

Scorpio is a much more active sign than Cancer. They can help their Cancer partner take control of their own life.

Pisces and other Cancers are also excellent matches for Cancers born on this day. Other Cancers can remind them to take time for themselves and will gladly care for them when necessary.

Pisces is a compassionate partner who understands the need to daydream and fantasize.

The worst match for Cancer is Aquarius, Sagittarius, or Aries. Cancer often has a hard time connecting emotionally with these signs.

All of these signs can be loyal and supportive, but their idea of loyalty and support doesn’t match Cancer’s idea of those concepts.


Cancer’s communication style is incredibly compassionate. Cancers are excellent listeners and always willing to offer support and advice when someone needs to vent to them.

These Cancers are great at offering kind, motivating words when needed. Their advice can sometimes be a little detached from the reality of a situation, though. Take it with a grain of salt.

Cancers born on this day are easy to be around. Their optimistic nature can put others at ease and help them see the good in the world.

These Cancers always try to speak kindly to others. They never want to make anyone feel disrespected or like they aren’t being heard.


It’s incredibly common for these Cancers to be attracted to people who are not good for them. They try to see the good in everyone, which can get them in trouble.

These Cancers might be attracted to someone who seems troubled. They believe that they can help them and uncover the good in them.

That won’t always be possible, though. Sometimes, people don’t have good intentions, and Cancer should try to stay away from them instead of attempting to fix them.

As they mature, these Cancers will become more attracted to people who can provide them with the compassion and support they need. They might also be attracted to those who are more confident and assertive than they are.


It’s not common for Cancers to do a lot of casual dating, though these Cancers tend to have difficulty turning someone down if they are asked on a date.

Cancers prefer going on dates that allow them to get to know the person they are dating. They don’t just date to have fun. They date to form connections and hopefully find “the one.”

Quiet, intimate dates are best for these Cancers. Staying at home watching a movie, having a picnic in a secluded park, or sitting in a cafe chatting are all excellent date ideas.


Cancer’s love language is quality time. Third decan Cancers may also adjust how they express love to match the love languages of those around them.

These Cancers are incredibly generous, especially with the people they care about. They will drop everything to be there for a loved one in need.

If their partner expresses love with gift-giving, these Cancers will start giving them gifts to show love. If they have a friend who prefers physical touch, they will be physically affectionate.

These Cancers want to do anything they can to make the people in their lives feel cherished. They understand that not everyone expresses love in the same way, and they want to show love in a way everyone can understand.


These Cancers often have a lot of growing up and maturing to do before they can have a successful relationship. It’s common for them to take an overly passive role in their relationships, which won’t do them any good.

It’s common for these Cancers to end up giving far more than they receive. It’s also common for them to sit back and let a controlling partner run the show.

These Cancers are loving, supportive partners. They need someone who is equally caring and supportive! They don’t always end up in relationships with people who are good for them and need to realize that if they want to be happy.


Cancers tend to be incredibly loyal partners. These Cancers would never do anything to purposely hurt their spouse or betray them.

Marriage is important to Cancers. They often want a life-long relationship with someone they can settle down and start a family with.

These Cancers should not be in any rush to get married and settle down. They should ensure that their potential spouse is genuinely the right person for them.

If their partner doesn’t give as much as they receive, they aren’t the best person to marry.


These Cancers often have an overly romanticized view of sex. They are the type who think their first time will be a magical, one-of-a-kind experience and may be disappointed if that doesn’t end up being true.

Cancers typically enjoy sex that is focused on the intimate, emotional connection. Physical pleasure is usually secondary to the bond they feel with a sexual partner that they love and trust.

These Cancers want tender, loving sex. They might be willing to indulge in some fantasies or try things their partner wants, but they prefer it when things are slow and gentle.

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